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Happy Women’s Day, everyone! Today on this special day, we have got you something that celebrates womanhood, movies like Turning Red we are talking about! 

It celebrates womanhood because the protagonist of the film is a clumsy girl. And, also Turning Red is the first Pixar film solely directed by a woman – Domee Shi. 

Turning Red is a computer-animated film with ceratin comic scenes, which not only just kids, but anyone from any age group can enjoy. The best part of the film is that it celebrates womanhood, as already mentioned. The film’s protagonist is clumsy and has a lot of characteristics that we in general life, label or categorize based on gender. But this does not happen in this film. 

Ohh, too much serious dissection of the film, right? Anyways let me take you to the list of similar movies like Turning Red so that you can enjoy Women’s day in a good mood. I am telling you, you to have to make your little princess watch it too. 

Movies Like Turning Red On Disney+ | Enjoy The Watching Experience! 

Turning Red is a film where the protagonist, Meilin Lee (Mei), turns into a red panda whenever she is super excited and stressed. It is justified when she discovers that her ancestors have a history related to the red panda. This is where she understands all her other characteristics are similar to the species (red panda). All her transformations, her reactions, and other adjacent scenes in respec to the narratives are very emotional and, at the same time, funny.

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Now, this is it for this movie; let’s skip to the good part and discover movies similar to Turning Red!

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1# The Ice Age Adventure Of Buck Wild (2022)

5 Popular Movies Like Turning Red | Turn Your Mood, Jolly! 

The feature directorial debut of the director John C. Donkin, The Ice Age Adventure of Buck Wild, is a computer-animated film that has a lot of drama for proving worth, fighting for rights, and other essential things to survive.

It is an extension of the already released film Ice Age parts. It has humorous, emotional, and certainly a few intriguing parts which will keep you hooked with the narrative. 

What puts me off while watching the film is too many narratives and stories mixing up together to create a single plot. It later makes you recall the entire story because there is definitely too much happening!

However, please watch it with your kids and in your free time, because you will enjoy it to the fullest. 

Direction: John C. Donkin

IMDb Rating: 4.8/10

2# Ron’s Gone Wrong (2021)

5 Popular Movies Like Turning Red | Turn Your Mood, Jolly! 

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a story of the character Barney and his B-bot. Barney is in search of friends, or you can say, is missing all his old friends who have B-bot as companion. Later in the story, Barney gets one (B-bot) as a birthday present. 

What happens after that? Yes, fortunately, or unfortunately, his life changes. He names his B-bot Ron, who helps him and puts Barney in trouble at the same time. I think you should watch the film because I have spoilers ready, but I can’t be mean like rich kids in this film. 

Anyways, you will love this film, it has a well-knitted script and dialogues with a bump-free narrative. 

Direction: Sarah Smith & Jean Philippe Vine

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

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3# Hola, Alberto (2021)

5 Popular Movies Like Turning Red | Turn Your Mood, Jolly! 

Popular with the name Ciao, Alberto  Hola, Alberto is a short film based on the second lead character of the film Luca (2021). The need to create a short film for Alberto’s character is because of his popularity. 

As the feature film, Luca only puts Luca into the limelight; there are many things that the viewers want to know about Alberto, the second lead. Hence, I guess a short film keeping Alberto as a protagonist fulfills the same for the audience. 

Short films are always fun and, I guess, also difficult to make. Why is it so? Because you have a lot of information to cater to, hence it is difficult to decide what is important as a filmmaker and a writer to make it to the final cut. 

I would suggest you, watch this film because there are many things that, as a fan of Luca the film, you were unable to discover about the popular character Alberto. 

Direction: McKenna Harris

IMDb Rating: 6.9 /10

4# Bao (2018)

5 Popular Movies Like Turning Red | Turn Your Mood, Jolly! 

Just like Turning Red, Bao is the first short film by Domee Shi’s director. It is the second short film on our list, which you definitely will enjoy. 

Bao is a beautiful story with a twist in the end. The story is about a woman cooking buns, and out of the cooked buns, one bun becomes alive. Yes, to her utter surprise, how did it happen. Later, she starts caring about it and feeding him like a child. 

Later, the bun asks to move out with her fiànce, but her mother refuses. Because of too much tension between the bun and mother, she ends up eating the bun. Then after this incident, she cries and calls herself a selfish woman. 

Her real son informs her that it was a dream and nothing like this will happen in real life too. Later the entire family sits, the mother and her to be daughter-in-law cook bun together. I think you have to watch this movie because it happens with all of us. We turn our real-life incidents into stories and look at them through objects. 

Direction: Domee Shi

IMDb Rating: 7.5 /10

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5# Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (2010)

5 Popular Movies Like Turning Red | Turn Your Mood, Jolly! 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a feature film that covers many things that were a part of every talk of the town in 2010. No, it wasn’t a disease or something, but something very serious. Mentally weak and wimpy students were bullied in 2010 and this is something that this film has narrated well.

It also has a sweet arch of friendship between Greg and Rowley. The film does not possess a fresh narrative, but kids will love it the way it is presented. There are a lot of things that the production has paid attention to. The art direction, costumes, everything compliments the film. 

I guess you should watch the film and make sure that you let us know in the comments what did you like the most about this film. 

Direction: Thor Freudenthal Chris Columbus

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

Final Words

These were some of the best films available on Disney+ and similar to the recently released Turning Red. If I have not mentioned one of your favorites that you expected on the list, then make sure you drop the name in the comment box. Till then, Happy Bingeing! 

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