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With the recent developments and experimentations in Marvel phase 4, things have been a little tipsy for the franchise. But does the release of Ms. Marvel, will things change for the better or worse? Well, Ms Marvel episode 1 review is out now to help you decide the same. And what am I doing here, you may ask? Well, I am simply here to walk you through the process as Marvel phase 4 can get a little messy! 

Earlier after the release of Marvel’s Moonknight, things honestly looked to be going in a bit gory and violent direction. But now, after Ms. Marvel’s release, fans seem to have a new perspective on the situation as Kamala Khan’s story seems to be too wholesome for the whole ripping each other’s heads off facade.

Ms Marvel Episode 1 Review | Is The Show A Hit Or A Dip For Marvel Phase 4? 

Ms Marvel Episode 1 Review | Generation Why!

Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel was welcomed with both appreciation and criticism from the fans, For many, Ms. Marvel has the best plotline for any Marvel TV series, and for many, it felt that the show is just plain boring. So, where does this leave us? What do we think about Ms. Marvel, and if I were you, would I give the show a try after watching its first episode? 

Well, frankly speaking, watching the first episode of Ms. Marvel brought back many memories for the OG Marvel fans. Right from the start, there was a melancholy as if we were taken back to Jon Watt’s Spider-Man trilogy and, on top of that, were thrown the end credits of Marvel’s Into The Spider-Verse. Honestly, could there be anything better than that? No, Right!! Thrown together are some unmissable Easter eggs and connections to the good old days. 

The one thing that I couldn’t see coming even from a mile was the opening song, “Blinding Lights,” by The Weekend. The song, the vibes, and the opening plot were fun and had immaculate vibes. Iman Vellani’s portrayal of Kamala Khan brings a fresh and fun vibe to a franchise that mainly focuses on serious situations, usually ending up in the aftermath of war. And the fact that Kamala is already a huge fan of Avengers makes the situation better. 

Simply put, Ms. Marvel is a fun show about a superhero’s origin, and it’s about how we love and cherish Marvel. Ms. Marvel is a show by the Marvel fans, for the Marvel fans, and about the Marvel fans. Kamala Khan is an energetic young angsty, and energetic teenager who, like every Marvel superhero is about to face some sort of coming-of-age problems. But for now, she is dealing with some other issues like going to her first ever Avengercon. 

Hey! Don’t be judgy, little miss judgy! Avengers might not be a big deal for you, but for Kamala, it is everything she has ever wanted. Captain Marvel is her idol, and she loves listening to Scott Lang’s tales of the Ant-man days. But beneath all the love and adoration, we know better what waits for Kamala ahead.

What about the time when she realizes her idols were not always right, that she has to accept their flaws when she meets them and when she has to live down the many repercussions of their wrongly taken decisions. While there are combined efforts from everyone to make the show a blast, Iman Vellani emerges as the winner. She carries the role with a grace that we can envision her as Kamala for a long, long time! 

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Final Words 

For now, let’s keep hoping that the remaining episodes of Ms. Marvel turn out to be a blast as the first one and that Ms. Marvel remains to be one of the biggest shows of the season so far!

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