Established in 1946, Mt San Antonio’s College is a public community college in Walnut, California. The college offers more than 260 programs and degrees including counseling and tutoring. The college offers community creation programs and associate degree programs with career education and summer youth programs also.

About Mt San Antonio’s College

Mt San Antonio’s College Psychiatric Technician Program Review
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Address: Walnut, California, United States

Now let’s talk about the programs that Mt Sac (San Antonio College) offer to its students

Colleges offer many different programs that students need based on their system some colleges offer a variety of range programs while some colleges offer only subject-specific programs like Engineering, Business, Management, and others

Along with this, the college offers a variety of programs such as the Psychiatric technician program.

Going further let’s talk about the Psychiatric Technician program of San Antonio College

San Antonio College also offers a program called as Psych tech also known as Psychiatric Technician Program

The psychiatric Technician program is a one year program. It helps the student to get hold of basic nursing skills, with psychodynamics and mental health principle that contribute to student comprehension to understand the mentally disordered client

Now going ahead let’s talk about the teaching faculty at Mt sac (San Antonio College)

Faculty at Mt San Antonio College (Mt sac)

Teachers and mentors play a very important role in shaping our careers to the next level. They help us understand a few things like concepts, life lessons they guide us throughout our journey from Kindergarten to school to college and college to jobs.

Talking about teachers, no words can describe the Importance of teachers in our life. Now let’s talk about the teaching faculty at Mt SAC (San Antonio College)

Mr. Fazal Aasi and Lucy abubekerov teaches Biological Science in Mt Sac (San Antonio College)

Physics and Engineering are taught by Shahriar Abachi while

Victoria Abatey and Amy Abate along with Olivia Acosta teacher Nursing to students in San Antonio College along with that

Mark Abbruzesse gives students the lessons of Anthropology and Ahmed Abdal Rahman teacher students about accounting

Library and Learning resource division is handled by Esteban Aguilar while Ayat Agah keeps the divisions of Social Science and Humanities and with this, the Chemistry department is handheld by Paul Abukhalil, etc are the many other teachers who are shaping the career and personality of their students with dedication

Now we have talked about teaching faculty and programs also let’s continue further and talk about the most important factor the tuition fees

Talking about fees let’s see how much does a unit costs at mt sac

Colleges take fees based on their systems some have higher fees while some have gradually lower fees. But the fees structure depend entirely on college and how much they charge students

Let’s talk about how much 1 unit costs at Mt Sac (San Antonio College)?

In Mt sac (San Antonio College) unit classes are only $46 for those students who stay in California which is very low according to some people but for those who stay out of California it charges as much as $1,400 for a year full time.

Now we have seen that how much does 1 unit costs at Mt sac (San Antonio College) now let’s take a look at how does 4-year costs in Mt sac

Some programs have a little lower fee while some programs which are in demanding their fees gradually increase some students also have personalized programs for them for fall 2020 the estimated amount for 4 years is $5,405 for students who are from California which is low

But for students who are from outside of California, the fees gradually increases as high as $40,877 for 4 years at Mt Sac (San Antonio College) along with these fees the staying cost or if you are staying somewhere as a paying guest it’s different

So if you’re from California you don’t have to worry but if you’re someone from outside of California then have to plan your finances accordingly to get into Mt sac (San Antonio College)

Now we have seen the fees for 1 unit and also for 4 years now let’s take a look at the duration of courses especially for those who are from outside of California as they have to manage their budget till the course finishes

Courses Duration at Mt San Antonio’s College

Some courses are just for one year while there are most of the courses which require 4 years to complete

We all have to know which courses are for 4 years then we should not be wasting time there and let’s take a look at the special program we are looking at that’s the Mt sac Psychiatric Technician program

So talking about the psychiatric technician program. The duration of this course is only for 1 year as is the nursing course for mentally abled persons. In this course, students learn to understand the mentally abled person and work accordingly.

Salary after pursuing Psychiatric Technician course:

In the beginning, the salary will not be that well for many but after an experience of a year or two the salary as exceed as much as $32,000/ year as in this job you have to aid and care for patients who are mentally ill and have developmental disabilities

The career scope after doing the Psychiatric Technician program

Different careers have different types of salaries Some careers have high salaries while some carers have a little low salary than others. But if you have a low salary doesn’t mean that you can’t become rich.

After doing the Psychiatric Technician course one’s salary can exceed above $32,000 according to reports

Wrapping up here you need to think and choose the best program which is suited to yourself and we wish you good luck for your career.


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