Mushroom Masked Singer | Revealing The Contestant’s True Identity!


Everyone’s favorite singing show, The Masked Singer, has made its return to the TV screens. With new contestants and performances, the audience has already started to take a wild guess about the Mushroom masked singer and its real identity. 

The Masked Singer, popularly abbreviated as TMS, is America’s popular reality singing competition hosted by Nick Cannon. The popular entertainment series first began in South Korea in 2019 and has been on air for six seasons. TMS features celebrities wearing head-to-toe costumes that help them conceal their identity. Panelists on the show have to guess the singers’ identities based on the clues given to them. 

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Mushroom Masked Singer | Everyone’s Favorite On The Show So Far! 

Mushroom became the first contestant to perform during the season’s opening night and stunned everyone with her beautiful musical rendition of Its Oh So Quiet. The song was originally sung by Bjork and was released in 1995. Ever since her performance on the show has concluded, everyone has pushed their brain gears to decipher the contestant’s identity. 

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The Truth Behind The Quirky Mushroom Disguise | Guessing Is A Tough Task!

Mushroom Masked Singer | Revealing The Contestant’s True Identity!

The mysterious celebrity who has chosen to hide under the gigantic fungi costume is definitely this season’s most loved contestant. As soon as her performance wrapped up on the show, fans did not waste a single second and raised several names from the comfort of their homes. However, there is one celebrity name standing apart from the crowd and everyone thinks they are the ones standing behind the mushroom masked singer’s attire.  

Not the judges, but all the fans are sure that the celebrity behind the masked mushroom singer is Aisling Bea. The contest was heard talking in a heavy northern English accent in the video footage while dropping the hints. The singer also revealed that she is on the show to do some real work, but she would not shy away from trying new things. The celebrity dropped all the hints while holding a gavel in her right hand, which is also a hint in itself. 

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Aisling Bea isn’t the only guess that the fans have made about Mushroom Masked Singer’s identity. Some guessed that the celebrity behind the masked mushroom is one of the Derry Girls, while many said that it could be Siobhan McSweeney. However, after Mushroom Masked Singer’s second performance, where she sang These Are Worse Things I Could Do, more names were added to the guess list. There is close competition between Rebel Wilson, Liam Gallagher, and Vicky McClure. 

Taking A Look At The Clues | The Mushroom Masked Singer Is Leaving Clues!

Taking A Look At The Clues | The Mushroom Masked Singer Is Leaving Clues!

Unlike the other contestants on the show who drop clues happily to make the task a little easy for the panelists and the audience, the mushroom is acting like a tough sprout. From the beginning, she has been tight-lipped about dropping hints and insists that the judges should work harder for the results. 

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In the last episode, the masked mushroom singer was heard saying that “ she is lucky enough to be able to get out of the forest and plant herself in such exciting places far from home.” It seems that the celebrity behind the mushroom is enjoying giving a tough time to the panelists, and we sure are having a lot of fun seeing the judges work harder. 

Songs Sung By The Masked Mushroom Singer So Far 

  • It’s oh so quiet by Bjork 
  • These are worse things I could do by Stockard Channing 

Clues Acquired By The Panelists So Far 

  • The celebrity enjoys experimenting with new things. 
  • The accent is a mixture between Yorkshire and Irish.
  • The celebrity can easily adapt to different forms. 
  • The contestant wants to bring peace. 

Strong Guesses 

  • Martell Maxwell 
  • Sia 
  • Aisling Bea 
  • Vicky McClure 
  • Rebel Wilson 
  • Laura Whitmore 
  • Siobhan McSweeney 

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Final Words 

If you are excited about the mushroom masked singer’s identity reveal, then don’t forget to stream the next episode on Saturday. TMS airs every Saturday at 7 pm on network ITV. Before you go, don’t forget to drop your hint in the comments section below. 

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