The Updated List Of 11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu To Watch | Cinephiles, Turn Your Detective Mode On!!!


Mystery movies have always fascinated the thoughts and assumptions of people. The gripping story attracts more detailed attention that only a true cinephile can catch! Mystery movies are like old wine; the more you consume, the more you relish. And if you have Hulu, you can enjoy the best stuff. Please do not bother yourself, I have compiled an updated list of the best mystery movies on Hulu to lessen your research.

Mentioned mystery movies have interesting plots, characters, entertaining drama, comedy, and horror that will keep you on your toes! No matter which of the following movies you’re going to watch, it will surely give you mind-boggling endings that will twist your brain! You can also explore the best mystery movies perfect for kids here. Are you excited to take the challenge? To enjoy these movies, you need a subscription to Hulu and brain, of course! 

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu That Will Blow Your Mind | Can You Crack The Code?

Though you will get plenty of mystery movies available on Hulu, I have made your quest for the best ones easy! Here, you will get some of the evergreen mystery movies that will keep you hooked till the very end. Explore the list of best mystery movies on Hulu below-

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#1 Gone Girl (2014)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Gone Girl is full of suspense and twisting tales that will keep you hooked from the very starting of the movie. It is a murder mystery where the husband becomes the prime suspect for killing his wife. A lot of circumstances point to his probable involvement. However, the greater picture is far from reality. 

This mysterious storytelling by David Fincher has done full justice with each and every character that has given awesome performances. The movie is an adaptation of a mystery novel authored by Gillian Flynn. Can you find the real truth before anyone in the movie? Take the challenge!

#2 Red Riding Series (2009)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Red Riding Series movie is about brilliant police and criminal chase where there is a lot of mess going on and needs an instant check! The story is based on the infamous Yorkshire Ripper case that will give you several hard clues that you will fail to solve, for sure. 

Red Rising Series is an adaptation of David Peace’s mind-bending novel. The movie has given life to some of the notorious fictional characters that you cannot ignore to notice. Be a part of this ongoing investigation mystery and summon your inner Sherlock Holmes! Are you in?  

#3 Gemini (2017)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Are you interested in solving a high-profile murder mystery that is more than what it seems?  Gemini starts with a suspicious murder of a leading actress named Heather Anderson. There is a lot of media pressure and external forces stirring various theories and demanding justice as soon as possible.

The main suspect of the crime, Jill (personal assistant), faces many hurdles due to her past mistakes and untold mysteries. Thus she takes the charges and embarks on her mission only to find something unexpected. However, there is something fishy that even the brilliant officers fail to notice! Are you smart enough to solve this highly anticipated case?

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#4 Prisoners (2013)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Prisoner is a top-notch gripping story that revolves around kidnapping and solving the notorious crime that will unfold many mysteries. The movie is watch-worthy if you are looking forward to a thrilling plot. Every character will give you a weird vibe and force you to think.

To give you a head start without any spoilers, the movie starts with a suspicious kidnapping of Keller Dover’s daughter. Dover embarks on the investigation to find and punish the culprits. However, there are a lot of dubious circumstances that need to be solved first. Joined by Detective Loki, will they solve it within the time? Watch out! 

#5 I Am Not a Serial Killer (2016)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Well, if you are going to watch I Am Not a Serial Killer, you need to summon your inner Sherlock Holmes to understand the mind-boggling murder mystery plot. Yes, this one is so intriguing and entertaining as well. The movie is a perfect blend of suspicious characters, shady locations, and gruesome circumstances that you will surely not wanna skip. 

This is a story about a sociopath who does not want to harm people in his surroundings but somehow gets entrapped in the worst situations that questions his intentions. The teenage protagonist has to bear the cost of his distinct nature and help solve the ongoing murder cases that have changed his life.

#6 Breakheart Pass (1975)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

It is well-said masterpieces never get old! The same could be said for Breakheart Pass, released more than two decades ago. This classic movie has an interesting conspiracy happening on the train. The journey is not as easy as it seems. A mysterious force is determined to destroy everything that will hinder his plan! Can anybody stop him before the time runs?

The major part of the film is set inside a train. The train has the presence of eminent personalities of the town, precious medicines, and a detective! Triggered enough? What makes the movie more mysterious are the unexpected events that will change the fate of everyone. Can you crack the code before the detective? 

#7 JFK (1991)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

The mysterious assassination of John F. Kennedy was one of the most controversial events ever in World History. The movie JFK by Oliver Stone has portrayed the probable circumstances that will keep you hooked till the end. The brilliant casts have left no stones unturned to justify their roles. The intense drama and suspenseful story tracks are worth watching.

The movie will give you glimpses of the ongoing political tensions and conspiracies that embroiled after the assassination of the President of America. The movie portrays how people take advantage of tense situations that can impact their lives. You need to watch this political mystery to understand the past historical events! 

#8 The Conversation (1974)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

In today’s digital world, privacy is a myth! The Conversation is more than two decades old. It will teach you the importance of privacy and show you the horrors when someone invades your private space. The old detective storyline is still relevant to the time that I do not want you to miss out!

The Conversation was released in 1974 and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Harry Caul, the detective, is all set to solve and save a young couple who seems to be in mysterious danger. However, a long trail of unsaid secrets starts unfolding as he proceeds. The detective or the audience did not expect that!   

#9 Fargo (1996) 

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

Enough of dark, mysterious ventures? How about a dark comedy tale? Frago is one such of this kind! Join the police to solve mysterious murders, disappearances, and gruesome crimes. The movie is humorous to watch as it has punchlines, weird characters, and events that will keep you entertained throughout the movie. 

The story revolves around strange murders happening in a cinema and culpable homicides. Police head Marge is determined to solve the case and catch the culprits. However, as the story unfolds, dark truths start revealing. Though it is a dark comedy, it will surely send chills to the spine!

#10 I Saw the Devil (2010)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

This movie will surely give you goosebumps! Why? Because I Saw the Devil is about a nasty murder mystery that was done with utmost brutality. What was the reason, and what will happen is well depicted in the movie with very interesting twists? The psychological thriller is enough to bend your mind with many triggering questions.

The movie starts with a car breakdown on a quiet road. A lift from the stranger changes her fate as well as the course of the movie. The brutal murder and chopping of the body are hard to watch, but that is the only way to find the culprit! The victim’s husband is determined to solve the case as soon as possible and punish the murderer with much brutality. Witness this gruesome, bloody story that will creep you out!  

#11 The Chaser (2008)

11 Best Mystery Movies On Hulu

The title The Chaser fully justifies the plot. Yes, the story is full of the chase, chaos, and mysterious events that will keep you hooked up till the very end! This thriller movie has depicted the reality of criminals and the truth of the judicial system that can cost you your life. How the unsolved cases and crimes let, the criminals free to commit more sin without any hindrances is the essence of the movie. 

The story revolves around mysterious murders, a lack of evidences, and an incompetent & venal police officer. He turned into a middleman to earn fortunes, but things went awry when two of his call girls went on missing and got brutally murdered. His failure to get justice and stop the criminal is the main plot. However, the story is not as simple as it seems! He needs to deal with many dark shades and mysterious details. Watch out!

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Final Words

There are plenty of good movies, but I have picked the top best mystery movies on Hulu that you can binge-watch with your squad and enjoy the mysterious vibes. How about a bucket of popcorn, bottles of cold drinks, a bunch of friends, and a Hulu subscription! Perfect day, isn’t it?  


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