Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Powers?


Hey! Boruto fans! Among all the fights, the most interesting one is Naruto Vs Isshiki. If you agree, keep scrolling to have a look at the analogy between the two!

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation (2017) is one of the most popular anime series that narrates the attempt of Boruto to follow the footprints of his father, Naruto Uzumaki. Besides this, the story comprises the history of Naruto and how Boruto tries to overcome his challenges. 

With such an interesting plot, exploring Naruto vs Isshiki is highly intriguing. Keep reading to learn more about it! 

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has Blown The Trumpet Of Victory?

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

Naruto and Isshiki have been fighting in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation episode 217, but they also share a commonality. Yes, that’s true! Interestingly, Isshiki belongs to the Hagoromo clan, which is one of Naruto’s ancestors. In addition, Isshiki turns out to be Hagoromo’s cousin, which draws a clear connection to Naruto. Here’s more you need to find about Naruto vs Isshiki!

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Who’s Naruto Uzumaki? A Godlike Figure?

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

Naruto Uzumaki is a known name in the Uzumaki clan. Unfortunately, his destiny brought him into a situation that let people give him a wide berth throughout his childhood. Also, Naruto joined Team Kakashi to chase his dream of becoming Hokage. For this, he almost burnt the midnight oil. To learn more about him, you can watch the best Naruto episodes

In addition, he aimed to get recognition from the villagers so that they perceived him with respect. After a few years, Naruto rose from the ashes and became a capable ninja. As a result, he became a hero in front of the eyes of the villagers. Soon he became the hero of the world, and people started recognizing them as the Hero of the Hidden Leaf.

For some time, he proved himself to be one of the reasons for winning the Fourth Shinobi World War. Oh! I forgot to share one more thing! Goku Vs Naruto is another interesting fight!

Isshiki Otsutsuki | An Embodiment Of Brain Over Heart!

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

Well, Isshiki is someone whom you can see to be a mouthpiece of today’s mean world. Though he is the leader of Kara, he was remorseless about it. Besides being a known name in the clan, he was barely concerned for any life except his. For him, everything was fair, whether it was love, war, or anything. 

Isshiki’s mindset was visible through his decision to take control of Jigen’s mind and overwhelm Jigen’s body with powers. Surprisingly, he has a habit of mocking his foes and overpowering them with his powers. 

Even while facing Naruto, one of the strongest, Isshiki was fearless. Unlike Naruto, Isshiki wants to get everything by hook or by crook. As a result, he turned out to be a green-eyed monster for his adopted child, evident in his abusive parenting.

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Plus Points Of Naruto In Naruto Vs Isshiki | He Learned From His Past!

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

You’ll be surprised to know that Naruto failed to graduate from the Academy three times. But it was his sheer determination that made him learn all the skills. As a result, he defeated Gaara and various members of Akatsuki

Being an Uzumaki and a Jhinchuriki, Naruto had access to the reserves of strong chakra. Surprisingly, Naruto attempted to improve his control over the chakra. Also, his life force permits him stamina, healing power, and extreme longevity. After losing the battle with Momoshiki, the chakra absorption technique became his source of inspiration. As a result, he modified his arms.

In addition, Naruto’s chakra was one of those things that he inherited from his mother. Also, his chakra was mixed with that of the nine-tailed fox, Kurama, which permits him access to several chakra-taxing techniques.

Isshiki’s Source Of Power | Where Did His Monstrous Powers Come From?

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

When it comes to Isshiki, the extent of his powers can be understood from his access to Jigen’s body. Surprisingly, he seems to gain monstrous powers on his own. Through the lens of Amado, Isshiki’s powers are potential enough to destroy the earth. 

In addition, he was like a parasite to Jigen’s body and managed to survive with the same speed even without it. Moreover, Isshiki demonstrates unarmed combat, making him kick Naruto away from him. Now, you know the reason behind such an energetic fight!

Like Naruto, Isshiki also has access to chakras, which keeps him away from injuries even after a direct kick from Naruto. Lastly, Isshiki’s speed is something that was unmatched by Naruto. 

Ninjutsu is another power that Isshika exhibits through which he can become much more powerful. So, Isshiki was no less than Naruto in terms of powers and abilities.

The Fighting Sequel Of Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who’s The Ultimate Winner?

Naruto Vs Isshiki | Who Has The Dominant Power?

Well, it’s quite hard to leap to a conclusion to find the winner between the two. But we are not going to sail in two boats!

Eagled-eyed fans were curious to see more of Naruto. So we see Naruto cutting loose against Isshiki. For this matter, Naruto learned that he needs to put a pause on Otsutsuki Alien to prevent Isshiki from traveling to Konoha. Further, Isshiki can also use Kawaki to drain all the chakras. So, the task for Naruto is to chase Isshiki!

What Naruto does is extremely unexpected! He turns out to be completely offensive and dodges Isshiki’s projectiles. In addition, he beckons Isshiki and smacks him. But the table turns when Isshiki chokes Naruto when Naruto starts losing energy. As a result, Naruto starts coughing blood. 

But finally, Naruto manages to knock Isshiki in episode 217! That’s not it. You can even look at Naruto Vs Orochimaru to learn more about Naruto!

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Final Words 

It can be concluded from Naruto Vs Isshiki that though Isshiki had a reserve of monstrous powers, he did not have a golden heart like Naruto. In other words, Naruto comes from a troubled past but made his present worth inspiring. For me, Naruto is the true winner between Naruto vs Isshiki!

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