Naruto Vs. Pain | The Fight For The Nine-Tailed Beast


As we might all know by now, the Naruto vs. Pain fight arc is one of the most exciting fights in the whole show.

Naruto is an iconic anime series that is being highly loved by anime fans globally. The show that started streaming in 2002, has since then continued on to showcase Naruto’s life as a shinobi through various anime series. Naruto the series currently features more than 700 episodes, and the continuation of the globally loved anime is still ongoing.

Naruto is the journey of a young shinobi who plans to become an excellent shinobi, and one day become a Hokage. The show features not only him but others alongside him as they all work towards their individual goals. The anime is heavily loved by viewers because of the storyline’s ability to bring forth a sense of relatability among viewers despite it being a fictional world. 

There have always been various speculations about who the more powerful person is within the Narutoverse, and we have seen many fights like Naruto and Sasuke vs. Jigen, Sasuke Vs. Kakashi, Sasuke Vs. Killer B etc. But what will happen if there happens a Naruto vs. Pain fight? 

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Naruto Vs. Pain | Who Will Win?

Naruto Vs. Pain | The Fight For The Nine-Tailed Beast

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding the outcome of the Naruto Vs. Pain fight, as when the fight happens Naruto has not achieved and unlocked all of his abilities. Since Pain is a more experienced warrior everyone was speculating that Naruto would not win against Pain until he gets some help.

However, the agile and ever-growing shinobi always surprises viewers with his skills, and we never fully know what Naruto is up to? So who will win if a Naruto Vs. Pain fight happens in the show?

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Who Is Naruto And What Are His Powers?

Naruto Vs. Pain | The Fight For The Nine-Tailed Beast

Naruto Uzumaki, is undeniably the strongest shinobi in the Narutoverse, solely because of his determination to keep fighting until the very end. Naruto has over time learned to better himself as he worked more on his chakra control and his taijutsu abilities as well. Gradually, the man became well-known for his powerful chakra, as he feeds onto Kurama’s chakra to fuel himself.

Naruto has a nine-tailed beast named Kurama sealed inside him, and he can have access to the beast’s power as he learns to communicate with the best. 

Who Is Pain And Why Does He Attack Naruto?

Naruto Vs. Pain | The Fight For The Nine-Tailed Beast

Pain (Nagato) is the leader of the Akatsuki and believes that Naruto Uzumaki is unworthy to have the power of the nine-tailed beast. He wishes to obliterate Naruto while harnessing the power of the nine-tailed beast into a more worthy person. His reasons, however, are not selfish but he believes that Naruto is too weak to handle the powers of the being and might ends up unleashing the beast someday.

Surprisingly, in his quest to save everyone from Naruto or Kurama to be precise, Pain ends up attacking the Konoha village while killing almost all the residents of the village. This resulted in the anticipated Naruto Vs. Pain fights as Naruto try to stop Pain and his Six Paths from destroying the whole village. 

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Naruto Vs. Pain | The Best Naruto Fight Arc

Naruto Vs. Pain | The Fight For The Nine-Tailed Beast

Naruto Vs. Pain fight happens primarily because Pain decides to use his Sage of the Six Paths ability to overpower the Konoha village residents. Naruto who has been away on a mission comes back to his people being tortured and murdered by Pain. This results in Naruto experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil which results in him finally unlocking the Master Sage Mode, as he comes to a negotiation with the nine-tailed beast Kurama.

Naruto was technically not as powerful as Pain at that time, however, because of his new Sage mode and also because of the emotional turmoil he was feeling, he ended up defeating Pain’s six paths. After the fight ends, Naruto decides to seek the real Pain, as he decides to talk to him. This arc features Naruto using the Talk-no jutsu to overpower the real Pain as the duo shares their beliefs and backstories with each other.

Surprisingly naruto uses his connection with his mentor Jiraiya as a variable to convince Nagato/Paint to consider his actions. Pain who was also a student of Jiraiya eventually decides to resurrect everyone he had killed in Konoha village, as he uses his Outer Sage Path.

Naruto ends up winning this fight surprisingly, thanks to the help of his ability to unlock a new Sage Mode. Naruto is also heavily helped by the frogs during the fight which provides him some helping aid to create distractions while fighting Pain. Naruto also happens to distract Pain during the final seconds of their fight and successfully landed a Rasengan blow on Pain which helped him win against Pain’s sixth path.

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Final Words

It can be concluded that Naruto Vs. Pain is definitely one of the most interesting and unexpected fights in the Narutoverse. However, we can proudly say that Naruto Uzumaki ended up winning the fight against Pain (Nagato) even though technically he should not have been able to do so.

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