5 Best Native American Tattoo Designs | Get Inked With History!


Native American Tattoos are not in trend today only; they have a history behind them and are inked to protect a person from evil spirits, negative energy, and manifest positivity in a person, to name a few more things. In addition, many tribes used the art of body ink to express their social ranks, accomplishments, and tribes. 

Recognizing your heritage is an essential step of your life, and Native American tattoos are a way for the people belonging to this lineage to express their love, gratitude, and respect towards it. 

The most common designs you will find in the Native American Tattoos are dreamcatchers, feathers, and spirit animals. All these designs are an essential part of the Native American culture and, as said above, protect you from evil and kindred spirits. However, not being a part of the culture does not mean that you cannot get these tattoos inked by a great tattoo artist

Remember how great things become when diversity meets elegance and cultural heritage. Here, we have handpicked a few tattoo designs for you along with their meanings so that you will know better which design to select. 

Native American Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings 

Read along the list to find how these tattoo designs will bring peace and serenity to your life, along with a boost of positivity. 

#1 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Dreamcatcher Native American Tattoo

Dreamcatcher is one of the most popular designs in the history of Native American Tattoos and even now. The design entitles a different kind of ethnic motif that belongs to no particular pattern. The design incorporates webs, feathers, beads and can flow in any direction. Initially, the tattoo was inked on the bodies of tribal children to keep them protected from the bad spirits that would come to them in their dreams.  

#2 Power Animal Tattoo Designs 

Powe Animal Native American Tattoo

The next tattoo design that became incredibly popular in the Native American Tattoos is the power animals. Power animals are believed to be an integral part of Native American history. A power animal in this culture is considered to have greater power than the actual animal because they are meant to have their spirits and the essence. So if you get a power animal design inked on your body, it means that you identify yourself as the animal. 

#3 Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather Native American Tattoo

Another design that is important to Native American Tattoos is feathers. Feathers play a crucial role in the culture. Native American culture is meant to have lived above the grounds and the earth, high in the sky, with nature balancing everything. Feather is an earthly element for the animals used for survival and support by the tribes. The true essence of a feather-designed tattoo is in depicting the culture, values, and pride in the earth elements. 

#4 Symbol of a Man Tattoo Design 

Symbol of a Man Native American Tattoo

Native Americans were very grateful for the life that they had. They often used to express their respect and gratitude for life by getting the symbol of a man on their chest or back. The giant ink covered most parts of their body and expressed the love they have with signs and symbols. Another basic design was of a man and an eagle, where the importance of eagles is portrayed in a man’s life. 

#5 Indian Heads Tattoo Design

Indian Heads Native American Tattoo

Most of the designs we have seen focus on the earthy elements and animals essential to Native American heritage. However, another element that held great importance in the culture is the Indian heads or the apparel worn by the tribe members. These elements are the symbols of the wealthy and emphasized elements like royalty, family, and pride. 

# Placement of Native American Tattoos for Men

The men in the community would get inked on their chest and thighs or the legs below their knees. Native Americans who were soldiers would mostly get inked on their backs in between the shoulder blades. A tattoo like this especially meant not to mess with this soldier or the tribe as he is full of aggression. 

# Placement of Native American Tattoos for Women

The tattoos would mostly get inked above their shoulders, their breasts, and their forearms for women. The tattoos on the forearms would be huge, covering most of their skin, and some would even get inked on their calves. It is said that a tattoo would increase the beauty of a native American tattoo, and the design they would select represented their story as an individual. 

Tattoo Designs For Men And Women To Get Inspired!

If you are confused about which Native American tattoo design to get, then worry not because we have shortlisted the best tattoo designs for you.

#1 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design Inspiration

Native American Tattoo Designs
Native American Tattoo Designs

#2 Power Animal Tattoo Design Inspiration

Native American Tattoo Designs

#3 Feather Tattoo Design Inspiration

Native American Tattoo Designs

#4 Symbol Of A Man Tattoo Inspiration

Native American Tattoo Designs

#5 Indian Heads Tattoo Inspiration

Native American Tattoo Designs

Final Words 

The history of Native American culture is full of tribal tattoos and the hidden meanings behind them. In addition, the heritage is very rich in aspects of the art of body inking, and the above-discussed tattoos are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are looking to get a tattoo done, you can select from one of the designs mentioned above. 

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