Best Netflix Party Extension To Host Movie Nights Effortlessly In 2021


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Netflix Party Extension is a third-party extension to help you stay connected with your friends and family in these challenging times. Using this extension, you can easily host a virtual movie night or a binge session and invite your loved ones to enjoy it with you. 

The extension does not cost you a single penny. It is free to use across all major devices that have Google Chrome installed as the extension is currently available only for Chrome. If you have an iOS system, you can easily install Google Chrome on your device and effortlessly host a party. 

The extension is very effortless to use and can be set up in a few quick and easy steps. You can also interact with your guests via chatbox. Drop a message and get the party started. Unlike other extensions, Netflix party is the easiest to use and has a very user-friendly navigation system. 

Read on the complete article below to know how you can become the host of a virtual movie night under five minutes without putting in any extra effort.  

Host Movie Night Using Netflix Party Extension In Easy Steps 

Read along to find how you can enjoy movie nights with your friends while following all the safety precautions and social distancing measures. 

Netflix Party Extension

Netflix Party allows you and your friends to stream synced content along with a shared group chat. It is a Google Chrome extension that means you need to have Chrome installed on your device to access its features. Another essential thing to know before you proceed is that the people you invite must have a Netflix account with an active membership. Without these things, they won’t be able to join your movie night party. 

Netflix Party: Netflix Party | Best Extension to  Host Movie Nights Effortlessly in 2021
Source: CNET

A few other things that you need to keep in mind are the playback controls and group chat features. If you are the party’s host, check Only I have control when you start the party. Unless all the latecomers will have an option to start the movie or series from the beginning, anyone can pause the stream for a drink or popcorn refill. 

Netflix Party Chatbox: Netflix Party | Best Extension to  Host Movie Nights Effortlessly in 2021
Source: Metro.Style

You can customize your name and user icon in the group chat settings. Take this opportunity and be creative to enjoy the most of this virtual party with your friends. Send screenshots, share hilarious GIFs and stickers with your gang to make the party more alive and fun. 

Netflix Party Privacy Tips 

As Netflix party is a Chrome extension, users will always stay concerned about their privacy. There are a few things that you can do to keep yourself on the safe side. 

  • Do not share the Netflix party link in public groups or online Instagram polls. Anyone with a Netflix account and subscription can join the stream so keep it limited to your known contacts. 
  • Tell your friends to do the same and not share the link publicly. There is no option for you to block a person from joining the link, so this is entirely in your hands. 
  • If your kids have your Netflix account, set parental controls for them. The privacy policy for Netflix party states that a user should be 13 or older to enter the party. 

How to Use Netflix Party on Windows and Mac

Follow the easy steps below to host a movie night using Netflix Party in easy steps. 

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Windows system or Mac and type Netflix Party in the search bar
  • You will be redirected to a new page with the search results 
  • Click on the chrome web store link to add the extension of your browser
  • Once you open it, click on Add to Chrome and add the extension to your browser
Netflix Party Google Chrome Extension: Netflix Party | Best Extension to  Host Movie Nights Effortlessly in 2021
Source: Business insider
  • After you see the extension in your list, click on it
  • Sign in to your Netflix account using the valid credentials 
  • After logging in, click on the episode or movie that you want to watch online with your friends 
  • Invite your friends using the link from the pop-up box. Please copy the link and send it to the people you want to invite
  • You will see the chat box appear on the right side of your screen. You and your friends can interact there while enjoying the movie together. 

Netflix Party Quick Fixes 

If your streaming hasn’t started or it is lagging continuously, here are a few tips that you should follow to keep the party going:

  • If the NP button is grey, there is nothing to worry about. It only means that you haven’t started the streaming. Once you hit the Play button, the streaming will start, and your friends can join quickly. 
  • If the playback is lagging, close all the tabs open on your browser and restart the playback. 
Netflix Party settings: Netflix Party | Best Extension to  Host Movie Nights Effortlessly in 2021
Source: Setapp
  • Check your extension settings. Go to the NP button, then click on Manage Extensions. Turn on the Allow access to file URLs. This should help in improving the playback sync. 

Final Words

These are the easy steps you can follow to get started with virtual movie nights using Netflix Party. The extension is straightforward to use and can set up a movie night quickly under 5 minutes. Use Netflix Party to attend movie nights while maintaining social distancing, and let us know about your experience in the comments section below. 


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