New Amsterdam Finale Reviews! Revisiting New Amsterdam!


Do you know that the New Amsterdam finale episode has aired already? If you have been following the series, you might already know what happened in the New Amsterdam finale episode. But here’s our breakdown for the finale episode of the drama series.

New Amsterdam is a medical drama that aired on NBC in September 2018. The finale episode of the series aired on January 17th, 2023. With five amazing seasons and more than 89 episodes, the series has finally ended. New Amsterdam follows the journey of a doctor who intends to provide the best care to his patients. He also tries to change the hospital’s management and fights with them to better the facilities provided to the patients.

After the series, many fans were shocked by an unexpected twist. After watching the ending of the series, it made sense why NBC decided to release the last two episodes together. Fans were also left wondering whether Max had left the hospital for good.

New Amsterdam Finale Recap And The Shocking Twist!

Are you wondering what happened in the New Amsterdam finale episode? Well, here’s all about the finale episode of New Amsterdam and the shocking twist revealed in the end.

New Amsterdam season five featured Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin. The series’ cast included Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims, Tyler Labine, and Sandra Mae Frank in major roles. It can be said the New Amsterdam finale episode was a tribute to the journey of medical professionals. The episode focussed on the lives of the doctors and why they decided to become medical professionals in the first place.

Even though we were expecting the series to end with Max leaving the hospital, we were shocked to see that the series had come full circle with Luna joining New Amsterdam in the future, as she states that she wishes to uphold her father’s legacy. The time leap into the future was a perfect ending for the show. Besides Max leaving the hospital for good under Wilder’s care, we also see other doctors finally finding stability in their personal lives.

The finale episode covers the case of a woman with an incurable disease. We see all the doctors trying their best to help the woman fight the disease. The last case of the New Amsterdam hospital presented the tiring nature of the doctors’ job and how they endure it. We also see Iggy and Martin remarry, Reynolds is finally satisfied and happy with his life, and Bloom finally finds closure with her sister. There was no huge climax scene in the New Amsterdam finale, but the series wrapped up on a happy and optimistic note for all the medical staff. 

If you enjoyed the New Amsterdam finale episode, you are in the same boat as us. We will keep you updated about any new shows and movies released soon.

Final Words

We have covered everything about the New Amsterdam finale episode for you. If you want to find out more about the finale episodes of shows like Kaleidoscope and Fleishman Is In Trouble, then you can check out more content by us. You can also check out news related to canceled shows like Pantheon and Warrior Nun.

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