New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Out! Which Cast Is Leaving Euphoria?


Euphoria season 2 was full-on fire and has finally met with an awesome ending. However, the devoted fans want more from the series and are waiting for season 3. Which cast is leaving Euphoria? Find out the details of the new cast in Euphoria season 3 here!

Sam Levinson’s Euphoria series is one of the most intense and engaging teenage dramas dealing with failed relationships, brutality, dirty secrets, and drugs. The brilliant actors and actresses like- Zendaya, Colman Domingo, Maude Apatow, Dominic Fike made the show iconic and won several awards like Emmy Award and Satellite Award. 

Euphoria season 2 has ended with many twisting incidents and opening the new threads for season 3. As the upcoming season will deal with the further story, fans are curious who will be a part of the show? Well, as of now, Dominic Fike has confirmed that he will continue his journey in season 3. Most probably, Zendaya will also reprise her role. Find out about the rest of the cast below! 

HBO’s Euphoria has finally got a renewal for season 3, thanks to its popular fan following and millions of viewership. However, it is the actors who have made every character memorable. Find out whether the previous characters of season 2 will be seen in Euphoria season 2 or not! Here are all the juicy details that you need to know. So, here we go!

New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Revealed! Find Out Which Is Cast Leaving Euphoria?

New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Out! Which Cast Is Leaving Euphoria?

The Euphoria series was full of dramatic characters portrayed by highly talented actors and actresses. You may love or hate them for their intense acting, but you cannot ignore their efforts in putting lives in their respective roles. Thus, with the end of season 2, we are curious to know whether they will come back for Euphoria season 3?

Euphoria was full of teenage drama where everyone struggled to meet their ends. Their journey was full of mixed emotions, actions, and thrills. Zendaya’s character Rue was one of the central characters, and her actions surely impacted the rest of the characters. Her dramatic step in the finale episode will surely affect many in the future. Keeping that in mind, let’s find out the cast of Euphoria season 3 now! 

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The Confirmed Cast Of Euphoria Season 3 | Is Your Favourite Character Back?

New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Out! Which Cast Is Leaving Euphoria?

As of now, we have confirmed news about Dominic Fike that he will reprise his role of Elliot in Euphoria season 3. Fike was excited enough to announce his continuation of the journey in the show and shed some light on his possible course in season 3 with Rue and others. 

Fike’s confirmation of presence in Euphoria season 3 allows us to infer that Zendaya will also come back to reprise her role of Rue Bennet. Elliot and Rue once shared a romantic relationship, but they soon broke up when Jules entered into their life. Thus, season 3 will surely see some spiced drama and confrontation between the duo.

However, there is no official report or announcement that Zendaya will be a part of season 3 as she is already involved in other ambitious projects. Since Zendaya is also the Executive Producer of the Euphoria show and a pivotal character, her return makes total sense!

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The Most Probable Cast Of Euphoria Season 3 | Can We Get The Official Confirmation Soon…Please!

New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Out! Which Cast Is Leaving Euphoria?

The beauty of the Euphoria series was that it did not put all the limelight to only one character, but it gave ample focus upon the supporting characters. This allowed the rest cast to deliver awesome performances that bewitched the audiences. 

Euphoria season 3 will surely see a bunch of them, if not all of the previous cast. Though we need to wait for an official announcement by HBO or the cast itself, some of them will probably be in season 3. As per sources, Hunter Schafer (Jules), Chloe Cherry (Faye), Sydney Sweeney (Cassie), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Alexa Demie (Maddy), Maude Apatow (Lexi), Barbie Ferreira (Kat), Nika King (Leslie Bennet) and Storm Reid (Gia Bennet) are going nowhere and will be the part of the next installment. 

Be it a positive or negative character, the supporting cast nailed the show. Moreover, the makers have also hinted that there will be upside-down changes in the fates of the maximum characters that will give the audiences goosebumps. So, it is clear that much of the earlier cast will be a part of the show but will have darker fates.

We need to wait for the official statement released to know the exact cast who finally made it into Euphoria season 3. Euphoria has always remained full of surprises so that we might get some old characters as well. Apart from the recurring cast, season 3 will surely have new faces with darker tales.

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What Is The Release And Trailer Date Of Euphoria Season 3?

New Cast In Euphoria Season 3 Is Out! Which Cast Is Leaving Euphoria?

HBO has finally confirmed that one of the most loved teenage drama series- Euphoria, is coming back with a season 3. Though we need to wait for an official release date and trailer, fans are happy that it is happening! Moreover, the makers have also not clarified whether season 3 will be the end of the series or not!

The ongoing pandemic and prior commitments of many series stars might delay the shooting process. However, it is expected that we will have the next season in 2024. I will surely update the release date whenever the official news comes out. Till then, wait and re-watch Euphoria on HBO!

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Final Words

Which cast is leaving Euphoria? Can you guess! Read all the details about the new cast in Euphoria season 3 here. Which characters do you want to see (or hate to see!) in season 3? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section!

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