Thousands of games are released every day for PC but don’t you wanna know which new released games are beyond imagination. If so, then you are in the right place. 

The New Released Games are of different categories, some make you think twice about how a developer can put a God-level experience in a single game? So to help all the pro gamers, I had prepared a list of fine and class games. But how can I forget my Noob Gamers? That’s why the list also has some games for beginners. 

According to Steam user ratings and reviews, and a week of research on the Internet, the list of New Released Games includes VALHEIM, HITMAN 3, CYBERPUNK 2077, IMMORTALS FENYX RISING, and THE MEDIUM. Why I have chosen these games among the number of games? 

I have given a detailed description of the above-listed games and the answers to all your questions below.  You can check how to master in Best Popular Games in 30 Days.

New Released Games for PC

You don’t know what you are missing in 2021. The FOMO is spreading like a wildfire, so go through the article to find the interesting facts and features about these games.

VALHEIM: Pro Gamers 

Valhem Poster: Best new released games
Source: Steam

A slain warrior on a journey to death. The game takes your soul to the tenth Norse World. You have accompanied by Chaos the old and bad enemy of God. You have to pass through the worst in order to win legendary awards and glory of victory. The weapon is crafted to gives you immense pleasure on the battlefield. Armors are there to protect you. You are sailing in a great ocean in search of exotic land but the land comes with great adventures and threats. Unlock the majestic world of the slain warrior.


  • Stunning lands and mountains to battle on
  • Single and multiplayer support
  • A customized weapon with a new fighting technique
  • Sail through deadly seas
  • Item Crafting

HITMAN 3: Pro Gamers 

HitMan 3 Poster: Best new released games
Source: IO Interactive

Now think you an assassin on the job of killing two fraudsters. Right, adrenaline flowed in your blood, your heart started pumping fast. This game gives you goosebumps when you are on a mission to eliminate a Private Banker and an Army General who has cheated innocent people. The game revolves around the busy bazaars and angry people calling for justice outside the office of a corrupt Army General. Create a plan to eliminate the target and flex your moves on the social network.

After the elimination of the targets don’t think for a second that your job is complete.

Wait Buddy!!! It’s just the beginning of new chapters.


  • Realistic graphics
  • High tech weapon 
  • Interactive storyline
  • Controller support

CYBERPUNK 2077: Pro and Noob Gamers 

Cyberpunk 2077 Poster: Best new released games

It is an open world featured with action-adventure and nightlife. Enters the second life of power, body modification, and money-oriented crimes. You can do every illegal thing in this world without getting judged by anyone in the real-world. What could be more interesting than this? Explore metropolitan cities, and shape the story as you like. Your game your choice of story. Add customized characters, playstyle, and skillsets. 

Do you want a second life as a criminal or you are normal? Everyone at some phase think that they want to commit some crime. This game gives you the full control to do whatever you want to do.


  • Realistic design
  • Customized character
  • Risky jobs
  • Exclusive weapons


IMMORTALS FENYX RISING Poster: Best new released games
Source: PCMag

The game draws certain inspiration from the ‘Legends of Zelda’. If you want to indulge in puzzles based on physics then you should try this game. The fantasy world comes so far with the real game of these categories. The stamina bar in-game marks your character stamina used to run or climb the mountain. The in-game chapter will increase your power and stamina bar with the completion of missions.


  • Realistic design
  • Controller support
  • Easy for beginners


The Medium Poster: Best new released games
Source: Xbox

Here is spruce for all the gamers. You can discover a dark mystery with another world where spirits rule. You have to be a maniac or psychic to solve puzzles. Deeper you went through the game the more mysteries you will find. Why this world tied with powerful spells? This horror game wields never-seen gameplay make this a must-try game. The spirit’s world is the inner reflection of our bad thoughts. To immerse yourself in the journey of a dark world with hundreds of hidden awards.  


  • Consistent gameplay
  • Smooth interface
  • Controller support 

Final Pronouncement

The above-mentioned games are hand-picked between a lot of junk. These games will change your gaming experience and blow-out your mind with their amazing characteristics. These new released games have the ability to make stunned with their realistic graphics. 

So gamers are you still wasting your time by playing old-school games in 2021. Guys grow up and try your hands on these new released games and share your likes, dislikes in the comment section below.

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