New Season Of American Idol Announced! What To Expect From ABC’s Award-Winning Reality Show! 


New season of American Idol announced! What to expect from one of the most popular and most watched reality shows “American Idol”?

An American singing television series, ‘American Idol’ by Simon Fuller, is a singing reality show, based on Pop Idol from British television. The show involves the talent hunt for new singers from across America. The winner is determined by voting through text messages, online  votings or phone calls by the American audience.

On 7th November, American Idol finally confirmed its premier date for its 21st season on ABC. The show was revealed to make a comeback on 19th February, 2023. (EXCITEMENT X 💯)

New season of American Idol: What to expect from season 21 of the most loved singing television series! Let’s just figure it out together! 

New Season Of American Idol Announced | What To Expect From The New Season! 

After the great success of season 20, with Noah Thompson named as the winner. The fans were curious to know when the show was returning for its next season. Now that we know the update, let’s know it closely! 

Who Would Be Returning As The Judge & The Host?

Finally, this Monday on 7th November, the show announced its premier date for its new season through social media. The new season of ‘American Idol’ is going to premiere on 19th February, 2023 with Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan returning as the judges.

The new season will be hosted by Ryan Seacreast, who has been there from season 1. The show will be broadcasted through ABC network, revealed by the network itself.

The auditions for season 21 began from the month of August, 2022, across the United States through Zoom or face-to-face events.

The show for the 21st season will be held in Las Vegas. A photo shared by ABC network shows the judges with the host reuniting in LA preparing for the next season.

Other Essential Details About 21st American Idol

Created by Simon Fuller, American Idol was first aired on FOX television network for 15 seasons, from June 11, 2002 to April 7, 2016 with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson as judges. 

Taking a break for two years, it was finally renewed on ABC network for its sixteenth season from March 11, 2018. And since then it kept going strong, gaining more popularity and becoming the most popular and the most watched singing competition show in the history of American television.

The first winner of this singing reality show was Kelly Clarkson who won millions of hearts by her performances and is still one of the most successful singers of Hollywood.

The 20th season of American Idol was won by Noah Thompson, in May 2022, who impressed everyone with his amazing vocals, singing the top hits like Harry Styles’ Falling, John Mayer’ Heartbreak War, Rihanna’s Stay etc.

Called as the American dream by one of the show’s judges, Katty Perry, Thompson not only won the audience but even the judges were mesmerized with his performance. No wonder, Luke Bryan declared that Thompson might win the whole competition with his magical voice.

The runner up for this season was HunterGirls, a Tennessee native, who gave a tough competition to Thompson. She was highly praised by the judges and loved by the viewers as well.

Right now, both Thompson and HunterGirls are on a tour, which will continue to run through till December 2.

Was 2022 American Idol A Success!?

New Season Of American Idol Announced! What To Expect From ABC’s Award-Winning Reality Show! 

On February 27, 2022, one of the most favorite shows of American audiences came back with its 20th season. This season was a huge success. Thompson’s song, which was released while he was still a participant, made it to number 1 on the iTunes charts.

American idol, which was the long running television series, became one of the highest rated programs on Sunday evening. Throughout this season, American Idol was titled No. 1, ranking in the top slot for three continuous years.

Overall, the success of American Idol was described as “one of the most impactful reality shows.” It brought many unknown faces to the limelight such as Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino, and this year’s winner Noah Thompson.

Final Words

Just like season 20, we can expect great success from season 21 too, or even more. Given the fact this show is the most loved and most watched American singing show, season 21 may come up with more surprises, more fun and obviously more amazing vocals as well.

Let’s wait for the release of the new season on February 19, 2023 and see what more this season 21 has to offer!

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