5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers


Which Occupations Are Suitable For Travelers? In recent weeks and months, travel restrictions have begun to be eased, which is great news for the modern global citizen. This means that it is now possible to start seeing the world again, after a tricky couple of years for everyone.

Naturally, this tourism does come at a financial cost, which does seem to be growing by the day. Therefore, it is prudent to consider saving up for those once in a lifetime trips, as well as any unexpected hidden costs that might crop up along the way.

Jobs And Occupations Guessing Game
Jobs And Occupations Guessing Game

Thankfully, today’s digital workplace allows for a lot of extra options when both researching and actually performing parts of many contemporary jobs. With that in mind, here are five of the very best jobs to do while living and working overseas.

TEFL (Teaching English As A Foreign Language) | Occupation For Travelers

5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers

The internet often appears to be full of information, so it can sometimes be hard to know where to go for top quality and accurate data. Luckily, here is a great article about teaching English in Mexico, that provides up to the minute facts and figures on the real deal south of the border.

For starters, being a TEFL teacher means a lot of hard work, but this can be extremely rewarding for the right candidate. Ensuring that a TEFL teacher gets off to the best possible start, a TEFL certification gives affordable, high class instruction, combined with cutting edge pedagogical techniques and ideas. Added to this is a team of professionals who have been there and done that, and it makes complete sense to get qualified before starting on this wonderful career path.

On top of that, teaching TEFL in Mexico is a hugely rewarding vocation, with millions of learners ready and willing to put their all into improving their knowledge of English. For those who are more comfortable working with kids, there are schools and academies galore who are looking to hire the right candidate.

By contrast, many of the major cities are replete with businesses who recognise the need for employees who are capable and competent in this English-led business sphere.

Either way, the life of a TEFL teacher is never dull, with every lesson full of new and unexpected learning moments for both students and instructor. So, it makes total sense to consider this career as an exciting and stimulating one, in both the short term and beyond. 

Tour Guide

5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers

Despite many rumours to the contrary, the majority of Mexico is actually an extremely safe place to live. This stability is great for a traveler who wishes to pursue a career in becoming a tour guide.

Right off the bat, there are many global tourists who simply enjoy the convenience of being guided around a new city by someone who is knowledgeable about the place. One method that many tour guides tap into is the idea of offering a free walking tour, with tips optional at the end. This way, customers can choose how much they wish to pay, and that can end up being a really high amount, if the tour is good of course.

Another system of tour guiding that has taken off in recent times is the concept of a guide linking up with local businesses, and making a small commission from each place for bringing the tourists to them. In this way, the guide has a steady and reliable income, plus whatever they might also make from the tourists themselves. 

Travel Writer

5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers

Regardless of upbringing or cultural heritage, one similarity that is shared among almost every society is the desire to share thoughts and feelings through the medium of writing. As it happens, there are pretty much as many people interested in reading about these thoughts and ideas, especially in the realm of travel. This is a wonderful potential source of revenue for a traveler, and could be explored in a range of different ways. In this case, a virtual meeting can be conveniently conducted online and will be a complete success if a few points are taken into consideration

For starters, a travel blog for a newspaper or magazine might be a sustainable approach to getting some additional spending money for tourism activities, especially if the articles are about the sightseeing location in question. For example, if a budding writer offers to write about Chichen Itza, the famous Aztec ruin, then a company could be willing to offer a payment that would cover the expenses of actually seeing the place itself.

On top of that, some blogs nowadays can get sponsored, and lead to additional bonuses in the form of providing supplies. For instance, an outdoor travel company might recognise the value in providing suitable attire for a beach trip to Yucatan, or a weekend getaway to Mexico City during the height of summer.


5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers

With more and more retirees enjoying their lives in Mexico, a career in hospitality is well worth considering. These tourists typically arrive with a substantial nest egg from a career of their own, and are willing to spend their money on being pampered in their old age.

In this realm, positions can range from being a cook or server at a restaurant, to concierge or bellhop at a hotel. Additionally, there are many ports dotted along the coast, that all receive their fair share of foreign tourists, and this creates an opportunity for the modern traveler to utilise their knowledge of English in this work sector, from cruise ships to coastal bars and clubs.

Taxi Driver

5 Occupations Suitable For Travelers

As strange as it may sound, being a taxi driver is a thriving industry in Mexico, especially one with a working capacity in English. Naturally, this position will probably entail at least a functional capacity in Spanish, but this should be expected when considering a big move abroad to another country in any case.

Being a cabbie is full of great opportunities to meet new people, and have conversations with individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, it is the optimal way to learn how to get around a new city quickly and easily, all from the perspective of seeing how the streets of the city intertwine with one another. Best of all, the hours are usually flexible, meaning it is possible to arrange working hours to maximise income, while still leaving time to see the best of the place during off-peak hours.  

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