October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!


Horror thrillers are the perfect watch to get an instant adrenaline rush! If you are also a die-hard fan of insanely amazing horror series, you should definitely watch October Faction! The show boasts intriguing characters and well-knitted plotlines. October Faction season 1 has earned the praise of its share, and now fans want to know the October Faction season 2 release date! Are you one of them?

Netflix’s October Faction is an American horror series with many turns and twists. Damian Kindler is the creator of the show. October Faction season 1 released on Jan 23, 2020. The show is based on a comic series of a similar title by Damien Worm and Steve Niles. It has a total of 10 episodes, a 6.1/10 IMDB rating, and a 50% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Fans are waiting for October Faction season 2 release date. However, the makers have other plans. October Faction season 2 has been officially canceled. The show’s first season was the last as well. Despite the intriguing storyline, the show did not manage to earn huge viewership. Thus, the makers ended and wrapped up the show. However, there are chances of its revival in the future as well. Read ahead to know more.

October Faction was a complex story revolving around a mysterious family with dark and dirty secrets. The show unfolds shocking truths bit by bit, making the show more intriguing and twisted. If you have not watched the show yet, it is a highly recommendable binge-watch series. 

October Faction Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Trailer | Things You Should Know!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

The horror series revolves around a monster-hunting couple who belong to a mysterious cult. As the story proceeds, the story takes sharp twists and turns, revealing that the couple is evil, and they have a dangerous motto. The story gets darker and deeper with each passing episode which is full of shocking revelations. 

Season 1 ends with a bang, and fans are left wondering what will happen next! So, I have brought a comprehensive article dealing with all the most-searched questions related to October Faction. Read till the end to know all the details.

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What Happened In October Faction Season 1? October Faction Season 2 Release Date!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

The story starts with a couple – Fred and Deloris Allen, who are saviors of people and protect them by killing evil monsters. The duo belongs to a mysterious cult and lives a secret life. The couple has two children – Geoff and Viv, who start behaving strangely after shifting to their grandparent’s home at Barrington-on-Hudson. 

Both children start showing supernatural powers and have nightmares of frightening creatures. Things start to go out of hand for Fred and Deloris Allen when children’s magic develops daily. To everyone’s surprise, it is revealed that Viv and Geoff are not Fred’s biological children; they are taken from different magical creatures after killing them. 

Moreover, the secret cult is the real villain who murders magical creatures and supernatural entities to gain supernatural powers. Viv and Geoff’s biological mother, Alice Harlow, tries to rescue her children from Fred, and a bloody massacre occurs. After an intense fight and power-packed action sequence, the family finally gets reunited.

What Is The October Faction Season 2 Release Date? Mark Your Calendar!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

October Faction season 1 released in 2020. Almost two years have passed, and the makers have not announced an official release date. The prime reason for not revealing the date is the cancellation of October Faction season 2. Yes, season 2 has been canceled because of the following reasons-

  • The show failed miserably to attract the attention of the audience.
  • Despite being a well-knitted story with amazing characters, audiences did not like the show, which resulted in fewer viewers.
  • Netflix did not want to make another flop season. Thus, it officially announced that October Faction season 2 has been canceled.
  • Season 1 ended on a satisfactory note. So, there is nothing much left to explore in a new season.

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What Is The October Faction Season 2 Plot? October Faction Season 2 Release Date!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

The first season has already revealed that the real villain was the Presidio cult. Its followers were killing the supernatural entities to extract their powers and dominate their race. Meanwhile, the cult showed the people that it was killing and protecting the monsters. Thus, the next season will surely address this problem on a broader scale. 

October faction‘s final clips reveal something intriguing about Samuel’s basement. If we take the comic references, the second season will surely bring the main antagonist- Merle Cope in season 2. However, nothing can be confirmed till the release of an official statement.

Who Will Be In The October Faction Season 2 Cast? October Faction Season 2 Release Date!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

Though season 1 failed to enchant the audience with its storyline track, we have to admit that it had a spectacular cast. So, there are chances that the series will also bring back actors who were playing major characters from the previous season. So, the potential candidates for October Faction season 2 are-

  • Tamara Taylor (Deloris Allen)
  • J.C. MacKenzie (Fred Allen)
  • Aurora Burghart (Viv) 
  • Allen Gabriel Darku (Geoff)
  • Maxim Roy (Allen Alice Harlow)
  • Megan Follows (Edith Mooreland)

Apart from these important actors and actresses, there will be new characters played by fresh faces who will surely do justice to their respective roles. 

Is October Faction Season 2 Confirmly Cancelled? The Fate Of The Series!

October Faction Season 2 Release Date | Catch Up On The Details Here!

Yes. October Faction season 2 is canceled now. The makers and Netflix have confirmed that there will be no further installment of the October Faction series. The show has been canceled due to miserably failing at the box office. It failed to earn huge views and got mixed reviews. 

Thus, Netflix announced the cancelation of the show in March 2020. However, if the makers change their minds, we can have a sequel too! But for that, we will have to wait for an official announcement.

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Final Words

I hope you have all the answers to the October Faction season 2 release date in this article. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. Visit our official website for more trending articles on the latest movies and shows. 

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