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Do you all remember how we used to play with a prism in school and get astonished at the different rainbow shades dispersing out of it? With the oil slick hair trend, you can add this pop of colors to your hair and bring out a fun personality. Until now, the only option you had was to change your entire hair color to try a new shade but not anymore. 

Unlike other hair color trends, oil slick hair trends can be done on brown and brunette shades quickly without bleach. It may seem impossible, but it is true because this hair trend was created while keeping a brunette head in mind. Well, you should celebrate because now you finally have a hair trend that will keep your hair smooth and damage-free. 

Oil slick hair trend gives an ink-like effect & a layer of oil on top of your hair. The technique is to apply a mix of different rainbow shades on medium to dark hair. The whole process is done without using harmful chemicals like bleach. The method is trending right now not only because of rainbow shades but due to customization options. Many salons mix their own colors that give customers the option to get their customized hair shade. 

If you plan to hop on to this viral technique and get a trendy makeover, scroll down below to find everything about the oil slick technique. 

Choose Oil Slick Hair Trend | Add Fun To Your Personality!

oil slick hair

The oil slick trend is usually done with shades of blue, magnets, green, purple, and red, but you can always go above then the regular choice. Sit down with your colorist before your appointment and discuss the shades that will compliment your hair and skin color the most. As most of the salons offer customization, it is good to discuss the textures beforehand. Doing so will give time to your colorist to be prepared, and you can also decide if you wish to move ahead with the process.

Here are a few cute and easy hairstyles that you can try with the Oil Slick Hair Trend.  

Rainbow Shades Without Bleach | Save Your Hair From Chemicals

oil slick hair

Rainbow hair color can be done on the hottest blonde heads and brunettes without bleaching the hair. The different shades are blended and are included in the coloring base that gives a rainbow effect to your hair strands. However, if you are looking for a more vibrant shade and your hair color is very dark, your colorist will use bleach to lift the dark shade. It will change your hair color to light brown, and then the colors will look more vibrant. 

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy After Oil Slick Hair? Tips & Tricks To Manage Hair in 2021

oil slick hair

If you think it is easy to maintain oil-slick hair due to the lack of bleach, you are about to get disappointed. The oil slick technique is no different than other fantasy shades, and therefore, it is hard to maintain it for a long time.

#1 Frequent Salon Visits 

Apart from following a strict hair care routine at home, you also need to visit the salon frequently for touch-ups. You will be required to visit the salon every four to six weeks to keep the rainbow shades vibrant. 

#2 Switching Hair Products 

Once you get your hair colored, it is time to switch your regular hair products like shampoo and conditioner to ones that offer color protection. Color-protecting hair products do not eliminate the shades from your hair for a long time, instead add shine to them. 

#3 Rich Hair Masks 

Whether you decide to color your hair or not, masks are essential to maintain the growth and protection of your hair. Even though you haven’t bleached your hair for the process, your hair may still feel dry after coloring. To restore the moisture in your hair, you can start using hair masks that contain argan oil, green tea extracts, and macadamia oil. 

Trending Oil Slick Hair Techniques | Choose What Suits You!

There are different variations in the oil slick trend that you can try as per your hair’s length, texture, and preferences. A few of them that are going viral are – 

#1 Oil Slick Ends | Less Is More!

slick ends: oil slick hair

If you are not the type who can stay committed to hair color for a long time, then you can opt for the oil slick ends. The biggest plus point of this trend is that you don’t have to invest a lot of time in maintenance, and they also don’t need frequent touch-ups. 

#2 Slick Ombre Shades | Play With Multiple Shades 

ombre hair: oil slick hair

The Ombre trend is staying here for a long time, and we will never get tired of trying it. The vibrant blend of rainbow shades can bring out the best of a cheerful personality in a person. Like slick ends, this hair trend also does not require frequent root touch-ups. 

#3 Long Oil Slick Trend | Change Your Vibe!

full length: oil slick hair

If you have longer hair, you should try oil slick highlights that start with a faded texture from the mid of your hair length. Ask your colorist not to feel shy about using the shades because the more he/she will add the colors, the more vibrant it will look on your long locks. 

#4 Short Bob Oil Slick | Make It Look Gen-Z 

blonde bob: oil slick hair

Just because the oil slick trend is done mainly on darker hair and brunettes, it does not mean blonde heads cannot have some fun. If you are a blonde head with a small bob, try doing the oil slick highlights and see how it will bring out the best of your bold personality. 

Final Words

Oil slick hair is not going anywhere for a long time, and we are sure of that. From long to short hair and blondes to brunettes, all hair patterns can try this look for a fun change. However, the trend works best for darker shades because it amplifies the volume and texture of the hair.  


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