Omni Man vs Homelander | Who Is Supreme Among The Two?


The concept of Superman-like heroes with darker characters has been in various comics and what’s more surprising is everybody likes them. Not because of their dark nature but because they break the traditional concept of the superheroes and bring a realistic storyline. The Invincible’s Omni Man and The Boys’ Homelander are the best prototypes of darker superheroes. So in the future, if we see Omni Man vs Homelander’s entertaining fight, who will be the winner?

If you don’t know about both of them, consider them the cousins of Superman who have got some bad teachings. They are very similar in powers of the Nobel God Superman, but in nature, they are ruthless murderers/ criminals. Both of them have a similar mindset, i.e., to be the kingpin of earth, the one whom every human scares of. 

Although it’s not possible they both will ever meet each other if somehow they fight to prove who is the greatest [email protected], who will you choose? Well, I won’t keep the suspense; it would be Omni Man who will win the show. Why so is only because he has more experience in fighting tough battles and thus will easily kick Homelander’s @ss.

Hey, Homelander plz don’t kick my @ss; though you can’t win, that doesn’t mean you will never. Here, my friend, I will share every detail on Omni Man so that next time you can give him a tough fight.

Omni Man vs Homelander | Stakes Are High, Who Will You Bet On!!

The comics Invincible and The Boys both concluded in 2018 & 2012, respectively, and at the ending of their stories, both Omni Man and Homelander die. Their death made it clear that they were not immortal superheroes. Let’s read about these corrupt superheroes one by one starting from their origin.

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Who Is Omni Man? Omnipotent, Omnipresent…….Is He The Devil God? 

Omni Man VS Homelander | Who Is Supreme Among The Two?

First of all, Omni Man is not a Devil God, but instead, he is the closest cousin to the God of Superheroes Superman, although with some bad teachings. Super-man and Omni Man share two very common things: first of all, they both are recognized by their “man” suffix. Secondly, they are both children of another planet; Superman from Krypton and Omni Man from Viltrum.

Omni Man’s story begins from the day he entered the earth. After arriving on the earth, he masks a secret identity of a writer under the name Nolan Grayson. On this planet, Nolan saves a girl, Debbie Grason, who later becomes his wife. Soon he had a child, Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, a simple child who gets his father’s powers at the age of seventeen. 

During this time, Nolan, made his family and the Government believe that Viltrium sent him to earth in order to protect them and advance their civilization. But Indeed, he was lying and, was there to dominate the earth and join it with his planet. He planned to destroy the earth’s defense system to make way for his planet army to attack and capture earth and its inhabitants.

Sooner his plan got revealed to his son Mark and was forced to join him. However, Mark has some good morals and rejects the offer. This started a rivalry between father and son, accompanied by some brutal fights. Omni Man even decided to kill his son if he gets between his plan. However, in the episode’s finale, Omni Man flees from the earth to another solar system making him a traitor to his people.

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Sometimes after Omni Man left the earth, a blue insect-shaped alien appears, seeking Mark’s help. He was the last hope for their planet’s survival, so for help, Mark travels with him to his planet and finds that Omni Man has become their ruler. There he was warm with his father, forgetting all the past behind.

Omni Man tells him that after he left the earth, he looked for another planet where he could find shelter. So, in the search, he found this planet with similar intelligence as humans, but they live only for nine months. Here they have a tradition that who is the oldest of all becomes the king; that’s why because of the age factor, they selected me as their new ruler. Apart from that, he has a family here, a wife and a son, half insect, and half-human. 

He explains Invincible (Mark) that when he left the earth, he became the traitor of his mother planet Viltrum. Now the Viltrum army is searching for him and will destroy this planet and his family once they arrive here. For that purpose, he will need his aid.

However, in the last, they both defeated Viltrumites, but Invincible got severely injured. At this time Viltrium empire arrives there, captures Omni Man, and heals Invincible to continue his father’s mission to conquer earth.

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Who Is Homelander? Corrupt Supe Carrying The Shade Of DC And Marvel Universe!!

Who Is Homelander? Corrupt Supe Carrying The Shade Of DC And Marvel Universe!!

I have always hoped for a scenario when Marvel and DC superheroes come together to fight with the common enemy. Though that won’t ever happen, however, if you want to get a shade of a superhero made with the merge of Superman and Captain America, then see Homelander. He looks very similar to both of them, but he is not a savior of any kind; he is a bad boy ruthless destroyer.

Homelander worked as a team lead for group seven from the company Vough-America, which was every superhero’s headquarters. This company was far more than what it tried to show as it made superheroes from their special chemical.

Among all superheroes, Homelander was the most loved, most strong, but most corrupt one. The company shares a cover story that Homelander was an alien who arrived on earth as an infant, similar to the story of Superman. However, in reality, he was a human, given superpowers, in a secret laboratory.

Homelander’s original name was John and was from the time of Nazis, a member of the Hitler youth group. At that time, there was a plan made by Nazis to make superhumans who would work as soldiers in their army and destroy other races. So, for that purpose, a scientist made a special chemical that he named Serum V, which gives people some special powers, and first tested it on her wife.

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Later with her DNA, another hero was made, and that was Homelander. Homelander was given the dose of Serum V, in a secret laboratory-made from Storm’s genetic material. He spent most of his childhood in that lab chained to a Hydrogen Bomb. 

Apart from that, his mother was mentally disabled and died during the child’s birth. Because he spent most of his childhood with the Nazis, he also got the same teachings of making his race more superior. All Homelander’s expenses were handled by Vought-International, which gets its revenue by selling the Superheros lifestyle. The Vought made him a big star, and everyone loved him despite no one knowing his true nature apart from the group Boys and mainly Billy Butcher.

Billy Butcher was the leader of the group The Boys, which consisted of people who suffered from these corrupt superheroes. Billy’s wife was captured by Homelander and was forced to have a son with him and thus was the reason for the formation of this rebel group. During the conflicts between the Boys and the superheroes group seven, Homelander was making his steps to get his good-natured mask out of his face.

Now when Homelander got out of control, Black Noir stepped forward. He was designed to destroy Homelander when he would lose his control. However, as Noir was not getting his hands on him, he got mad and became a greater threat to everyone. For the purpose of having a fight with Homelander Noir rape*s Billy and Homelander’s wife, Becky. 

Enraged by this, Billy and Homelander join together to kill Noir. During the fight, Noir tears apart the Homelander but also gets injured by his laser beams and vocal cords. In the end, Billy kills Noir with the help of tier iron.

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Homelander & Omni Man | What Greater Powers Do They Have?

Homelander & Omni Man | What greater Powers Do They Have!!!

You have read the stories of these dark-natured superheroes, who were ruthless, brutal killers. Where Omni Man used his powers to conquer the earth and do whatever it takes to complete his mission. Homelander, on the contrary, showed his powers as a symbol of the supremacy of his race. They both committed brutal murders and tried their best to hide it from the people.

Homelander was not born with superpowers but was induced in him by some experiments, whereas Omni Man was born with special powers. The powers that both these superheroes share are superhuman strength, superhuman stamina, superhuman endurance, the ability of interstellar travel, enhanced lung capacity, nigh invulnerability, superhuman speed, enhanced healing factor, and decelerated aging.

Apart from that, Homelander had some other superpowers similar to Superman, including intense laser vision, which can destroy everything with his heat. Another of his powers includes vocal cords that can destroy eardrums and brains and X-ray heat-sensing vision.

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Omni Man vs Homelander | Who Is The Winner Of The Show?

Omni Man Vs. Homelander| Who Is The Winner Of The Show!!

Homelander shares a greater set of powers than Omni Man, which may strike a thought that he might be more powerful. However, the point is he never fought with someone of his level. 

In comics and series The Boys, Homelander showed his dominance over normal humans or villains who were not equivalent to his powers. This became the cause for the lack of his fighting experiece, hence becoming the reason for his death when he fought with Black Noir, a competitor within his league.

Omni Man, on the other, does not have powers like heat vision or laser beam, but he has a lot of fighting experience. He has fought and won many battles with other superpowers in his league. Well, his experience was his plus point, and that’s why we believe he will win the fight against Homelander. Thus, it proves that Omni Man is more powerful than Homelander.

Homelander Or Omni Man Who Is More Bad? Cruel Than You Ever Imagined!!

Homelander Or Omni Man Who Is More Worse? Worse Than You Ever Imagined!!

Omni Man and Homelander are on the same level in terms of evil deeds. They were both criminals with superpowers. They were a part of violence involving mass murders. Suppose we have to compare the worst amongst the two, then our answer will be Omni Man. He did many brutal things that can never be imagined but on the contrary did some good things too, like saving people to use them in the future.

Homelander, on the other, did fight with villains, but for the sake of cameras and fame. What he did was only to maintain his popularity amongst the people. Behind the cameras, his acts were gruesome. One of the examples was the plane mission that he was assigned to save from Hijackers, but instead, he destroyed it with his laser beam, which led to the death of many people on board.

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Final Words

You have got your answers, and the fight’s winner between Homelander and Omni Man is Omni Man. By the way, if you want to enjoy the complete story of The Boys and Invincible, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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