Outer Banks Season 3 | Witness The Action-Drama Of The New Season!! But When?


When it comes to cliffhangers and suspense there is no show that does better than the Netflix series Outer Banks (2020). The show in its climax pitches some mind-boggling twists that serve the base for the next season. Similarly, at the ending of season 2, there were some huge shocking reveals that laid the groundwork for Outer Banks Season 3 story.

Debuted on April 15, 2020, Outer Banks is a treasure hunting action-packed entertainment drama show. The show plots on John B and his three best friends when they gang up to find the lost legendary treasure for which John B’s father, Big John Ruthledge went missing. The show has two seasons in total and season 2 came with the endnote revealing that John B’s father is still alive.

The new angle of the Big John story opened the doors for the next season’s storyline. On December 7 of 2021, the creators revealed that there would be a new season of Outer Banks. Though they didn’t disclose the release date, according to the Netflix release pattern, the show’s latest season i.e Outer Banks season 3 will premiere in the mid of 2022.

Well, down here we have every new update regarding the latest season of the show, so keep reading and carry scrolling!!

Outer Banks Season 3 | The Show With Aww-some Storyline!!

As season 2 of the Outer Banks gave some big entertainment hugs to the viewers, can we expect something similar from season 3? Also, who can we expect to see in the latest season? Phew!! There is so much to talk and so I will not waste much of your time here.

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The Cliffhangers Of Outer Banks Season 2 | The Storyline For Outer Banks Next Season!!

Outer Banks Season 3 | The Show With Aww-some Storyline!!

The Outer Banks season 2 ended with a lot of suspense and a cliffhanger for its next season. In the episodes, we witnessed that Sarah’s villainous dad was the one behind John B’s father’s death. He was the one who pushed John B’s dad over the edge of his death and did whatever to keep his hands clean.

Apart from that, in season 2 Pogus gang lost $400 million of Royal merchant gold to the Camerons whereas John B fights with Ward Cameron to save Sarah’s life. In the season’s finale, we were shown that John B’s father, who everyone thought was dead, is alive and is searching for the lost treasure of Pogus. 

So season 3 of the show will be majorly revolving around John B’s new journey of self-discovery and a start of a new relationship with his father. Season 3 will be hugely themed on finding the reason why his dad faked his death for so long, giving the season a father-son angle. 

Apart from that, season 3 will continue the adventures of finding the lost treasure, John B’s reconciliation with his father, and Rafe’s gunning for revenge against John B. We can also expect season 3 to feature the journey of the Pogus gang back to their hometown.

Also, in season 2, we saw that John B and Sarah unofficially married one another. In the third season, we might get to see their romance or vengeance.

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When Will The Season 3 Of Outer Banks Release? Ending Every Rumours!!

When Will The Season 3 Of Outer Banks Release | Ending Every Rumours!!

Yes, it’s officially confirmed that the show will continue for season 3. The official reveal came from Netflix, when they posted a video on their Twitter account. In the video, the cast teased fans with their appearance by, saying, “All the way from Poguelandia, season 3, baby!”

Though there is no official confirmation on the release date, the probability is that the show season 3 will release somewhere in the mid of 2022. Well, that’s because the show’s season 1 debuted on April 2020 and season 2 on July 2021; following this pattern, the Outer Banks season 3 will likely release in July 2022.

New Faces For The New Season | Outer Banks Season 3’s Cast

New Faces With The New Season OF Show!!

The last season of the Outer Banks carried with it some life-taking misadventures of John B’s Pogus gang that involved the action of car chases! Boat explosion! Alligator attacks. However, the good news is, every member of Pogus made it alive from the action. 

So, it won’t be surprising if the show’s main gang will return with old members namely Chase Stokes (John B), Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Charles Esten (Ward Cameron) and Madison Bailey (Kiara), Austin North (Topper) and Drew Starkey (Rafe Cameron). 

At this time we don’t know, who will be the new entry, but what we know for sure is that we will see Cleo, as Carlacia Grant.

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Final Words 

The trailer of the Outer Banks season 3 is not out yet, but I am pretty sure that it will come out very soon probably in March 2022. Till that time, you can watch the previous season of Outer Banks on Netflix.

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