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Outlander season 3 has been one hell of a crazy emotional ride for me, with so many twists and turns that I cannot wait to share the details with you. Although, if you haven’t streamed the season yet, I can wait for you for some time so you can catch up with the series, and then we can discuss all the highs and the lows of the season. 

Most of you must be familiar with Outlander but let me give a small snippet for those who haven’t heard of the show. Outlander is set in the backdrops of WWII, where Claire is a nurse living her life with her husband Frank until she is mysteriously sent back in time to 1743, where she has to marry Jamie Fraser to survive. 

I know the story sounds a lot more common, like a time travel mission but trust me, once you start this mysterious action adventurous drama, you will fall in love with every bit of the show. Not only is it perfect because of its unique storyline, but it is also one of the longest-running series that will keep you busy for a good time. 

Outlander season 3 is by far one of the show’s best seasons, with its new seasons being renewed for release in July 2022. To know more about what happens in Outlander season 3, start reading the article below. 

Outlander Season 3: A Brief Introduction 

After season 2 ended at a mysterious cliffhanger where Claire learned that Jamie is still alive, she vows to find him and reunite with him. In season 3, we see a pregnant claire failing to adjust in her marriage with Frank in Boston in late 1940. From the failure of adjustment to the devastating events ahead in her life, Outlander Season 3 is a blessing to the entire series. From Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, to name a few, the series is available for streaming on all the top-rated video streaming platforms.  

Episode Guide for Outlander Season 3

Outlander Season 3

Episode 1: The Battle Joined 

After Jamie kills Randon in the battle of Culloden, he finds himself safe from the execution and surviving the fight. While someone from Jamie’s past becomes his only hope of survival, a pregnant Claire is struggling to adjust to the modern times of Boston with Frank. 

Episode 2: Surrender 

Jamie is hiding safely in an isolated cave until the Redcoats threaten the Lallybroch, and they lure out the infamous Jacobite traitor infamously known as Red Jamie. While back in Boston in the late 1940s, Claire is surrounded by the ghost of Jamie’s undying love that is becoming a threat to her marriage with Frank. 

Episode 3: All Debts Paid

At Ardsmuir prison, Jamie finds that the warden at the jail is an old foe and is there to make his life a living hell with each passing day. While Frank and Claire have put their best efforts to make their marriage work in all these years, an uninvited guest turns up to shatter their dreams. 

Outlander Season 3

Episode 4: Of Lost Things 

Jamie is forced into getting involved with the noble British family and working as a groomsman at the Helwater estate. Whereas in 1968, Claire struggles to find Jamie with the help of Roger and Brianna and starts to think that she will never find Jamie. 

Episode 5: Freedom & Whisky

As Brianna grapples to adjust to the life-changing revelations she hears about her identity, Claire has to help her daughter come to the terms that she is indeed her Father’s daughter. On the other side, Roger comes to Claire with a piece of news that forces her to make an impossible choice. 

Episode 6: A. Malcolm 

After what feels like an eternity, Jamie and Claire finally get together and rekindle both their love life and the lost touch of the physical bond. However, Jamie’s involvement with the British family and his new business dealings become a threat to the hopes of the couple’s simple life. 

Outlander Season 3

Episode 7: Creme de Menthe

As Jamie starts getting close to evade the Crown’s reach, the representatives uncover Jamie’s illegal dealings landing him in trouble. In contrast, Claire decides to follow her conscience to be a surgeon despite being a threat to her and Jamie’s life. 

Episode 8: First Wife 

As Claire returns to Lallybroach with Jamie, she does not receive the reception she thought she would. Instead, the couple has to face the aftermath of Jamie’s decisions in their time apart from each other. 

Episode 9: The Doldrums 

When Claire and Jamie sail to West Indies for an urgent quest, everyone on the ship starts to blame the other person because of the bad luck after a series of unfortunate events. Amidst all this chaos, Jamie and Claire receive rescue from an unlikely source. 

Outlander Season 3

Episode 10: Heaven and Earth 

As the ship is full of sailors down with a grief disease, Claire sets to find out the source of this epidemic before any sailor dies. On the other side, Fergus is stuck between love and loyalty, whereas Jamie and captain Reines are at war with each other. 

Episode 11: Uncharted 

After surviving through the storms and a leap of faith, Claire ends up on an island where she has to do anything to survive. At the same time, Jamie decides to plan some joyous moments for his crew after navigating their way through dreadful events. 

Episode 12: The Bakra 

After the Aremis reach Jamaica that brings Claire and Jamie much closer to their mission, the Frasers go on and discover old allies and adversaries during a lavish ball that puts a threat to derail the whole task. 

Outlander Season 3

Episode 13: Eye of the Storm 

As the pirates take Jamie’s nephew, Claire plays a game of hide and seek with the old adversary to find Ian. As Frasers race through Jamaican jungles to prevent the unthinkable, Claire and Jamie sail but face a threat to their lives. 


If you loved Outlander and are now ready to stream season 3, our easy-to-follow episode guide for Outlander season 3 is here to help you. You will find the particular snippet to each episode here without any spoilers. Talking about popularity, the series is on the top of [opularity charts and is hit amongst youth and adults with an IMDb rating of 8.4 and over 89% score on Rotten Tomatoes. 

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