Pain Vs Itachi | Who Is A Better Naruto Champion?


Naruto (2002) boasts of powerful anime characters that have stunning powers, formidable strengths, and mind-bending abilities. The two complex characters of the Naruto series- Pain and Itachi, are the most contested characters that need special attention. Due to their immense talent, fans are curious to know who is better in the Pain Vs Itachi comparison! Well, here is the answer that you are looking for!

Naruto is a popular Japanese animated series released on 3 October 2002 and is adapted from Naruto manga books by Masashi Kishimoto. The awesome series boasts an 8.4 IMDB score. The anime series enjoys global recognition and has created several iconic characters. It is currently streaming on Netflix. So, let us explore the major characters like Pain and Itachi in more detail here!

Pain Vs Itachi | One Of The Brutal Wars In The Naruto Series!

Pain Vs Itachi | Who Is A Better Naruto Champion?

Pain and Itachi are two unformidable Naruto characters who have brilliant powers and command over their skills. Thus, the Pain Vs Itachi debate is not just controversial but exciting as well. Both of them belong to the upper hierarchy of powerful ninjas who have excelled in their respective combatting skills. 

Pain is a veteran who has far more powers at his dispense and exercises unquestionable skills and martial art techniques. However, that does not mean that he does not have a worthy opponent who can beat him up! Yes, Itachi is one such character who can challenge Pain and even defeat him. Well, I have reasons for this legit argument! However, before indulging in the deep cores, take a quick look at these two characters.

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Who Is Pain? Meet The Nagato’s Pain Character!

Best Naruto Champ Pain Vs Itachi | Who Is Better?

Pain is another name for the Nagato character in the Naruto series. Nagato is one of the most recognized antagonists of the show who has many awesome combat challenges at his disposal. Nagato, aka Pain, is one of the founders of the Akatsuki organization, which consists of dangerous criminals. He is also a powerful dojutsu called Rinnegan who can exercise the powers of the Sage Of The Six Paths. 

Pain was an ardent follower of Obito and followed his commands of destroying villages and ninjas mercilessly. One of his specialties was his capability of distributing his immense powers among six corpses which made him the title-bearer of the Sage Of The Six Paths of Pain. He destroyed several powerful villages, including Konoha, and killed several Shinobis with ease. His epic battle with Jiraya resulted in the latter’s death. After committing so many crimes, he finally realizes his mistakes and does penance by reviving all the dead shinobis and sacrificing himself for good. 

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Who Is Itachi Uchiha? The Unsung Hero!

Best Naruto Champ Pain Vs Itachi | Who Is Better?

Itachi was one of the most-loved characters in Naruto who remained to be viewed as a villain for a very long time. However, his true intentions and sacrifices made him an unforgetful hero. Itachi Uchiha is the elder brother of Sasuke and a brilliant shinobi of Uchiha clan. Due to some reasons, he was forced to kill his own clan members, including his own parents. This made him a potential villain in the eyes of his younger brother, Sasuke, who wanted to kill him and take revenge. 

Itachi joins the Akatsuki organization and comes under the influence of Nagato and joins him in his mission. Even after his death, Itachi manages to save his people and the village from the evil powers of Kabuto. Thus, he enjoys a reputation among the Naruto fans for his exceptional sacrifices and awesome prowess. He was a master of many Jutsus and an expert in using Mangekyou Sharingan techniques. Some of his epic battles and opponents are well-illustrated in  Itachi vs Madara, Itachi vs Jiraiya, and Obito vs Itachi articles here!

Pain Vs Itachi | Their Powers And Skills!

Best Naruto Champ Pain Vs Itachi | Who Is Better?

In terms of powers and skills, both Pain and Itachi show incredible talents. However, only the best can win the game. So, here are some of the important differences that make the duo stronger or weaker against each other. So, let’s examine the fact and decide who will win the confrontation!

Pain is more experienced than Itachi and has more knowledge of magical chakras as well as ancient magic. However, Itachi is no less than Pain in any matter because he has proved his worth during the Fourth Great Ninja War, where he killed the most formidable characters with ease. He even defeated Naruto despite his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode! So, it would be highly controversial if we say that Itachi will not win against Pain!

Pain has the power of knowledge and commands more skills over the creation of Chakras, unlike Itachi. Thus, he has the upper hand over Itachi if they mess up while doing the combat using Chakra powers because Itachi does not have enough skills for Chakra as compared to Pain. However, he can easily beat Pain in hand-to-hand combat because he is faster than him.

Pain has the ultimate power- ultimate dojustu Rinnegan skills, but he is still weak in front of Itachi because of his distributed powers among the six corpses, which makes him Sage Of The Six Paths Of Pain. Thus, a skilled shinobi like Itachi, who also has powers of Sharingan, can easily defeat Pain. Apart from these skills, Itachi also knows forbidden knowledge of Izanami and Izanagi, which makes him more powerful. 

Thus, we can safely say that if ever the duo comes against each other, Itachi has more chances to win against Pain. However, we cannot negate the winning chances of Pain because he is a Rinnegan and knows a lot of mystical powers! As of now, let’s make Itachi the winner because he deserves this title!

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Final Words

Naruto’s Pain vs Itachi debate is not a new thing because both of them are equally ravishing and powerful in their skills and combats. However, choosing anyone as the sole winner would be a tough choice! Well, I have made up my mind and chose Itachi as the true winner (I have mentioned the reasons as well!). What are your thoughts on the same? Do share your thoughts in the comment section.

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