How Personalized Email Marketing Benefits a Company? Expert Overview 2021


Personalization in terms of email marketing means targeting the customers with an email campaign by using the data and information that you have about them. These emails give any company a chance to interact with a customer one-on-one and provide them with a personalized experience. The details in the email can include anything from a customer’s subscription information to the number of times they have visited your website. 

Many websites offer to run email campaigns for a B2C company. One of these websites is eSputnik, an innovative marketing solution platform that provides a lot of features to the eCommerce platforms so that they can manage different messaging campaigns, therefore it helps a website connect with the customers through automated product recommendations.  

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Benefits & Tips of Using Personalized Email Marketing for B2C Portals 

Benefits of Personalized Email Marketing

Personalization is an essential factor in email marketing as it lets your company send relevant emails containing information that users have shared with a portal. There are several other benefits of implementing personalization in emails which include – 

  • Better ROI – Personalized email marketing is a proven technique to improve your CTR, that is, click-through rate which will impact your ROI and revenue drastically. 
  • Better Engagement – Personalized email marketing will result in better engagement as 26% more customers are likely to click the links in more relevant emails. 
  • Better Sender Reputation – With a personalized experience, there are fewer chances that your company will receive spam complaints and unsubscribe rates. This will positively impact the company’s name and reputation. 
  • Better Chances of Receiving User Data – When a customer knows that your company is paying attention to their personal needs and you are transparent with how you use their data, they will most likely share more information with you. 
  • Better Email Opening Rates – Personalized emails come to a customer with a customized subject line which gives users a clear idea about the details present in the email. Emails from Netflix that get delivered with the subject line “Lewis, here are three great reasons to come back” will have higher chances of being read by a customer. 
  • Engaging Content – If your company knows a lot about the customers, you can create a personalized email that highlights the interests and requirements of a customer. Such emails have a higher positivity rate to turn into sales. 
  • Fulfill Subscriber’s Expectations – As a customer, You have a lot of expectations from the company, which is why you are willing to share your personal details with them. In return, you will expect a personalized approach from their end, which will, in turn, benefit you a lot. 

Tips for Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns 

Personalized emails give your company a chance to communicate with the customers in a better way. So, it is essential to understand how you can create better personalized marketing campaigns that will benefit both you and your customers. 

Segmentation in Personalized Email Marketing
  • Segmentation – The technique of dividing your customers into different groups based on their interests or other factors like age, location, and gender is known as segmentation. It is an excellent way to target a specific group of customers with a similar approach and let them know that you care about their interests. 
  • Personalized Subject – Subject line makes a lot of changes to a customer’s behavior through an email app. Instead of an automated subject line, add a personal touch to the subject line and see how it will influence your email opening rate. 
  • The Art of Smart Personalization – When a customer has finally opened a mail because of a creative subject line, you don’t want them to get disappointed because of the content present in it, so you use smart personalization techniques to curate creative and engaging content for the customer. 
Personalized Email Marketing
  • Triggered Emails – We all know how customers add products to their shopping carts and then leave them abandoned for a long time. Take this opportunity to send them a friendly email based on their behavior and let them know that you are there for them. 
  • The Freedom to Set Preferences – This is by far one of the best tips that will help your company benefit. Add the preference block to your next email and let the customers decide which product or service they want to use from your company. This will let them know that you are not forcing them with your services. 
Personalized Email Marketing
  • Privacy Policy is a Must – It is important for your customers to know how you are going to use their data. Always make sure that you explain to them this part of the process. 

Final Words:

Personalized email marketing is a great concept that any company can adopt to ensure a smooth and positive user communication experience. With the art of personalization, the company will see how quickly it influences their revenue and growth along with their reputation in the business world. 

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