9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!


If you’re looking for age-appropriate movies to explore with your family. Here is the list of PG 13 movies on Amazon Prime video that are a must-watch with amazing plot lines for teens to enjoy.

Teens usually find the prospect of finding movies to watch quite challenging. Due to their lack of interest in children’s movies and non-accessibility to adult-rated movies. PG 13 movies can be considered the middle ground and have a wide variety of genres available for teens. 

PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Popular Drama, Sci-Fi, And Comedy Movies!

The younger generation wishes to expand the boundaries of what is accessible to them online. Making it quite hard for parents to monitor them. These 9 PG 13 movies on Amazon Prime are age-appropriate options that can help reassure parents concerning the content their child is consuming. 

PG 13 movies fall under the category of movies that might include non s*xual n*dity, slight profanity, and violence without the involvement of blood. We have covered various genres like Drama, Science-Fiction, and Comedy in the list given below. These 9 PG 13 movies on Amazon Prime has more than 175 million according to CherryPicks. Let’s look at these PG 13 Movies on Prime.  

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1# The Courier (2020)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!
What Movies To Watch On Netflix?
What Movies To Watch On Netflix?

The Courier (2020) is based around the time of the cold war. The plot revolves around the letter of a soviet agent, which shows concern in regards to world safety. Additionally, the possibility of a nuclear war is brought up. As a safety measure, two American agents collaborate to hire a spy.

In The Courier, Greville Wynne is an American businessman who works as a spy. A CIA Agent and an MI6 agent reach out to him upon receiving a very concerning letter. The sender of the letter being a Soviet Agent troubles the American agents. Hence, Greville is asked to do business in the Soviet Union and work as an undercover spy.

The Courier shows the time of the Cold War. Shedding light on how a businessman was used as a pawn by the agencies. Making it an interesting watch as the plot unfolds. 

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Director: Dominic Cooke

2# The Prestige (2006)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

An adaptation of the 1995 novel The Prestige by British author Christopher Priest. The Prestige (2006) is based in 19th century London. Revolving around the rivalry of two magicians and the curiosity that engulfs after one of the magicians successfully pulls off an almost impossible act.

Robert Angier and Alfred Borden are rival magicians who have been trying to best each other throughout their careers. When Alfred comes up with a trick called The Transported Man. Robert becomes obsessed to create a better version of the same act. Eventually seeking, Nikola Tesla in search of his teleporting machine leading to tragic consequences. 

The Prestige showcases how mere rivalry and pride can become something sinister, like an obsession. The movie progresses at a fast pace and is confusing at times, making for an interesting watch.

IMDb Rating: 8.5

Director: Christopher Nolan

3# The Aviator (2004)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

Based on the life of billionaire Howard Hughes, The Aviator (2004) focuses on his childlike obsession with aircraft. 

The Aviator spans over 20 years, showcasing how constant risk-taking and sheer determination can help a person fulfill his ambitions. Hughes starts his career as a businessman in filmmaking. However, over the years, the owner of R.K.O. Pictures has become obsessed with the idea of designing an aircraft. Eventually, he found an airline company (T.W.A.) against a rival businessman. Hughes is also a known germophobe, and his fight with mental issues over the years is also depicted in the movie.

The Aviator can be explained as the biopic of an ambition-driven person who eventually achieves his goal after being referred to as reckless for years.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Director: Martin Scorsese

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4# Interstellar (2014)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

Interstellar (2014) is a science fiction movie that showcases a deteriorating Earth after the downfall of Machines. The planet suffers from a lack of food and clean air. The movie depicts the bond between parents and children. Simultaneously exploring the ideas of traveling through time and space. 

Interstellar takes us on a journey through the eyes of Cooper. A man who leaves his family and goes on space exploration to somehow find a habitable planet. Wishing for his kids to find a new home where they can survive. After a series of tragic and hopeless events, the movie eventually concludes on a somewhat positive and bittersweet note. 

Interstellar can be a bit confusing regarding the idea of space and time and how the storyline progresses. Yet it is quite intriguing as a plot and is a must-watch. 

IMDb Rating: 8.7

Director: Christopher Nolan

5# Gravity (2013)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

Gravity (2013) revolves around a space shuttle destroyed in a debris storm. Leaving the surviving two people defenseless with no safe way to return to Earth. The plot shows how the duo collaborates to figure out a way to return.

After the unfortunate destruction of their space shuttle and the death of their team, Dr. Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski decide to somehow reach the nearest space station. However, the distance is still quite far. Gravity shows the duo interact despite the situation, as well as sharing personal life incidents. Creating an otherworldly experience for the viewer.

IMDb Rating: 7.7

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

6# Inception (2010)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

Considered one of the best Science Fiction movies, Inception (2010) is quite a confusing movie. Primarily based on the life of a highly wanted criminal and his chance at redemption.

Inception shows the story of Dom Cobb, a thief specializing in stealing secrets from sleeping people. However, he suffers severe losses because of these crimes. So, when presented with a chance to be free of his bad deeds, he agrees to take on the task. And the plot thickens after that, as his team works on planting an idea in someone’s mind rather than stealing one.

The protagonist’s task to accomplish Inception and the following story is very well written. The plot is confusing at times, but the story is well directed, making it one of the best science fiction movies.

IMDb Rating: 8.8

Director: Christopher Nolan

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7# Notting Hill (1999)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

Primarily a Romantic Comedy, Notting Hill (1999) focuses on a couple with different social statuses. Showing the trials that the couple goes through in a heartwarming way.

In Notting Hill, we see the story of William, a bookstore owner, and Anna, who is a renowned actress. Much to the duo’s surprise, they unexpectedly come close, falling for each other. Hence facing various issues because of the stark contrast in their lifestyles.

Notting Hill provides its viewers with a warm and fresh storyline. The movie is pleasant in its presentation and showcases beautiful direction and cinematography.   

IMDb Rating: 7.2

Director: Roger Michell

8# Forrest Gump (1994)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

One of the most appreciated comedy movies, Forrest Gump (1994), is a tale of an innocent man. Someone who remains kind-hearted despite going through some of the most troublesome times. Forrest Gump encompasses more than 30 years of a simple man who is capable of making anyone smile.

Forrest Gump does everything a person can do while staying true to himself. The man joins the army, makes a lot of friends, inspires people to do various things, donates to the needy, writes songs, and even gets to meet the president more than once. Having had such an interesting life, the man does not think much of it, shedding light on him as a pure soul. 

The simplicity of Forrest Gump‘s character and the constant purity that his character embodies is beautiful. Which makes the film a very light-hearted watch as the viewer goes on a journey with the protagonist.

IMDb Rating: 8.8

Director: Robert Zemeckis

9# The Terminal (2004)

9 Popular PG 13 Movies On Amazon Prime Video | Best Movies To Stream Right Now!!!

The Terminal (2004), an unconventional comedy movie, presents the viewers with a struggling immigrant stuck at the airport. It can be seen as a dig at the harm that innocent civilians suffer at times of war.

The Terminal features Tom Hank, whose character somehow ends up staying at an airport because of the invalid status of his documents. His character, Victor, gradually constructs friendships with the staff. He not only makes the terminal his home but also ends up courting a beautiful woman.

The Terminal is a light-hearted comedy, with a satirical and humorous take at what was a grievous situation. The movie is perfect to be viewed with family and features some amazing side characters and sub-plots. 

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Director: Steven Spielberg

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Final Words

These were 9 PG 13 Movies on Amazon Prime Video that are quite popular among the masses. Majorly focussing on the Genres of Sci-Fi, Drama, and Comedy, these movies are well-known for their awesome plots and storylines.  

Featuring some of the best Directors and Actors, these PG 13 movies available on Amazon are comprised of amazing storylines to be explored.

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