10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content!  


It is a challenging task to find good movies that can be viewed by teens. Usually, teens are not interested in movies made for children. That is why we have curated a list of 10 worthwhile PG 13 movies on HBO Max.

Consisting of highly rated movies that teens will love to see. The storylines range from anime to crime biography and even mystery and drama. So, have fun with your weekend family plans with these PG 13 movies available on HBO MAX.

PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Make The Most Of Your Family Time!

There is a multitude of online platforms that provide a variety of age-appropriate shows nowadays so that parents can feel assured about the content their child is streaming.  

So stop worrying about the lack of age-appropriate content to explore. And enjoy these ten worthwhile PG 13 movies on HBO Max. The platform is home to some of the best teen movies available online. 

1# The Wind Rises (2013) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

A glimpse at the life of Jiro Horikoshi, The Wind Rises (2013) is a biography-style animation. The protagonist Jiro is highly inspired by the work of an Italian aircraft designer. Planning to design aircrafts as good as his.

Since he is unable to fly planes because of his nearsightedness. He chooses to be an Aeronautical designer. The Wind Rises covers his journey as an aircraft designer. Showing a glimpse of the tumultuous Japanese history and the country’s rivalry with Germany. The Wind Rises focuses on both the personal and political aspects of Jiro’s life. The movie also covers Jiro’s fight alongside his love, who is suffering from tuberculosis.

The Wind Rises create a sense of achievement as Jiro grows as a person. Simultaneously, the plot leaves a bittersweet taste as the story wraps itself up and is definitely worth watching.

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

2# Doubt (2008) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

Doubt (2008) is a mystery drama that unfolds in a Catholic church during the 1960s. The storyline showcases how an individual unwilling to change themselves react when anything shifts around them 

Revolving around the differences between Father Flynn and Sister Aloysius. Father Flynn introduces reformative ideas that do not line up with Sister Aloysius and her strict guidelines. Resulting in a tussle between the two because of contrasting perspectives. She feels disgusted at the admission of the first Black student in the church and abhors the idea.

Doubt explores the journey that both the characters go through while sticking to their ideologies. Covering the ways Aloysius tries to get the kid expelled. The movie is a beautiful representation of contrasting thoughts. Focussing on how humans end up blurring the lines between black and white, the movie is truly a mysterious journey.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Director: John Patrick Shanley

3# Just Mercy (2019) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

Inspired by real-life events, Just Mercy (2019) follows the story of a Civil Rights Activist. A young lawyer trying to help a wrongly convicted felon in getting acquitted. 

Just Mercy shows Brian Stevenson trying to help a death row inmate Walter Bryan. The plot shows his struggle with political and legal issues. As he tries to find ways to defend Walter as well as other people like him. Brian’s journey in Just Mercy encompasses his fight for wrongly convicted people.

Just Mercy also sheds light on the extreme racism rampant around the late 1980s. The movie is a biographical drama that takes the viewer on a historical journey and is a beautiful watch.

IMDb Rating: 7.6

Director: Destin Daniel Cretton

4# Enough Said (2013) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

Exploring the relationships of divorced and older people, Enough Said (2013) is a romantic comedy. Showing different facets of parenting, how divorced couples try to move on with relationships, and the problems that they face.

Enough Said is the story of a divorced woman working as a masseuse. She feels empty at the prospect of her daughter moving away for college. And ends up meeting a man suffering the same emptiness. They both gradually bond over their mutual feelings of emptiness. However, the introduction of a friendly client in the story ends up confusing the woman. Bringing forth bouts of doubt and insecurity in her with regards to the budding relationship.

Enough Said tells the relationship problems that the older generation faces. And the questions they ponder upon while pursuing a new relationship after already failing once. The movie also covers the struggles of a parent and the emotional conflict they feel when their children move away. Enough Said is a fun romantic comedy with a hint of emotion and is a lighthearted watch.

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Director: Nicole Holofcener

5# Rabbit Hole (2010) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

An emotional drama, Rabbit Hole (2010) showcases the loss of a child. And the crippling impact it leaves on the people left behind. 

Rabbit Hole revolves around a couple who lose their child to a traffic accident. Not being able to cope with the emotional trauma. The mother, Becca, ends up seeking out Jason – the person responsible for the accident. Gradually, forgetting her son’s loss through her weird affection for Jason. Her husband, on the other hand, seeks different connections in a futile drive to somehow forget the death of his son. The couple gradually drifts apart, unable to provide each other any help.

Rabbit Hole explores the toxic methods people use to cope with pain and loss. The movie focuses on the couple as they end up taking some dangerous decisions, it for sure is an intense watch and is worth the time.

IMDb Rating: 7.0

Director: John Cameron Mitchell

6# Lars And The Real Girl (2007) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

Lars And The Real Girl (2007) is an unconventional story with a shy and kind-hearted protagonist. In his quest to find a meaningful relationship, he ends up buying a s*x doll online. And is convinced that he is in a relationship with her

The movie Lars And The Real Girl, introduces an awkward man Lars, played by Ryan Gosling, who finds the perfect girl for himself. The movie explores the torment and confusion that his family feels upon discovering his infatuation with the doll. And how the people of his town pretend that the doll is very much real to not hurt his feelings. 

Lars And The Real Girl is a beautiful movie representing human kindness and innocent love in the form of an unconventional plot. The movie is sweet and heartwarming and will leave the viewers in awe with the purity of Lars’s character.

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Director: Craig Gillespie

7# Princess Mononoke (1997) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

An action-packed animation Princess Mononoke (1997) follows the story of Ashitaka, a young warrior. Telling the story of the war between humans and forces of nature. The movie brings forth various internal conflicts that the protagonist faces about a war. Eventually, deciding to somehow stop the war upon seeing the destruction it has caused.

Princess Mononoke takes the viewers into a fantastical land as the protagonist leaves home to find a cure for his illness. On his journey, he gets to know of the war taking place between various human clans and the Gods of the forest. During one of the fights, he happens upon Princess Mononoke, a human raised by the wolf god. Intrigued by the involvement of a human with the forest gods, he learns of the suffering on both sides. And he concludes that stopping the war is the best alternative. 

Princess Mononoke is an adventurous journey that helps the viewer in understanding the conflicts going through the protagonist’s mind. Additionally, making them aware of the loss that war brings upon innocent people.

IMDb Rating: 8.4

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

8# The Way Way Back (2013) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

A conventional coming-of-age story, The Way Way Back (2013) is a story of self-growth. Showing how youngsters find maturity and self-growth in unexpected environments.

The Way Way Back takes us on a journey with Duncan, a quiet and socially awkward teen. Traveling with his mother and her boyfriend to a beach house. He is pressurised by the family to work on his physical appearance and to change his awkward personality. Unable to do so, Duncan feels left out and wanders alone. He happens to meet the manager of a local water park, and they bond.

Duncan, while working at the water park, finds confidence and the strength to stand up to his family. The Way Way Back showcases the issues faced by teenagers in a relatable manner. Majorly appealing to the younger audiences, the movie is a perfect watch for them.

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Director: Nat Faxon | Jim Rash

9# Ida (2013) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

Ida (2013) is an unusual plot telling the tale of an orphan. Ida is a novice nun, brought up in a church after the death of her parents. The movie takes the viewers on a historical journey with her as she yearns to know the truth about her family.

The movie follows Ida as she visits her only living relative before taking her vows as a nun. During her visit, she gets to know of a family secret. Deciding to further know about her family roots and the reason for their demise. Ida travels with her aunt, as both the women gradually uncover the unfortunate fate that befell the family. 

Ida takes the viewers on a tragic journey with a harsh and unrelenting plot. The characters, despite their contrasting personalities, work well together. The movie will make the viewers feel sympathetic towards the women and is for sure a tearjerker.

IMDb Rating: 7.4

Director: Pawel Pawlikowaski

10# 42 (2013) 

10 Worthwhile PG 13 Movies On HBO MAX | Stream To Your Hearts Content 

42 (2013) is a biographical drama that tells the tale of a historical personality. The movie is a story of the first Black Major League Baseball player in American history. The title 42 is a beautiful tribute to the player’s jersey number.

42 tells the story of the racism that Jackie Robinson faced and how he gradually overcome it. Jackie was a bold and strong player who decided to fight unrelentingly against racism. Based on the real-life experiences of Jackie Robinson, the movie shows his journey. Shedding light on how he wrote history with the help of expected and unexpected allies. 

It is also notable that jersey number 42 in Major League basketball has been permanently assigned to Jackie as a tribute to him.

42 celebrates growth and the fight against racism. The movie is inspiring as it brings forth feelings of admiration for the player and sheds light on his role in Baseball History.

IMDb Rating: 7.5

Director: Brian Helgeland

Final Words

This was our collection of 10 PG-13 Movies on HBO Max that you can enjoy with your family. With each plot exploring different issues and characters, the viewers are guaranteed hours of entertainment. 

Covering contrasting genres like Romance and Mystery, we have constructed for you some worthwhile movies that’ll keep teens interested. They’ll enjoy the stories without being bored with similar storylines.


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