The Pick Me Girl Trend On TikTok| Why Is It Trending?


While scrolling your TikTok feed, you may have come across the Pick Me Girl trend countless times. While scrolling, you may not have paid much attention to this viral trend. You would have thought of it as a short clip made solely for entertainment purposes, but is that true? Are these Pick Me Girl TikTok videos really funny or harmful at the end of the day? 

If you are clueless about the world of TikTok and don’t know much about the viral TikTok songs and challenges, let us explain to you what the Pick Me Girl TikTok trend means. The Pick Me Girl trend is not about a regular girl. It is about a cool girl who is so different from the other girls and goes out of her way to impress boys. 

Many TikTok creators have taken the idea of the Pick Me Girl trend and have used it to make content on the growing social media platform. However, many of these creators fail to realize that this trend is leaving a much more harmful impact than that of a  hearty laugh. You may be wondering why? It is because the joke targets a particular female and calls her out for having different life choices. 

Read on to find the complete details behind the Pick Me Girl trend and decide for yourself if it’s the right trend to do. 

Reasons Why Pick Me Girl Trend Is Trending On TikTok? 

The Pick Me Girl Trend

1#Probably Based On Insecurities Of Women, Is It?

Creators on Tiktok initially started the trend by calling out pick me girls based on the idea of Girls who make fun of their friend’s insecurities around guys.

2# Later It Became A point Of Discussion

Gradually, the trend picked its pace and moved to other subjects like pick me girls who are into sports and overprotective of their best friends. Not only Tiktok, but you will also find these trends gaining massive attention on other platforms, including Instagram. 

3# One Of The Popular Trends

As per the current Tiktok algorithm, the most popular trend on the platform is Pick Me Girl, where creators post their videos under the song Heavy Metal by Lil Uzi Vert.

4# Original Sound Of Pick Me Girl

The lyrics of the song go like, “I got these girls and they fightin’ all up and like And they screamin’ out like, “Pick me,” like, “Pick me.” Along with the captions, creators also use trending hashtags like #pickmegirl #pickme. 

5# Our Society & Its Decided Parameters

The internet loves to hate girls who like to drink beer, go out with guy friends, are tomboys, and have hobbies that include sports activities like playing volleyball or soccer. They are known as the Pick Me kind of girls, and creators on the web are busy calling them out nowadays. 

Misogynistic & Toxic Influencers Use Pick Me Girl Trend To Target Women Online

A Pick Me Girl criticizes other girls for how they live and for doing silly things to seek a guy’s attention. If she wants to, she would go on and criticize her friends for everything they do. Now, this trend has led to a toxic online shaming where girls are calling out girls for basically everything like “girls with short names,” “girls who love sports,” “girls who are forever single,” etc. 

The trend was already toxic before it became a viral hit, and after appearing on every other person’s TikTok and Instagram feed, it has become much more toxic than earlier. Now, women are calling out women on the platform for everything and labeling it as a way to grab a guy’s attention.

The Pick Me Girl Trend

Is that true? Does a girl live her life to only get a boy’s attention? Is this what the internet has come to now? 

Talented content creators are using such misogynistic and toxic trends to increase their engagement and followers on different platforms. To be honest, it isn’t very pleasing to see such a young generation tearing other girls online solely for entertainment purposes. We in no way are supporting “pick me, girls,” as in the end, they are also targeting women who are doing nothing but only living their life the way they want. 

Final Words

It makes us sad to see our society and such young creators taking pride in disrespecting women online. It is high time to end such hypocritical trends that lead to online bullying of women and make them question the way they wish to live. The best way to eradicate such indecent behavior is to stop seeking male validation and criticizing others the way they want to spend their lives. 

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