Picking The Best Shampoo According To Your Hair Type


Shampoo is one of the most continually used products on your hair. It might make or break your hair if you don’t choose the right one according to your hair type. More precisely, a wrong preference for shampoo could leave your hair looking lifeless and unmanageable. 

The market has several types of shampoo available based on hair needs; hence, choosing the right one could be a perplexing endeavor. But you must not worry! 

Initially, if you don’t know which shampoo to pick, you must consider one that suits your scalp and hair type. Moreover, the shampoo you choose must solve some hair problems you’re facing, such as dull & lifeless hair, dandruff, and hair fall. Are you wondering how to choose the best one according to your hair type? Here’s how you can:

Shampoo Options For Dry And Itchy Scalp

Picking The Best Shampoo According To Your Hair Type
Shaving Lather With Different Brush...
Shaving Lather With Different Brushes

Are you facing unmanageable itching and dry scalp issues? It could be the issue of flakes, dandruff, and hair fall. Therefore, you need to:

  • Search for shampoos with top-notch ingredients, for example, shea butter, aloe vera, soy milk, egg protein, and glycerin. These ingredients will provide adequate moisturization to your dry and itchy scalp. However, you must go to Davines for the best quality shampoo.   
  • Look for a product with sufficient moisturizing properties, such as those products labeled as hydrating and smoothening. They will aid in incorporating vital moisture into your dry scalp.

Shampoos Based On Hair Type

Picking The Best Shampoo According To Your Hair Type

Straight Hair: Straight hair shampoos are usually abundant in additional smoothing agents and moisturizers. These shampoos help lock the cuticle and give a fresh start for smooth and straight styles.

Fine Hair: You need to opt for the volumizing shampoos, which can hydrate your strands.

Wavy Hair: Balancing shampoos would be the excellent pick for such types of hair as they are neither extra hydrating nor dry your hair. 

Colored or Damaged Hair: Root strengthening shampoos will be the best choice for over-processed, damaged, and highlighted hair. These usually have additional protein, which is meant to boost hair quality.

Shampoo For Oily Scalp

Picking The Best Shampoo According To Your Hair Type

Does your scalp feel too greasy or oily despite cleansing it daily with different shampoos? If so, you should stop changing your shampoos and purchase the right one according to your scalp! Therefore, you must:

  • Choose shampoos labeled strengthening, volumizing, or balancing to reduce excess oil.
  • Opt for non-moisturizing formulations to eliminate excess oil. So, you may try a clarifying shampoo for extra cleansing. 
  • Limit conditioner use, or you may use it only from midshaft to the hair length. 

Cleansing your hair with the best shampoo is your hair care routine’s vital part. Shampoos affect both the scalp and hair strands. Hence, before buying one, you need to consider the aforementioned things that suit your hair type. Furthermore, a wide array of shampoos and conditioners are available in the market as per your hair concerns. 

To conclude, it would be better to consult a hair expert before grabbing a shampoo bottle.  

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