Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour | Clear Your Schedule For November 2021!


Gamers who have invested their precious time in playing Pokemon games over the years know how crazy it would get during the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. Come on, do you think you can name a single soul who won’t be interested in enjoying the joy and fun this crazy event will bring? 

Making its debut five years ago, Pokemon Go quickly became one of the best online games from the franchise as an outcome of a collaboration with Niantic and Nintendo. The free-to-play AR entertainment game lets the players catch Pokemon in their real-life environment using GPS. There were only 150 Pokemon species to catch during the release, but with time, they have now increased to 700. 

As all Pokemon Go lovers might know, the spotlight hour is one of the most significant gaming events ever introduced. The Pokemon Go spotlight hour means a week full of unlimited access to Pokemon and other things in the game. The spotlight hour starts Tuesday and focuses on an increased spawn rate of Pokemon wandering in the wild and other bonus refreshments like the XP, Stardust, and Candy. The franchise comes up with a proper schedule that helps players keep an eye on all the rewards to make things easier. 

If you wish to know more about the upcoming Pokemon Go spotlight hour schedule, keep reading below. A lot is waiting for you! 

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour For Happening In November | Keep Your Schedule Free!

#1 Upcoming Schedule For Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour! 

The one hour of the spotlight event means a lot to the players as they all try to get their hands on the Pokemon thrown under the limelight. With unlimited access, players can fill their Pokedex with as many different species of the highlighted Pokemon. Capturing the rare Pokemon isn’t the only highlight of the event because you get to cash in prize in terms of Candy. You can use the Candy for evolution and power up the Pokemon if you are feeling basic. 

#1 Upcoming Schedule For Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour! 

This year’s spotlight hour will bring a lot of extra fun because of the Shinx Community Day happening on November 21. The Shinx Community Day is a treat for all the Pokemon trainers and lovers because they will learn more about different catching tricks, evolution tactics, and how to battle within the ever-growing Pokemon community. 

DateFeatured Pokemon In SpotlightBonus Rewards
November 23ChimcharDouble Catch XP (Shiny Possibility) 
November 30PiplupDouble Catch Candy (Shiny Possibility) 

#2 Preparing For The Spotlight Hour | Everything To Help You Go Through The Event!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour

Since the fun event only lasts for an hour, there are many things you need to prepare to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. It is one thing to miss an opportunity during any other event, but it is a significant loss if you miss any during the spotlight hour. The regret will stay with you longer than you may suspect. If this is your first-ever Pokemon Go spotlight hour event, here are a few tips that you must keep in your mind. 

  • Keep your Poke balls count high to ensure that you catch most of the spotlight hour Pokemon. 
  • Keep extra berries to make sure that you can get double Candy for them and make the catching a little easier. 
  • Make a little room for all the limelight Pokemon you will catch by cleaning the Pokemon storage box. 
  • For the event, ensure that you have brought at least two Incense and saved the Pokecoins. 

Assuming that you are a pro player who knows everything from the secret of the legendary Pokemon God to the spotlight hour, don’t you dare mess up this opportunity. The increased spawn rates of Pokemon and shiny variation should keep your spirits boosted throughout the event, so you don’t miss any reward. As for the December spotlight hour, there isn’t a schedule out yet but be assured that you will find out about it from us first. 

Final Words 

Spotlight Hours take place each Tuesday every month, so make sure that you check out the space later for the December Pokemon Go spotlight hour. This may sound like a regular event to the new players, but pro players know how good it feels to eat a chocolate brownie without paying for it. 


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