6 Popular Mysteries On NETFLIX | Hustle To Solve Them


You are in search of the best Mysteries on NETFLIX and don’t know which one to watch. We have an answer to this mystery; we are here with a list of top mysteries which you can enjoy on weekends on NETFLIX and Chill.

The narrative of mysteries is hard to write and keeps the drive interesting for the entire run time; that is why we have many drama series and fewer mysteries. It can create or break the director’s carrier. Mysteries on NETFLIX will make you enjoy every scene, and hence you can say you were relaxed while watching them.

Some of the best mysteries on NETFLIX, which can turn your mood from on to off, are as follow

  • Security
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Enola Holmes
  • Shutter Island
  • Murder Mystery
  • Zodiac
  • Abduction
  • Monster House

Let us know more about these Mysteries on NETFLIX so that we have something to serve our brain this weekend rather than playing best drinking games with friends or attending those indoor summer activities.

6 Best Mysteries on NETFLIX| Creating a Stir of Questions

Following are the top best mysteries on NETFLIX, which will make you go crazy while watching them, so what are you waiting for? Just get started-

1# Security

Security- 6 Best Mysteries on NETFLIX| Creating a Stir of Questions

Security is directed by Alain DesRochers, a crime mystery and revolves around a man, namely Eddie, the protagonist, and a girl around whom the narrative takes a shift. Security is not that interesting as the story seems to be.

Why is this film named Security? The story revolves around a girl, namely Jamie, who is involved in a crime and transported from one destination to the other. The protagonist, Eddie, ends up finding the security guard’s job as an option after retiring from his old one.

Rating of the film


Release Date

4 March 2017

Duration of the film

92 minutes

2# The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code- Mysteries on Netflix

Based on the best-selling book under the name “The Da Vinci Code.” This film revolves around the genre thriller and mystery clubbed together. If you ever want to see a completely over-the-top thrilling film, The Da Vinci Code is an option for you. It is directed by Ron Howard and stars the famous Tom Hanks.

The story is a bit complicated when the Saunière is murdered, and the narrative of the film unfolds slowly but interestingly. The Da Vinci Code was also nominated for a lot of film award categories but won none. It stood as the highest-grossing film in the first week of the release and proved to be one of the best.

Rating of the film


Release Date

19 May 2006

Duration of the film

149 minutes

3# Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes

It is thrilled, adventurous, and mystic in a way as it is adapted, or we can say an extension of already famous Sherlock Holmes. Enola plays Sherlock’s sister, and the entire narrative of the film revolves around this girl, who is bust doing everything possible around her.

She is characterized as an intelligent, brave, and skilled woman and later proves to be the one as the film crosses. Enola Holmes is a worth watching film, which will make you go through a ride filled with a massive arch of interest and excitement.

Rating of the film


Release Date

23 September 2020

Duration of the film

123 minutes

4# Shutter Island

Shutter Island

The most talked-about film created a stir at the time of its release and is still popular amongst the peers or people who love watching their movies for film learning. Shutter Island is written with so much suspense that the viewers increased their trust in Martin Scorsese’s director.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the protagonist who reached Shutter Island along with his partner Chuck Aule played by Mark Ruffalo. Both arrive in long detective get up to investigate the missing girl Rachel Solando played by Emily and Patricia. Now which Rachel is real for that, hook yourself to the film.

Rating of the film


Release Date

13 February 2010

Duration of the film

139 minutes

5# Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Directed by Kyle Newacheck, Murder Mystery is the best comic mystery you can witness; It stars my favorite, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. This film is a piece in itself. It has a lot to serve on its viewers’ plate as the film’s narrative is mingled with a long gap with a slight turn.

You will love this film it will engage you in it, slowly and smoothly. It is about a couple deciding to go out on their anniversary but is invited by someone else, and here is when the story takes its first turn. We will not solve it; you have to watch it yourself to taste every bit of it.

Rating of the film


Release Date

14 June 2019

Duration of the film

97 minutes

6# Zodiac


Directed by the most famous director of our times, David Fincher presents another phenomenal Thriller based on historical events. This film is a masterpiece in itself and asks for an engaging audience because if you lose the plot in between, I feel you need to watch it from the start.

Zodiac is a film based in the late 60s in which a mystery remains unsolved for the US for so many years, and the way the director presented it creates a whole new drama for everyone. So, if you haven’t watched this piece of mystery, I think you should watch it now.

Rating of the film


Release Date

20 July 2007

Duration of the film

157 minutes

Final Words

These were some of the popular Mystery films on Netflix, making you feel engaged in them for the entire time. These mysterious films are said to be the best of their times and are currently winning many hearts on Netflix, so my dear buddy chooses these for Netflix and Chill.

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