5 Best Must Have Shoes For Men | Necessary Inclusion In Every Man’s Wardrobe


All men are the same! (No offense – It is used for a fun intent) They want to look stylish, but they don’t know which pair of shoes could be the best inclusion in their wardrobe. Therefore, today we have prepared a list of some of the best shoes for men, supposedly must-have pairs.

Shoes, as it is said, are what completes the look. If it does not match with what you are wearing, I am sorry you are wasting your particular outfit. It should always be like you are matching everything you will wear and then proceeding for the day.

All the events are different! Therefore the choice for shoes for different events should vary too. You cannot wear sneakers for a corporate meeting. It’s a big No! Hence, we thought that along with the best shoes for men we will help you with some extra information on when to wear the same and its popular brands. These shoes are – 

  • Sneakers
  • Chelsea Boots
  • Monk Strap Shoes
  • Leather Boots
  • Oxfords & Brogues

Let’s read the entire article to understand which shoes are the best for us and why we are still not getting one.

5 Stylish & Go To- Must Have Shoes For Men | Be Ready For every Occasion

I know you must be thinking about some of the best shoes you should include in your wardrobe, but before that, paying attention to what kind of socks you should wear with the following pairs of shoes is one of the essential learning.

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You should have loafer socks, long socks, and ankle-length socks. Always wear long socks during a formal event with Oxford & Brogues, and for a casual look, you can go for ankle-length socks with your favorite sneakers. Loafer socks are meant for loafer shoes or espadrilles. I feel you are clear with when to wear what. Now, Let’s Read about shoes now-

1# Sneakers | Every College Guy’s Fantasy

Sneakers | Every College Guy’s Fantasy

If you are “young- dumb & broke,” then I guess you are either in college or have started your teens. Coming to the topic, guys, if you’re the one who travels from one place to another and still wants to feel comfortable without any worry about how you will clean your shoes, I recommend you go for sneakers.

When To Wear Sneakers?

Sneakers are made for every college guy, who is visiting college, going for night outs, taking his girlfriend on a date, or meeting his friends for a beer; Sneakers are made for every job except a few.

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Brands For Amazing Sneakers

I would recommend you to buy your comfy sneakers, in budget from VANS or Converse. If you are a sneakerhead like me, then you won’t mind spending a little. Hence, you can hop on to some brands like Air Jordan, NIKE, Axel Arigato, or Balenciaga.

Pricing Of Sneakers

It will nearly cost you around a minimum of $50 to whatever you feel like spending, depending on the brand you buy your sneakers from. Some brands offer a customization service as well.

2# Chelsea Boots | You Can Create That French Look 

Chelsea Boots

I know this is your favorite shoe but are confused whether it will look nice on you or not. No worries, I would recommend you to go and purchase them. Chelsea Boots are what goes with everything you wear. (not really!!!!!) It is a must for every guy in his wardrobe. If you think those tall French-looking guys will look handsome, then you are wrong. People like you & me who are small in height and a little chubby (I am not that chubby, Please!) will also look cool with Chelsea Boots.

When To Wear Chelsea Boots?

You can pick Chelsea boots for a prom night, for a beer night with your guy friends. Your dates would be the best choice for Chelsea boots. It will make you look handsome and chic at the same time. Some designers even team up Chelsea Boots with suits, you can try that too.

Brands For Stylish Chelsea Boots

Some popular brands to buy Chelsea Boots from are Aldo, ASOS Designs, Thursday Boots, etc.

Pricing Of Chelsea Boots

Depending on your usage, it may cost a minimum of about $60 from a good store and will be useable for a year at least or more.

3# Monk Strap Shoes | Walk With Swag In Meetings

Monk Strap Shoes

Get a stylish and formal look with it. You can complete your clothing ensemble with the help of Monk Strap Shoe. It is a must-have entity for all the men out there. It is suitable only for guys with narrow and tapering feet. Guys with heavy feet will destroy the shape of the shoe.

When To Wear Monk Strap Shoes?

You can wear Monk Strap Shoes at a wedding reception. You can choose it if you are a groom yourself or one of the groom’s guys. You can choose it for various formal events, and with it, you will rock the show.

Brands For Subtly Good Monk Strap Shoes

You can purchase Monk Straps from the best brands are Cole Hann, Mr. Porter, Suit Supply, Allen Edmonds, etc.

Pricing Of Monk Strap Shoes

It will cost you around $70 and can increase as per your choice of brand and budget.

4# Leather Boots | A Rider would Love To Own One

Leather Boots

Leather Boots are every man’s love. If you are a hardcore biker and love biking, then I feel Leather Boots are what you should search for. I know it will make you look funky, and girls will go crazy with your look. (Do not forget to wear a helmet while riding a bike!- we care for you). If you think about which color to buy then, I recommend you go for a brown color, one of the evergreen colors in shoewear.

When To Wear Leather Boots?

You can tie your lace of the brown leather boots when you are up for a long ride on your bike. You can also choose it for a casual meet & greet with your old friends. If you want to maintain that biker look all the time, go for it as daily wear. The length of the boots determines the event you choose to wear. Shorter lengths can be used for offices, and longer ones will give you have the funk.

Brands For Funky Leather Boots

Popular brands for buying funky leather boots are Red Wing, Simonon, Beckett, Allen Edmonds, Wolverine, etc.

Pricing Of Leather Boots 

If you are searching for some fantastic & quality worth leather boots, I would recommend you spend a minimum of $80-90 on a pair.

5# Oxfords & Brogues | A Formal Man’s Desire

Oxfords & Brogues | A Formal Man’s Desire

Oxfords & Brogues are two different pairs of shoes but can be used for the same purpose. Oxfords & Brogues are meant for a formal event. I feel the only difference between the two is that Brogues are more versatile and can be used for a casual affair, while Oxford is the epitome of formal wear.

When To Wear Oxfords & Brogues?

Oxfords & Brogues are suitable for all the formal events but, if you are a fashion geek, you can choose to wear brogues with some very loose dress pants or jeans with a funky shirt. You can recreate a retro look with the help of brogues.

Brands For Formal Oxfords & Brogues 

Popular brands for Derbies (Oxford) & Brogues are Farfetch, Amberjack, Mr. Porter, Ecco, etc.

Pricing Of Oxfords & Brogues 

You can purchase these shoes with prices ranging from $70 and onwards.

Final Words 

These were some of the go-to shoes in every men’s wardrobe. If you don’t have some of them, you can go ahead and buy them online to complete your entire look. I suppose you already have purchased a few others like Loafers, Suede Boots, Boat Shoes, Espadrilles, and Chukka Boots; get these if you don’t possess one.

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