8 Killer Powerpuff Girls Characters | Chemical X Saved Townsville!


Everyone has their favorite cartoon character; for me, all Powerpuff girls’ characters were on the top. If I ever get a chance to meet the creators I would thank them for making my childhood special and informing me about Mojo Jojo before I met the ones in reality. Not just Mojo Jojo but all its characters helped me a lot to grow into a fierce individual. 

Powerpuff Girls is based on three kindergarten-going girls, who possess certain powers which help them to save the city from monsters. The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera for Cartoon Network. It was animated by Craig McCracken. The best thing about this animated television show was written by some veterans of CN like Charlie Bean, Lauren Faust, Amy Keating Rogers, Paul Rudish, Charlie Bean, and Don Shank. The show was nominated for nine Annie Awards, six Emmy Awards, and the best kids choice award during its stream.

The main characters of the show were girls; Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. These girls lived in the fictional city of Townsville with their father and creator, who was a scientist named Professor Ultonium. The naive mayor of the town constantly called up the Powerpuff Girls to help the city fight various criminals and enemies. The show was officially debuted by the cartoon network on 18 November 1998 with a total of 78 episodes. The dangerous characters of the show kept on changing in each episode but the one who remained popular was Mojo Jojo. 

Without wasting more time let me take you to all those nostalgic Powerpuff Girls’ characters, heroes, and villains, who made our childhood a memorable one.

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Popular Powerpuff Girls Characters | Fighters & Monsters- Too Much Fun!

These mighty girls were the accident creation of Professor Utonium in an attempt to create a “little perfect girl.” He accidentally spilled the ChemicalX( can of Whoopass) in the mixture of sugar, spice, and everything excellent. As a result, three mighty girls with superhuman senses, speed, strength, X-ray vision, red heat vision, thermal resistance were created instead of one powerful little girl. Who was popular from the three is hard to decide, but yes, three of them are what makes the show.  

1# Blossom |She’s The Commander & The Leader 

Blossom | Popular Powerpuff Girls Characters

Voiced By Cathay Cavadini

Blossom is the protagonist, self-proclaimed of the animated series The Powerpuff Girls. The ingredient that defines her personality is everything excellent. She has pink eyes, long, orange-red waist-length hair, and her signature color was pink. She was always seen with a red bow on her head with a heart-shaped hairpin. Blossom is her trio group’s smartest and sharpest leader with a sense of maturity, level-headed, calm, and composed from the other two. At times, she tends to be fussy and over-analytical during many situations.

Blossom is considered a peacemaker between all three, but ironically, she is the one to argue first. Poor blossom! Her special abilities include Ice Breath, microscopic vision, advanced intelligence, pink lightning bolts, danger sense, apt planning skill, and fire breath. In one of the episodes, her Ice breath saves Townsville from a blazing meteor, after which she is unable to use Ice breath. Sad! Also, her hair bow isn’t some ordinary bow; it is a highly explosive time bomb that she uses in Forced Kin.

Likes And Dislikes Of Blossom

Likes Of BlossomDislikes Of Blossom
Bubble BathsVillians
KissingSleep disturbance
Her hairAnimal abuse
Keeping Townsville SafeSpiders

2# Bubbles |She’s The Joy & The Laughter

Bubbles | Popular Powerpuff Girls Characters

Voiced By Tara Strong

Bubbles is considered as the deuteragonist, soft and sweetest of the three Powerpuff Girls. Sugar is the ingredient that defines her personality, as she is of a very sweet and joyous personality. Bubbles has blue-colored eyes, blonde hair with two pigtails. Her signature color is blue. She dresses up in a blue and black stripe-centered dress. Bubbles is way too emotional, naive, and delicate also, she is always seen as the weak link of the trio pack because of her sensitive nature and vulnerability to tears.

She is the most caring of the three and is not afraid to exhibit her emotional side. Her unique abilities include laser beams, X-ray vision, understanding and speaking animal tongue, superhuman strength, duration, electric forces, multiple languages. Bubbles is able to create a shockwave of thunder with a single clap. Amazing! In one of the episodes of “Stray Bullet,” Bubbles was seen speaking to a squirrel, which implies her sugary nature. 

Likes And Dislikes Of Bubbles

Likes of Bubbles Dislikes of Bubbles 
Octi ( her favorite toy)Crime
Playing with her friendsArguments
ColoringScary movies
Professor UtoniumAnimal Abuse
The Powerpuff HotlineSnakes

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3# Buttercup | She’s The Toughest Fighter

Buttercup | She's The Toughest Fighter

Voiced By E.G. Daily

Buttercup is considered as the tritagonist, strong-headed tomboy, bravest of the three Powerpuff Girls. The ingredient that defines her personality is spice, as she is very rough and challenging and has a strong personality. Her signature color is green. She is short-haired, has lime green eyes, and dresses up in a green dress. Buttercup is a tough fighter, practical and sharp-minded, but sometimes she becomes stubborn and enraged very easily. Buttercup’s special abilities include Ball blast, green laser beams, green energy Orb, black hurricane.

In the episode of “Speed Demons,” her most special ability is that she flies the fastest of the other two and can curl up her tongue, spin into a tornado. Sounds strange! She inspires many girls through the movie Buttercup to fight for any crime taking place in their surroundings.

Likes And Dislikes Of Buttercup

Likes of Buttercup Dislikes of Buttercup 
Water gunsBaths
Goofing offAnimal abuse
Night partiesHer sisters being harmed

Other Dominant Heroes And Villains Of Powerpuff Girls Series

We know the girls play the major role, but the show is incomplete without the villains and other heroes. Let’s check out other characters as well.

1# Professor Utonium

Professor Utonium

Voiced By Tom Kane

Professor Utonium is the father of Powerpuff girls and creator as well. He was a professor at Townsville Research Center. Utonium is very caring and gentle towards his three daughters. He is a great scientist with tremendous invention merit. All his interactions with his daughters are very natural and are related to everyday homely events, like telling them to eat green leafy veggies and all.

Professor Utonium is very proud of his three daughters. He is seen as parenting the girls about trust and values, making them understand life lessons like not getting involved in peer pressure, following the rules, and choosing friends wisely. What a great man! 

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2# M.S Sara Bellum

M.S Sara Bellum

Voiced By Jennifer Martin

Sara Bellum is the trustworthy secretary of Townsville’s Mayor. The mayor himself quotes her as the “brain behind the man.” Her appearance is always in a bright red button one-piece dress with a black belt around her waist.  She is very attached to the Powerpuff Girls, which you can see in many episodes, how she helps them.

Sara Bellum’s face is barely shown on the screen in the entire series. All other characters on-screen claim her as a knowledgeable and beautiful lady. She is not married nor in any relationship but is head over heels over the mayor, knowing that he is already married and way too old than her.

3# HIM

HIM | Powerpuff Girls

Voiced By Tom Kane

HIM is the villain of the show. HIM stands for his infernal majesty. He is a mighty, strong demon and is considered the king of the darkness. He is a major threat to the girls. His personality is very androgynous and creepy with big lobster-like claws, lime green eyes, hooked & pointed nose, curled beard, black lips, and his smile Is very creepy.

HIM uses psychological tricks like playing with others’ weaknesses and fears and tortures to scare the girls. Sadly, he often succeeded as well. Bubbles Is usually his prey because of her innocence. HIM is portrayed as a highly dreadful soul with bitterness, ruthless and evil intentions. He pleases himself with other’s vulnerability. Unlike every villain, HIM learned from his own mistakes and is shown on decent terms with some people towards the end.

4# Princess Morbucks

Princess Morbucks

Voiced By Jennifer Hale

Princess Morbucks is a spoiled little brat in the show Powerpuff Girls. She lives in the outskirts of Townsville town with her father, Mr. Morbucks. Morbucks is a very violent-tempered, spoiled, dictating, selfish, cruel girl. Whenever someone disagrees with her, she starts throwing tantrums that are very difficult to handle and irritating.

She is jealous of Powerpuff girls as she wants to be like them, but she has no powers and no crime-handling experience. Ultimately this leads her to so much anger and frustration that she says,” If I can’t be a Powerpuff Girl, then there won’t be any Powerpuff Girl!” His father is also very annoyed because of her silly thought process and tantrums.

5# Mojo Jojo

Mojo Jojo

Voiced By Roger l. Jackson

Mojo Jojo is the archenemy of the Powerpuff girls who serve as the main enemy of the Powerpuff Girls. His appearance includes green skin, baby pink eyes, a long purple cape, and black fur; he is always planning and plotting to destroy the girls. He is the only successful villain in the show as he has already won many times.

Mojo Jojo is cunning, intimidating, and a mastermind villain who is all set to rule the world and destroy whatever comes in the way. Mojo is also the professor’s creation, but the professor isn’t interested in him and soon forgets about Mojo Jojo. As a result, Mojo Jojo finds his intelligence which led him to destroy the world. He is cold-hearted and emotionless.

Mojo Jojo is a criminal that shows a civilian life without any fear. Strange! Other monkeys and apes hate him because they believe that he gave them a bad name. Mojo, a villain, saved earth from the aliens, as he couldn’t see someone else ruling the earth other than him. Accidental hero!

Final Words

This American animated show received 7.3/10 IMDb ratings. The program was appealing and became a sensation during the time of its launch. If you are also one of the Powerpuff girls’ fans, don’t forget to tell us your favorite character and episode of the show below in the comment box.

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