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Procreate for Windows is a digital paint book that freely lets you paint your emotions on a digital canvas. As for now, Procreate for Windows is not available as an application to download on a Windows system, but you can download an emulator that will just do the work for you. 

With so much advancement in technology, most things are already digitized, from online Google Classrooms for schools to being a wedding guest online. Amongst all this, if our favorite art books and canvas are also digitized, it shouldn’t come as a shock to us. 

These small advancements can make so many changes to our lifestyle. With a digital artbook, it will become easy for an artist to share his work with clients and post them on Instagram to increase his followers. One of the many platforms used for this work includes Procreate for windows. 

We know that some of you may be confused as we haven’t mentioned that Windows users cannot use the app. We haven’t done that because we have found a way by which Apple and Windows users can also use this platform. 

Procreate for Windows & Its Best Alternatives 

Procreate for Windows

Not all of us can afford to use an iMac or an iPad. Does that mean that we don’t get to use the efficient platforms they use? Absolutely not. Be it a Windows user or an iOS user, any of us can use the best platforms to outshine our competition in our field of work. Below we have found how Windows users can quickly get their hands on Procreate application and start using it to become great artists. 

How to Get Procreate for Windows

As we have already said, Procreate cannot be downloaded on a Windows system without installing an emulator that will turn your device into macOS. So, let’s move ahead and discuss the type of emulator that will fit your device.

There are plenty of emulators that will turn your Windows system into an efficiently working macOS machine. Some of the emulators to try are VMware Player, SheepShaver, iPadian, and Oracle VirtualBox Manager. Once you have installed these emulators, then you can easily download Procreate for Windows through them and let your talent fill the digital canvas. 

oracle VirtualBox manager: Procreate for Windows

After the emulator is successfully downloaded and installed on your laptop, you can launch the application and use App Store to download Procreate and start using the application. See, we told you it’s not that tough at all. 

Best Alternatives to Procreate for Windows  

Since you will be using Procreate for Windows through third-party applications such as emulators, there are chances that the app may not work the way it works on macOS. There can be a glitch, such as the application may load slowly or it will take time to close. To avoid these glitches and draw smoothly, we suggest using some of the best alternatives to Procreate for Windows. 

#1 Adobe Illustrator


The very first Procreate alternative for window is Adobe Illustrator. The application is also a go-to option for users, who try to learn how to get Adobe Illustrator for free but fail to find a reliable website. Not only this, but the app also provides a free tutorial on the basics of art for beginners. You can easily get the Adobe Illustrator for free.

#2 Assembly

Assembly drawing app: Procreate for Windows

The second Procreate for Windows alternative on our list is Assembly. This digital artbook is compatible with both the Windows and iOS platforms and does its work with sheer excellence. The platform provides different features needed by an artist, such as typography tools and other tools used in art. Not only this, but the app also provides a free tutorial on the basics of art for beginners. 

#3 Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk sketchbook: Procreate for Windows

Next, we have Autodesk Sketchbook, which is used as the number one alternative to Procreate for windows by many artists. If you are looking for a canvas that will let you embrace your creativity as fine art, then this is the right platform for you. Autodesk has it all, from supporting multiple different formats for file download to providing a gallery full of brushes. 

#4 Krita

Krita: Procreate for Windows

Doesn’t everyone like it when you get an application that is free to install and use? The next best alternative for Procreate for Windows that we have is Krita, an open-source digital artbook. This platform is primarily used by artists working on comics and those who are into concept art. The app supports various colorspaces at different integer channels and supports vector illustrations, which isn’t available with Procreate. 

#5 Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint: Procreate for Windows

Next on the list of best Procreate alternatives, we have Clip Studio Paint. It is a paid application, but every penny you have spent on the app will be worth it. The platform doesn’t dig a big hole in your pocket, which means it is available at a low cost compared to other platforms. The app features 3D functions for different angles and also has an option to adjust the pen pressure. It sounds like a great alternative, doesn’t it? 


Here is how you can get Procreate for Windows on your laptop or computer. There aren’t a lot of complicated steps involved in the process. We hope that with this article, you can quickly get your work done and look for the best alternatives to try if Procreate does not work well with your system. 

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