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Project management challenges is a complex and comprehensive area of work that needs extensive practice, knowledge, skills, and expertise. Despite many resources, expert advice, and certifications available at this point, project management keeps on holding its place as one of the challenging professions.

Research conducted reveals an astounding fact that just 2.5 percent of businesses successfully finish 100 percent of their projects. This is due to many reasons. Even if frameworks like agile project management have made this field more efficient to a greater extent, project managers keep on facing problems and roadblocks every day.

Are you aware that for every USD1 billion invested in the United States, USD122 million was wasted because of short project planning and performance? Each project is exceptional regarding the objectives, scope, and client needs, and there’s no standard pattern to ease the lifecycle of project development. Even if each project’s issues might be diverse, many problems are encountered more commonly than others.

In a research conducted by Harvard University, they discovered project management challenges usually encountered by companies such as:

Project Management Challenges & Solutions

 Scope Creep

Project Management Challenges

This is considered a natural and anticipated occurrence for all types of project management. There are instances when it can be advantageous, but most of the negative impact outweighs the advantages. Fifty-two percent of project teams are encountering scope creep in 2017, and this trend keeps on rising. Customers who do not want exactly what they like and have unclear needs are common project management challenges for project teams and managers alike.


By being practical with customer engagement during the stage of planning can assist you in getting their precise needs. Also, it is essential never to take up ad hoc change desires as that can lead to delays and additional expenses.

No Communication

In project management, efficient communication is very vital for successful project management. You have to have transparent and timely communication methods to make sure that stakeholders are engrossed in the course or process. According to Deloitte, 32 percent of experts think communication is indeed the biggest problem of project management.

Lack of communication or miscommunication is risky for project managers and the team as it affects teamwork. Also, it can cause conflicts amongst team members as well as can delay your project.


Most of the time, project managers depend on different collaborative and project management app accessible today to make sure that each one keeps updated. These collaborative tools make it simpler for project managers to continue their duties and make sure greater transparency in projects and accountability in the team.

Poorly Defining Objectives and Goals

Project Management Challenges

A poorly defined goal or goal with no objective pushes your project at risk. A vital step in project management is to clearly define your goals and objectives, which become the main challenge. Team members and project managers may not be known precisely what to look forward to the project. Once the objectives and goals aren’t defined clearly, the chance of your project not being successful is higher when nobody is aware of the “Ws” such as what, why, and when, the project will lead to more chaos and confusion.

Starting a project with no sound objective, a particular direction, and a prepared plan is like going on a trip without an idea of where you are going and how to get there. It is just a waste of time, money, and effort. Likewise, your company suffers if there’s no clarity as well as forethought prior to beginning a project.


Setting an ambition is inclined to developing a proposal and the defining goals which would assist in obtaining the objective. If you know your objectives, you can define the goals, which are the why, how, and what you want to carry out for project planning. This is the reason why it is highly suggested to hold a kickoff meeting as well as utilize a project planning app to define clear objectives.

Issues in Budgeting

Project Management Challenges

A lot of managers think of financial problems as the biggest hurdle to inefficient project management. Research conducted in 2017 revealed that 49.5 percent of the manufacturing heads report expenses as the major project management issue they encounter. By effective cost management, managers can keep away from different common complications a project might encounter and strive for faster and better results.


Because of this, it is necessary to adopt the right planning procedure and make a realistic assumption to keep away from cost overruns.

Lack of Skilled Team Members

Chains are as powerful as their weakest link. When it comes to project teams, performances depend on the individual skills of the team members. As a manager, you are able to make the perfect setting; however, when the team doesn’t possess the needed talents to tackle the issue at hand, your project will fail. This is a big project management issue that can just be addressed with the right experience and foresight.


Efficient project managers predetermine the required project management talents and competencies as well as examine the accessible workforce to know if the existing task requires some extra staff or labor force or not.

Lack of Risk Management

Having the insight to know possible what-if scenarios and making up emergency plans is a vital factor of project management. Projects seldom go precisely as intended as there are lots of variables that can make unlimited possibilities.


It’s the responsibility of project managers to devise an alternate plan which the team might adopt once the project begins to fail. With a project risk management system in place helps determine the risks and how to solve them.


Finishing the project in a given time frame and keeping in all the constraints is a hard task. However, with the help of the Monday tool, you can change the way the team handles and tackles project management challenges. You can read Monday Review to know how this tool can help you.