Being ranked as the 5th most outstanding University for innovation in the USA. Purdue University is one of the biggest universities in terms of diversification. Although PU is known for its highly structured engineering program still there are plenty of students in the field of medical, Business, and Agricultural fields also.

About Purdue University Notable Alumni

Purdue University

Address:- 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, United States


In this writing we are going to cover the notable alumni of PU and who are


The following persons who comes to mind after hearing the name of alumni of PU are: 

Cosmonaut Armstrong (Aug Fifth, 1930 – Aug twenty-fifth, 2012)

Being the first person to walk on Moon, Cosmonaut Armstrong was an inspirational American and a great aeronautical engineer.Cosmonaut Armstrong was one of the former students of Purdue University. He was also an amazing gov aviator, pilot, and university professor.

Herman Cain (Dec thirteen, 1945 – Jul thirty, 2020)

Besides an amazing American Businessman, Herman Cain was a tea party activist also. Being born in Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up in Georgia and completed his education from Morehouse College. After finishing off his college he earned his master’s degree at Purdue University in Computing (CS). This landed Herman a title notable alumni of the PU.

Matthew Stanley Hamill (Oct fifth, 1976)

Matthew Stanley Hamill also is known as Matt Hamill is a martial artist and wrestler of USA. His style is known as mixed martial arts. Hamill has taken part in both the light and heavyweight sections of the UFC. Hamill was deaf from birth Hamill attended the Rochester Institute of Technology for three years transferring before going to a year at Purdue University.

Carl Landry (born Sept Nineteen, 1983)

Carl C. Landry is a pro Basketball Player of US playing for the Hiroshima Dragonflies of the B League Carl was a power forward player for the college basketball team at Purdue Boilermakers from 2K4 to 2K7 which makes him notable alumni of PU. He is the older brother of Shenita Landry and Marcus Landry.

Ray Ewry (Oct fourteen, 1873 – Sept twenty nine, 1937)

Raymond Clarence Ewry was afield athlete and track player from USA who have won around 8 gold medals at the Olympic games and two gold medals at the Intercalated games 

Charles D. Walker (born Aug Twenty nine, 1948)

Charles D. Walker is the first Non-government individual to go out of earth. He is an inspirational engineer who flew around 3 space shuttle missions in 1984 – 1985 as a payload specialist. Born in Belford, Indiana He received a Bsc in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University

Brian Lamb (born Oct ninth, 1941)

Brian Patrick Lamb is the founder of exec chairman and a retired CEO of C_SPAN a cable network company from USA. After completing his education from Jefferson High School, Brian attended PU when he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta. At Purdue University he was graduated with a degree of bachelor of arts in speech

Brad Miller (born Apr twelve, 1976)

Bradley Alan Miller is a Professional basketball player for United States who played for around 6 National Basketball Association He was coached by Gene Keady and assistant coach Bruce Weber Miller was a student of Purdue University, located in Indiana making him a notable alumnus of PU.

Kevin Granata (Dec twenty-nine, 1961 – Apr sixteen, 07)

Kevin P. Granata was a Professor in various departments in USA including Engineering, Science, and Mechanics in Blacksburg, Virginia. He remained as a professor at Virginia after leaving for Virginia Tech in 2003.

Drew Brees (born Jan fifteen, 1979)

Andrew Christopher Brees is a football quarterback from USA for New Orleans saints of the national FL. Brees had a great college at PU and then became one of the most decorated players in the Purdue and Big 10 Conference.

Jim Gaffigan (born Jul seven, 1966)

James Christopher Gaffigan is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Producer from United States. He has co-created and produced a TV serial based on his own life titled The Jim Gaffigan Show. Gaffigan attended PU for only 1 year during in education time.

Ted Allen (born May twenty, 1965)

Edward Allen is a Television personality and author from America and has been the host of the Television cooking competition series Chopped that have launched in 2009. Allen was a student of PU having a degree in psychology, subsequently he enrolled in Purdue’s Krannert Graduate School of Management, but later ted left to accept a job as a copy editor.

George Peppard (Oct first, 1928)

George Peppard Roher Jr is a film and television actor from US. Peppard played a character based on Hogward Hughes in the Carpetbaggers. During 1948 and 1949 he studied civil engineering from PU where he became a member of the Purdue playmaker’s theatre group along Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

Gary Payton (born Jul twenty-three, 1968)

Gary Dwyane Payton Sr is a former Professional basketball player belonging from USA. Payton is best known for his 13-year tenure with Seattle Supersonics. And Gary also holds Seattle franchise records in his points, assists, and steals. Payton won an NBA championship with Heat in 2006

Robert C. Baker (Dec twenty nine, 1921 – Mar thirteen, 2006)

Robert C. Baker was an amazing inventor and professor at Cornell University. Baker invented many poultry-related things and Chicken Nuggets. Due of his contributions to the poultry section, Baker became a member of The American Poultry Hall of Fame

As the list does not end’s here, there are more than this 15 gems personalities out there who are from Purdue’s


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