90 Interesting QnA Questions For Your YouTube Vlog


Wanted to make an enthralling vlog about your visit to Grand Canyon but had a fight with your spouse on that trip? Is skipping a vlog for that week a good idea? Certainly not! Try this cheat code instead – make a video asking these QnA questions for your YouTube vlog.

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Asking these QnA Questions for your YouTube Vlog is a ninja technique to save you from humiliation. It will benefit you because – There’s almost no preparation you need to do for this kind of video, and Humans love to gossip! You know this, I know this, everybody knows this. So to be brutally honest while answering these questions and win the heart of your audience. 

This article gives you a list of 90 interesting QnA questions for your YouTube vlog like – Have you ever farted on a date? Vegan – To be or not to be? The movie which your partner forced you to watch? What is your guilty pleasure? Does cup size matter? Quality time with girlfriend or soccer match with guy friends? Etc.

Feel free to pick up Q&A questions for your YouTube vlog from this list. These questions will help you regardless of the number of subscribers you have. 

90 Quirky QnA Questions For Your Youtube Vlog

Get inspired by the following list of questions for your next Q&A questions for your Youtube Vlog – 

1# Questions related to food

Questions related to Food

Your vlog has to be relatable if you want more people to watch it. The most relatable thing on this earth is food. It is for this food that we are toiling day and night. So, start your Questions and Answers with this specific topic. 

  1. Have you ever farted on a date?
  2. What do you prefer eating on a date?
  3. Vegan – To be or not to be?
  4. Are you a vegetarian or non – vegetarian?
  5. What is your first, worst, and best memory of food?
  6. Which is the restaurant you swear by?
  7. Do you strictly keep a count on your calorie consumption?
  8. Which is your favorite pizza topping?
  9. Have you ever choked while eating?
  10. Which food item should be banned?
  11. Which food item do you think you are?
  12. Do you think an apple a day keeps the Dr. away?
  13. What’s your type of cocktail?
  14. Earth is ending; you can save only one cuisine. What would that be?
  15. Do you like salt or sugar in your curd?

2# Questions related to movies

Questions Related To Movies

If food has enabled us to survive on this earth, movies have helped us stay in society. Whenever we have felt stuck in making a conversation, movies have come to our rescue and have proved to be the ice – breaker. So, this topic will also help you to bond with your audience.

  1. Have you ever made out in a theater?
  2. Which is your favorite intimate scene in a movie?
  3. Which movie would you like to watch on a date?
  4. Which is your go-to genre – romantic, horror, or historical?
  5. Which celebrity do you have a crush on?
  6. Novels vs novel-based movies – which is better?
  7. Anime – hot or not?
  8. Most awaited movie of this year?
  9. Last series you binge-watched?
  10. Who do you think is the best movie partner – friends or family?
  11. A film that gave you relationship goals?
  12. Which is your best onscreen couple?
  13. Movie for which you bunked your school?
  14. Whom do you prefer – theater or ott?
  15. The film which your partner forced you to watch?

3# Personal Questions

Followers love to get a sneak peek of their favorite YouTubers, so if you are audacious enough, try these questions. I have divided the personal questions into 3 categories for the sake of convenience. 

A – Questions for girls

Questions For Girls
  1. Best flavor of condom?
  2. Sex in periods?
  3. Are you a Lesbian?
  4. Which contraceptive do you prefer?
  5. Pads or tampons?
  6. Your first experience of eve-teasing, if any?
  7. Underwire or wireless bra?
  8. Beard or clean shaved boys?
  9. Signs he is interested in you?
  10. Which is the cutest proposal you’ve ever got?
  11. Hot wax or cold wax? White chocolate wax or dark chocolate wax?
  12. Long nails or short nails?
  13. Wax or razor?
  14. Cotton pad or gel pad?
  15. 6 packs or good humor?

B – Gender-neutral questions

Gender Neutral Questions - QnA Questions For Your YouTube Vlog
  1. Is masturbation healthy?
  2. How often do you think about sex?
  3. Lost virginity at the age of? 
  4. Best age to get married?
  5. First crush, Last crush, Longest crush, Shortest crush, Teacher crush?
  6. Which is your wildest fantasy?
  7. Which is your biggest fear?
  8. Who should pay on a first date?
  9. Who should make the first move
  10. Have you ever cheated or cheated upon?
  11. Do you believe in love?
  12. A lousy habit you can not leave?
  13. Ever faced rejection?
  14. Hardcore or soft?
  15. What is your guilty pleasure?
  16. What to wear to a Summer Wedding?

C – Questions for boys 

Questions For Boys
  1. Does cup size matter?
  2. Do the padded bras irk you?
  3. Can you unhook a bra with 3 fingers?
  4. Are you gay?
  5. First thing you notice in a girl?
  6. Makeup or no makeup look of girls?
  7. Signs she is interested in you?
  8. Is body hair normal?
  9. Long-haired girls or short-haired girls?
  10. How many types of girls’ tops can you name?
  11. Which razor do you like?
  12. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
  13. Ever used her beauty products?
  14. Do you let her drive the car when she is with you?
  15. Quality time with girlfriend or soccer match with guy friends?

4# Questions about Money

Questions About Money

It’s crazy how much agency those cute green notes give to us, and we being total dumbfucks, have made blunders in handling them. It provides us sadistic pleasure to learn that many more, just like us, keep having trouble while managing money.

  1. Have you ever faced online fraud?
  2. How much do you earn from your youtube channel?
  3. What was your first salary?
  4. Which is the costliest drink you’ve ever bought?
  5. What was the costliest date you’ve been to?
  6. Do you invest in bitcoin? 
  7. Should alms be given to the poor?
  8. Costliest gift you have given?
  9. What percentage do you save?
  10. Real estate or gold- where to invest?
  11. Should the children manage their college fees themselves, or should parents help?
  12. How much debt is too much?
  13. How much money should be spent on a wedding?
  14. How should married couples handle finances?
  15. Which is the best age to retire?

In a Nutshell

So, the next time you fall short of questions, feel free to pick up a few of them from this list of questions and answers. Try to be as honest as possible – nothing sells more than honesty!

P.S. Do not forget to ask your subscribers to ask you some questions in the comment section, as you will get some great questions for your next Q&A questions video, and there are huge chances of you stumbling upon an exceptional idea for content.

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