50+ Fantastic Questions To Ask A Girl | Win Her Like a Pro


Finally, going for your first date and kind of muddled up with what questions to ask a girl? Don’t worry, take a deep breath and stop stressing because help has arrived at your screens with some spicy questions to ask a girl when you are for your date with your dream girl.

Initiating a conversation has always been the most difficult step. Always try to open up your conversation with generous and polite greetings. Your whole point of conversating is how hard you try to make it interesting and engaging with your girl.

Trust me! Being a girl, I know girls are hard to please but if you generously make efforts and show her how much she means to you then she will fall for you. (100% surety only she can give!) Now, you should know how to start and which topic to start with. Do not dive directly into personal questions. A little amount of flirting is well followed by a few questions.  

Don’t forget to plan out your questions and in order to make that easy, all you have to do is check the questions listed below and boost yourself up with confidence.

Do’s & Don’ts In Asking Questions To A Girl | Important Tips

Do's & Don'ts In Asking Questions To A Girl | Important Tips

Before initiating a conversation you must follow the enlisted do’s and don’ts to avoid quarrels for your new blooming relationship. Try following these friendly suggestions.

1# Make sure you start a conversation with a proper greeting.

2# Whenever she is making her point, don’t be intrusive.

3# Try to make eye contact with her.

4# Don’t rush the Conversation.

5# Try to be a good listener.

6# Never start a discussion about her past toxic relationships.

7# Speak politely and gently.

8# Never use derogatory terms; I repeat never.

9# Never condemn what she says.

10# Make sure she is comfortable with what you ask her. 

11# Never compare her with some other girl.

12# Sincerely compliment her.

13# Pamper her with your emotions.

14# Try not to make the situation awkward.

15# Don’t ask intimate questions until you know her very well.

15 Conversation Opening Questions To Ask A Girl | Starter Pack 

I know maintaining a flowy conversation is a bit on the difficult side. Still, you need not worry as we have prepared a long list of healthy questions for a long deep conversation between you and your partner. Just go through them once.

15 Conversation Opening Questions To Ask A Girl | Starter Pack 

1# Are you a shopaholic?

2# Which is your all-time favorite book?

3# Why are “ready to eat” food packets never ready?

4# Latest thing you deleted from your mobile?

5# What are your plans?

6# When are we going to meet again?

7# Who do you admire the most?

8# What do you find attractive in men?

9# Are you an introvert or extrovert?

10# What is your worst nightmare?

11# Which song is on the loop?

12# What’s all on your bucket list?

13# How do you feel about yourself?

14# What is the funniest thing you’ve ever done?

15# Do you love traveling? I hope she does!

15 Personal Questions To Ask A Girl? Know Her In & Out!

Once you open the conversation with our starter pack, your next step should be to get into personal information only if she agrees to share it with you. Your questions should maintain the flow of conversation. Listed below are a few standard questions which will help you to get the information out.

15 Personal Questions To Ask A Girl? Know Her In & Out!

1# Do you share a healthy bond with your family?

2# Who was your first crush?

3# If you could change one thing from the past, what would that be?

4# Are you a dog or cat lover?

5# When was your first kiss?

6# Who’s your best friend?

7# Do you love partying?

8# Dream destination for your honeymoon?

9# What makes you unique from others?

10# Have you ever bunked your classes?

11# Any one thing you want to quit forever?

12# What are you most scared of?

13# Any plans for the weekend?

14# Your all-time obsession?

15# Any memories you will cherish forever? 

15 Questions To Ask A Girl For Spicing Up The Conversation

15 Questions To Ask A Girl For Spicing Up The Conversation

After you know her in and out, the next step for moving forward is to spice up the conversation by drawing her interest in you and letting her believe that you are the right person for her. Check the list of quality questions that will lead you towards spicing up the Conversation.

1# Have you ever been in love?

2# How do you describe feminism?

3# Do you believe in soulmates?

4# Have you ever been in intimate relations?

5# Are you a morning person or a night owl?

6# Do you feel connected to me?

7# Do you believe in looks or personality?

8# Are you a gym freak?

9# What makes you very emotional?

10# What makes you most uncomfortable in dating?

11# Which are the things you are passionate about?

12# Do you have any regrets?

13# When was the last time you cried for someone?

14# What do you think about Live-in relationships?

15# How will you describe me?

7 Questions You Should Never Ask Her | A Big No!

7 Questions You Should Never Ask Her | A Big No!

If you don’t want to ruin your pleasant conversation into a bad nightmare, then never ask the set of questions listed below. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

1# Have you ever had a beautification surgery?

2# How old are you?

3# How much do you earn?

4# Are you on your period?

5# Why are you cranky?

6# Are you going to wear this?

7# How much do you weigh?

Final Words

Knowing a girl is a little sensitive and difficult at times, but once you go through all the enlisted questions above, which are explicitly designed and analyzed for you, it will result in a win-win situation.

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