Disabling Quick Add On Snapchat | 6 Steps To Stay Away From The Nosy Lists!


If you want to use Snapchat in secrecy without adding too many friends, then you must be aware of the quick add on Snapchat. Quick Add is similar to people you may know, but unlike other social platforms, Snapchat allows you to keep your identity hidden from several mutual friends. 

Snapchat is all good and quirky when it comes to cute customized emojis snapping, but it can also be a place of headache when you start receiving requests from friends of your friends. Snapchat’s algorithm is tough to understand, which is why you will end up in someone’s quick add section even if you don’t know the person. So, how do you get out of this situation? 

Snapchat may have us confused with its complicated message icons, but it is also helpful for user privacy. From hiding your location on the snap map to keeping an eye on who took a screenshot, the platform ensures to keep its users secured all the time. Just like that, users also get the freedom to disable the quick add feature and keep the mutual friends a mile away. If you are an old buddy on Snapchat, you will be more than familiar with the process. If you have just become friends with the social network, you will need some help with the directions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep moving ahead to find a detailed explanation on the quick add on Snapchat and know how to disable it. 

Checking Out Quick Add On Snapchat | Learn More For A Secret Social Life!

quick add on snapchat: Disabling Quick Add On Snapchat | 6 Steps To Stay Away From The Nosy Lists!

If you are not ready to socialize yet on the platform with people you don’t know, then the quick add feature will not be your best friend. If you don’t want to appear in other people’s quick add suggestions, then there is a simple procedure you have to follow to get rid of it. However, before proceeding, please note that this process will only remove you from other people’s lists. You will still be able to see other people’s pop up in your quick add list. 

There is no way to decipher the Snapchat algorithm, but from what most users have observed, you will end up in a quick add suggestion list if you have saved a user’s contact number but haven’t added them on Snapchat. Similarly, friends of friends connected with you on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook can find you on their list and vice-versa. 

It does not matter if you haven’t connected with them in a while or if you have removed them from your social network. You guys will still find each other on Snapchat. 

Disabling Quick Add On Snapchat | 6 Steps To Save Yourself!

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s show you how to keep yourself hidden from mutual friends on different platforms.

disable quick add on a snapchat: Disabling Quick Add On Snapchat | 6 Steps To Stay Away From The Nosy Lists!
  • First, you will launch the Snapchat application on your android/iOS device. 
  • Locate your bitmoji on the top left corner of the screen and tap on it. 
  • Find the settings icon at the top right corner and tap on it to enter the settings menu. 
  • Once you find yourself in the Settings, keep scrolling until you reach the ‘who can’ section. 
  • Select the ‘See Me in Quick Add’ label in the  ‘who can’ section. 
  • Disable the toggle next to ‘Show me in Quick Add,’ and you are done. 

Turning Off The Quick Add Notifications | Say Goodbye To Nosy Friend Requests!

There is nothing wrong with declining the friend requests you receive on the platform, but there is another way that will help you stay away from everyone’s radar. 

disable quick add notifications on snapchat: Disabling Quick Add On Snapchat | 6 Steps To Stay Away From The Nosy Lists!
  • Launch Snapchat on your device and locate your bitmoji on the screen. 
  • Tap on the bitmoji and then move to the gear icon present at the top-right corner. 
  • Select the icon and then tap on the ‘Notifications’ label on the next screen. 
  • Disable the toggle next to ‘Friend Suggestions’ from the settings menu. 

Once done, you will find that there is no particular section dedicated to the Quick Add suggestions. So, our best bet is that turning off the Friend Suggestions will keep unnecessary invites far, far away from our profile. Whether you share common friends or interests on the platform, this process will help you receive fewer friend suggestions. 

Final Words 

Follow the simple steps above and get rid of the quick add suggestions on Snapchat effortlessly. Though you will still find a few contacts appearing in your quick add, at least this process will help you remove the unnecessary suggestions and requests from your social profile


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