10 Best and Rare Names for Baby Boys That Start With K


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Do you know having an excellent identity amid these 7.9 billion people is something that every parent-to-be should look out for? So, you are going to be a momma and daddy, congratulations! 

Hurry up, as you know; giving your kiddo a rare name will be part and parcel of their entire lives, so choosing an attractive name is essential. In case you have given birth to a beautiful baby boy, you may have discovered the idea of naming him with the ‘K’ initial. 

10 Super-unique and Rare Name from ‘K’ for Boys

Then, CocoFinder has the top 10 recommendations for your little charm! Our list of rare baby boy names starting with K includes trendy names, such as Kieran, Kody, Kenneth, and many more. So, here is our complete roster of baby boy names, starting with the ‘K’ letter. 

Rare Name
  1. Kai

The name ‘Kai’ has endless origins, but in the USA, it is usually referred to as derived from Hawaiian culture, meaning ‘ocean.’ However, in Europe, Kai is drastically inspected to have Frisian origin as a superior diminutive of an ancient name, ‘Kaimbe,’ which means ‘warrior.’ 

Furthermore, such a rare yet charming name, ‘Kai,’ is also given as liberty in Chinese, Native American, African, and Turkish cultures. Therefore, your cutie pie will love your choice!

  1. Kayden

‘Kayden’ sounds more similar to its original term ‘Caden.’ So, all thanks to the modern English alphabets ‘Y’ and ‘K!’ Because of these two letters, we have received the most incredible and least conventional variation for this name. 

Furthermore, the name originated from Arabic culture, and it bears the meaning of ‘compassion.’ While ‘Kayden’ belongs to a quick invention of spelling, for example, ‘Brayden,’ ‘Cayden,’ and ‘Ayden.’ 

So, its real meaning could be the ‘son of Cadan’ and ‘friend or companion’ in Gaelic and Arabic. 


For more such amazing names starting with k or other characters, you may explore CocoFinder.

  1. Kevin

This Irish-originated name ‘Kevin’ is on the popularity rank of 271 in the USA, meaning ‘handsome’ or ‘beloved.’ As per the Old Testament, St. Kevin is the patron saint of Dublin, the founder of a monastery in the 7th century. 

Nowadays, parents are most likely opting for various Irish names like Kevin, Liam, and Aiden. If you are a comedy show fanatic, you must have heard of actor and comedian Kevin Hart. 

  1. Kyler

Kyler is a Danish-originated rare baby boy named K, which means ‘archer’ or ‘bowman.’ If you choose your little munchkin name ‘Kyler,’ be ready for the frequent exchange of this name with its corresponding one, ‘Tyler.’ 

However, it is not meant to discourage you! Undoubtedly, it is the best and creative name if you have been looking for something like that. Apart from its popularity rank 395, Kyler will always be a robust alternative to the Dutch surname ‘Cuyler.’ 

It has emerged from Kuilart, a top-notch occupational name in the Netherlands. So, ‘Kyler’ occupied a good place in every American parent’s mind since the 1980s. 

Rare Name
  1. Kenneth

Your bundle of joy will be growing into a very handsome man indeed! So, naming him ‘Kenneth’ is pretty justified because of its meaning ‘good-looking’ or ‘fire born.’ The Scottish people preferred this name as ‘Kenneth’ was a generous ruler. 

However, Sir Walter Scott demonstrated this name in his 1825 book, ‘The Talisman,’ where the novel’s protagonists were Prince Royal of Scotland and Sir Kenneth of the Couchant Leopard. 

If you love to dig a bit, in 1959, Barbie got her eternity boyfriend, ‘Ken,’ who was straightforward and perky like her. It’s quite fitting; that’s why ‘Kenneth’ means ‘handsome.’

  1. Kalel

The name ‘Kalel’ is a good alternative to ‘Khalil,’ which means ‘voice of God.’ It has first stepped into the USA’s top 1000 and then re-entered in 2013 as a unique baby boy name. Some parents consider ‘Kalel’ as a spelling substitute for the trendy Arabic name ‘Khalil.’ 

So, ‘Khalil’ means ‘friend.’ The American filmmaker and actor Nicolas Cage, AKA superman, Kal-EL, and his wife Alice Kim gifted the name ‘Kalel’ to their baby boy in 2005.

  1. Kane

‘Kane’ is a rare yet powerful name of a multitude of identities, which means ‘warrior’ in Celtic. Moreover, it is also a somewhat soap-operatic surname, a synonym for the biblical rude boy ‘Cain.’ 

After its popularity in Hawaii and Japan, ‘Cain’ transforms into its two-syllable counterpart, ‘KA-neh.’ However, ‘Kane’ has diverse meanings, such as in Japanese, it means ‘golden,’ in Welsh its ‘beautiful,’ and Hawaiian, its ‘man of the Eastern sky.’ So, it would be the rare baby boy names starting with K.

  1. Kamdem

This American respelling of the cute baby boy name ‘Camden’ provides ‘Kamdem’ a definite distinction. However, the name makes it less recognizable as a New Jersey City and more discernible as a name with a specific twist. 

It is pronounced as ‘kam-den’ or ‘k(a)-mden,’ and it has a cute meaning of ‘winding valley.’ Moreover, ‘Kamdem’ is also amid those first-letter-K-baby boy names, which are highly famous among American parents. 

  1. Klaus

Such a rare and cute baby boy name was derived from German origin and meant ‘victory of the people.’ However, it is basically a diminutive term of ‘Niklaus.’ If you are a diehard fan of Vampire Diaries, you must know the popular hybrid character ‘Klaus Michaelson.’ 

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It is recently not ranked in the top 1000 list of baby boy names; it still holds 4474 ranks. However, apart from its major alternative, ‘Claus,’ its other corresponding counterpart is Nicholas. 

  1. Kaison

The name ‘Kaison’ is a modernized name that emerged from ‘Kayson,’ ‘Kason,’ or ‘Kaysen,’ which means ‘son of fighter’ or ‘rebel.’ 

Such a contemporary name is the best choice for every traditional and classic parent-to-be! So, ‘Kaison’ stands out from the crowd of rare baby boy names.

Concluding words

In a nutshell, all the aforementioned top 10 lists of rare baby boy names, starting with K, showcase various American boy names and those globally used names. 

Carefully go through the list to understand which name will be a good fit for your little one. It is expected that the curated list of rare baby boy names with eye-catching meanings will benefit you!