Do You Own All Of The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go? Find Out The Rarest Pokémon Here!


No matter how old we are now, still, our inner child cries ‘Pikachu’…whenever we hear about Pokémon. Those were the most entertaining days of our childhood! We all wanted to be like master trainer Ash Grey and owner of each and every rarest Pokémon in Pokémon go! 

If you have played the famous Pokémon Go game series, fetching the coolest and rarest Pokémon is not easy…you know that very well! However, it is not impossible to achieve either if you know the tricks. So, explore with me and know all the cool hacks that can easily get you the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Let’s get started!

Find All About The Top Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go | Let The Hunt Begin

Pokémon Go has evolved in the last few years, thanks to the launching of different seasons, various games, and tournaments. It became one of the most anticipated games of all time. We love to hunt and catch our favorite Pokémon to boast our unique collections among our friends. If you are lucky enough to catch any of these rarest Pokémon mentioned below, give yourself a big high-five!

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The Evolutionary Pokémon Meltan And Melmetal | Rarest Mythical Pokémon Of The Series

Do You Own All Of The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go? Find Out The Rarest Pokémon Here!

These two Pokémon are on the top ranks of our list because of their awesomeness. They are among the first launched Pokémon in the game. Although, the evolving ability sets them apart from the rest! (If you have Meltan, upgrade it into Melmetal! Sounds fun?). Due to their exclusive capabilities being very rare, you will need a lot of time and patience to find them. No matter how veteran a player you are, only good luck can fetch you. If you already have them (I am jealous of you then!), Congratulations!

However, if your hunt for them is still on, here are a few tips that you can explore-

  • You can hunt at least a single Meltan by participating in special tournaments like Let’s Go, Meltan! Special Research. However, to make an entry here, first, you will have to earn a minimum of 100 Kanto Pokémon.
  • You can explore the Mystery Box also to search for more Meltans and Melmetals. But for that, first, you are required to send a captured Pokémon from Pokémon Go to Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu. This will activate the Mystery Box and lure Meltans to the field for a defined time period. To go for this option, Nintendo Switch is mandatory!
  • If you have no access to Mystery Box, you need to put in the extra effort. You need to feed the captured Meltans almost 400 candies to upgrade it into superior Melmetal. So, candies are very important, do not forget that! 
  • Never skip to find rare candies; it will earn you extra points. Also, if you have an extra Meltan, you can exchange it for more candies to upgrade your remaining Melton’s.

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The Flying Dragon Pokémon Noibat | Catch The Rarest Pokémon Of Windy Weathers

A powerful supersonic vibration producing Pokémon – Noibat, is among the rarest collections because of its big ears, flying abilities, and immunity from ice, rock, and fairy moves. Its unique power moves include the powerful dragon pulse and wing attack modes. It can be upgraded into awesome Noivern Pokémon. 

The best part is that you need fruit to lure it out, and the worst part is that you need a lot of candies (400 candies at least!) to upgrade it. Being one of the earliest Pokémon in the series, it has its value and exclusivity. You can hunt them easily during windy weather. Keep your eyes on the radar during windy days!

Rare Eggs Of Sandile Pokémon | The Coolest Krokorok Is Emerging Here

Do You Own All Of The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go? Find Out The Rarest Pokémon Here!

Sandile Pokémon are not just rare but unique because you cannot catch them but need to hatch the eggs to find this creature. Moreover, there are very rare chances of their hatching, making it among the rarest Pokémon of the Pokémon GO series. You can find the eggs in their native place, the Unova region. 

Finding these eggs is very difficult but not impossible. You will have to win from the top players of Team GO Rocket leaders to prove that you are worthy of these Red Eggs. It requires a walk of 12 Kilometers to hatch under normal conditions. You need first to hatch them and then upgrade them into huge Krokorok by feeding around 125 candies! 

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Fascinating Pokémon Mesprit, Azelf And Uxie | The Legendary Trio

Fascinating Pokémon - Mesprit, Azelf And Uxie | The Legendary Trio

These three unique Pokémon are fascinating because of their charm and region-specific availability. All the three mentioned above are capable enough to spawn even in wild regions. You cannot catch all of them if you are restricted to one place. 

Yes, you need to cross the boundaries, make friends from the Asia Pacific to catch Uxie, have connections in Europe to trap Mesprit, and find Azelf only in America! As they are region-specific Pokémon, you can not find them easily. So, now you understand why they are so rare!

Unknown Dancing Latin Alphabetical Pokémon | Catch It If You Can

Do You Own All Of The Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go? Find Out The Rarest Pokémon Here!

They are so fascinating and peculiar at the same time because of their appearance, rare availability, and move set. They belong to the second generation of the Pokémon series and look like different Latin alphabets. They do not even appear until there is any special tournament.

You need a lot of patience to find and catch them because you cannot hatch, upgrade, or search them! It’s just a matter of luck and your alert eagle-eyes to accomplish the mission! However, if you get the chance to capture them, you have better chances to use them to defend your team and challenge the opponents! Use their Hidden Power capabilities for better results!

Final Note

Why settle for less if you can aspire for the rarest Pokémon? Invoke your inner Pokémon Master and march on the field to grab the season’s most wanted and rarest Pokemon now! However, Pikachu is and will remain our forever favorite (yes, I am biased)!!!

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