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Rat King Catalyst is an exotic catalyst used to improve the performance of the weapon called Rat King. Readers who love the game Destiny 2 will agree that finding and unlocking this catalyst requires a lot of patience and practice (1000 kills, Damn!). Is there an easy way out? Read and find it yourself.

Before the Rat King catalyst, be ready to receive other exotic catalysts. Now you can unlock and farm the catalyst by visiting the Shuro Shi checkpoint (Last Wish raid) and gather the fireteam individuals for the ride.

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Rat King Catalyst helps in infestation, and it gets unlocked as soon as you kill a thousand enemies. The infestation helps in improving the aim assist and recoil direction. This catalyst can be farmed for. The article also answers questions like how difficult it is to get the rat king, exotic catalysts, the need for Rat King Catalyst, obtaining and unlocking the catalyst, Can We Upgrade The Rat King Catalyst, etc.

The article will also help you in understanding the riddles present in the game. The meaning of those riddles has been discussed here in easy words.

Rat King Catalyst | Simple Explanation From Alpha To Omega

In the addicting game Destiny 2, Rat King’s catalyst effect is more than twenty aim assists, recoil, and eighty bounce intensity. The infestation helps in improving the aim assist and recoil direction. The health also gets refreshed on Vermin’s invisibility trigger.

1# Exotic Catalysts | Is It Difficult To Get Rat King?

Exotic Catalyst | Is It Difficult To Get Rat King?

Exotic Catalysts refer to certain distinguishing items that are visible in many activities. You can refer to the perk menu of the exotic weapon for applying the catalyst to a specific exotic weapon. Remember that you can not Masterwork a weapon until and unless there is no catalyst slot in its perk menu.

You need to complete the Catalyst objective (varies generally but mostly 500 combatant kills while utilizing the weapon) if you want them to help you in Masterwork a weapon. Hover catalyst icon when the catalyst objective is achieved and inspect the weapon. So, you will benefit from additional stats or an additional advantage.

The Exotic Kiosk (by the vaults in the tower) will help you find the Rat King. You may buy it with a free-to-play account, and interestingly, no expansion is needed. However, be ready to spend 1 Ascendant Shard, 100,000 Glimmer, 1 Exotic Cipher, and 150 Helium Filaments if you want to buy it from the kiosk.

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2# What is the Need for a Rat King Catalyst? How to Obtain, Unlock and Upgrade It?

2# What is the Need for a Rat King Catalyst? How to Obtain, Unlock and Upgrade It?

Did you know that Infestation will benefit from the RKC (Rat King Catalyst)? Infestation is a weapon that helps in making the recoil direction better and helps in aiming. The RKC also helps in refreshing the health upon invisibility. Reloading = invisible player + health refresh.

If you want to find the Rat King’s Catalyst, complete the Strikes or Nightfalls and then patiently hope and wait for it. As soon as a member from your Fireteam (except you) will beat one thousand foes with a Rat king, your catalyst will get unlocked.

Now, this is a tricky task for sure as a thousand foes need to be killed with the help of a Rat king, and that too, not by you but from your friend. The player should be in possession of the Rat King Catalyst before that.

3# The Solutions to the Perplexing Riddles

3# The Solutions to the Perplexing Riddles

A# ‘The Rat King’s Crew runs to and fro, good girls and boys know where to go, pick up your toys and Daron your socks, on errands of woe, on errands we walk.’

This riddle suggests that you need to complete three patrols by teaming up with other individuals. The quickest way: Titan (Yes, Rat King’s Crew item).

B# ‘The Rat King’s Crew goes arm in arm, to fight as one, to not harm, so have your fun and run outside, rally the flag, and we’ll never die.’ 

Coming to the second riddle, you will have to finish the two public events. If there is a paucity of public events, go back to orbit and re-enter the planet.

C# ‘The Rat King’s Crew goes four and four, with good fights they learn to score, then three as one they stand upright, return from past the wall and want more.’ 

To solve this riddle, dive into the crucible (2 matches) with the help of a team member. This is the easiest riddle of all three.

D# ‘Rat King’s Crew stands there as one, they see Night’s fall and fear it none, but watch the clocks as you scale the wall, lest five remain hope comes for none.’

In this final riddle, the difficulty level increases. The nightfall strike is required to be completed (Twist – Make sure that five minutes are remaining).

Final Words

RKC (Rat King Catalyst) helps in enhancing the performance of the weapon (Rat King). But at the same time, it does not bring it to the league of other top-tier weapons like PVE or PVP. 

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