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Boy bands have always been the rage in the music industry, right from the Beatles to One Direction. After the break-up of One Direction, the world is now obsessed with a new boy band called BTS. They go by different nicknames and fan names, but in this article, we will explore the real names of BTS members are.

BTS consists of 7 members. The group comprises Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. These names of the BTS members are stage names. The BTS fandom also known as the ARMY – idolizes their names and for them aren’t just names but embodiments of the personalities of the band members. 

Let’s take a look at what their names are one by one.

Don’t You Know The Real Names Of BTS Members? You’re Kiddin’ Right?

I have always wondered about the significance of the stage names that artists use. The name becomes their personality and is often only how people remember them. The name requires thought and consideration and in my opinion, needs to be future proof as well. According to BTS members they have some unique reasons for choosing their stage names as well. Which rap name would you choose if you were to become one of their members?

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Kim Namjoon

1# The Real Name Of BTS Member Rap Monster

Rap Monster’s real name is Kim Namjoon. He is the main rapper and also is the leader of the group. Namjoon came up with the name Rap Monster at the beginning of his career, saying all he used to was rap nonstop, the name felt right. It also looks cool if you ask me.

He has since then transcended from Rap Monster to just the initials RM. Whether or not the RM still means Rap Monster or not, your guess is as good as mine!

Don’t You Know The Real Names Of BTS Members? You’re Kiddin’ Right?

2# The Real Name Of BTS Member Jin

Jin’s real name is Kim Seok-jin. He is the band’s vocalist and the oldest member of the band. Even though he has some solo tracks to his name, he has the most success with the band. Jin’s real name translates to “a great treasure” in Korean, and the fans consider him a treasure too. He was scouted for the band based on his looks, and dare I say, the fans agree to that wholeheartedly.

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Don’t You Know The Real Names Of BTS Members? You’re Kiddin’ Right?

3# The Real Name Of BTS Member Suga

Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi. He is a rapper and a producer. The fans say that he was named Suga because it means sugar, and the reason for that is his sweet smile. 

Suga himself has come out saying that Suga is a generational name that gets passed down from one generation to another like an heirloom in their culture.

I like both the reason, and if the BTS fans want to believe that his smile is sweet, who am I to disagree!


4# The Real Name Of BTS Member J-Hope

J-Hope’s real name is Jung Hoseok. He is a rapper and the main dancer of the band. He is the one who choreographs killer moves for the band to perform, whether that’s on stage or for the band’s music videos. 

According to him, the reason behind his name is to represent hope for his fans and the fans of the band who support them through thick and thin. Thoughtful as it may be, the meaning of his real name also translates to a “name that will transcend through the land” in Korean. So if it is hoped that is transcending through the lands, then we are all up for it.

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5# The Real Name Of BTS Member Jimin

Jimin’s real name is Park Jimin. He is the vocalist in the band and one of their main dancers. 

He chose to keep his last name as his stage name as, according to him, the alternatives were Baby J and Kid. Neither of which he liked, so he stuck with his own. The BTS fans love and adore him through this name, so I guess he made the correct choice.

Don’t You Know The Real Names Of BTS Members? You’re Kiddin’ Right?

6# The Real Name Of BTS Member V

V’s real name is Kim Taehyung. He is one of the bands’ vocalists. He was the last one to join the boy band. V is known for his contributions to the visuals of the group.

Talking about V’s stage name, the record label suggested a few stage names of which Taehyung liked V the best. He believes it signifies the V signifies victory, which is why he chose it. 

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Don’t You Know The Real Names Of BTS Members? You’re Kiddin’ Right?

7# The Real Name Of BTS Member Jungkook

Last but certainly not least, Jungook’s real name is Jeon Jeongguk. He is the face of the group and is the man who can do it all. He raps, sings, and if that wasn’t enough, he is also a great dancer.

Jimin Jungkook has also gone with his original last name as his stage name, just with a slight alteration in the original spelling. It looks like he followed Jimin’s lead, and it worked just as well. 

Final Words

BTS has dominated the Korean music industry for the past few years and is unlike any other group in today’s pop world. They have set a new precedent for Kpop groups to follow with a massive fandom. What do you think about the boy band? Let us know in the comments!

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