Students Talk About Using Essay Services: 3 Real Stories


Each semester, students need to write hundreds of pages along with numerous other academic tasks. These obligations can represent a serious challenge to students, which is why many of them turn to online services for help. These online writing services assist with everything, from application essays to Ph.D. dissertations. In this article, we are going to witness three stories that showcase the student experience with using essay services during college.

3 Real Stories About Using Essay Services

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Donald Stone | Story 1 About Using Essay Services

3 Real Stories About Using Essay Services

Donald was a second-year college student when he first learned about actual essay writing services. He heard from some students earlier that there are online writing platforms that offer assistance to students with essays, homework, and other tasks. According to Donald’s story, he was neck-deep in college obligations, and deadlines were closing in quickly. Donald said that he was scared about failing to deliver one or more of his tasks. The reason he was scared was that he struggled too much with an ongoing essay because he didn’t understand the module very well.

As time played a significant role, Donald needed a way to deal with this pressing problem and move on to pending tasks. He started investigating which trustworthy essay writing services UK had to offer and finally came up with the one he thought would do fine. He was quite pleased with the number of Ph.D. writers that were experts on the topic of his essay. His second greatest impression was the way the ordering process went. He was able to present his request in full detail and ask the writer to research information sources.

At first, Donald was unsure if his order will get in time for submission, and if the quality will be good enough. He was amazed by the response he got from his professor, but most importantly, he was able to focus on his other tasks and finish all of his work on time.

Adriana Saeli | Story 2 About Using Essay Services

3 Real Stories About Using Essay Services

Adriana’s story with essay writing services starts in Palermo, Italy, where she lived up until her college enrolment. She was interested in studying guitar in England and she needed a captivating application essay to get in. The only problem was that Adriana’s English was not nearly good enough to convey her story and get her admitted into college. At first, Adriana asked some of her friends for help, but she was not quite satisfied with the results. At one point, she was thinking about dismissing the idea of an international music program in London.

Luckily, one of Adriana’s friends proposed professional assistance and she started looking online for a solution. In a short time, the solution came in the form of an essay writing service that specializes in helping international students submit their college application essays. Adriana knew she needed a writer who could fully understand her and be able to convey the essence of her story in English. She said that she was very pleased with the ability to communicate with the writer throughout the process and influence the development of her admission essay. As the deadline closed in, Adriana was looking happier with the progress of her order.

The final result was a clever piece of text that ultimately allowed Adriana to get into the college she wanted. However, according to Adriana’s testimony, this was not the end of her experience with essay writing agencies because she uses their services even now when she has issues with certain assignments.

Robert Graves | Story 3 About Using Essay Services

3 Real Stories About Using Essay Services

As a math education student, Robert was filled with all sorts of obligations that required his full dedication. Pursuing a math teacher’s career is not an easy task because the curriculum is packed, so time plays a huge role in making it through the semester. Robert didn’t have problems with the scientific components of his course, he was always good at math, and he loved the idea of teaching it to kids. Writing essays and coursework, on the other hand, was a bone deep inside his throat that he didn’t know how to deal with.

Robert knew some of his college friends were using online writing services when they needed their homework done. Getting your homework done online is one thing but having someone else writing his coursework felt somewhat farfetched. He asked one of his friends for a recommendation but wanted to make sure that this service could deal with something as serious as coursework.

Robert Graves was amazed by the level of attention he received from customer service. They met his every question with a response that assured him his work will be complete in time. Robert was happy he could participate in the development process and communicate with his writer the whole time. His professor asked for some improvements which were made free of charge when Robert asked the agency to see to his feedback.

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