7 Reasons You Need To Switch To Menstrual Cups


Like it or not, menstruation is a part of every woman’s life. It might start anywhere and at any time, be it in your office, or while you’re at a party, or even in the comfort of your own house.

Menstruation comes with a horde of menstrual products, from intimate washes to pads or other hygiene devices. While most women in India choose pads as their preference, here are a few reasons why you should switch over to menstrual cups today!

Before we talk about the advantages of using a cup, we must first understand what it is. A menstrual cup is silicon or latex-based cup-shaped device that can easily fit inside the vagina during periods. Its purpose is to collect the blood, and the device can be taken out at intervals to drain off the blood and wash it.

Now that we know what a cup is let’s find out the various pros of using a menstrual cup.

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Why Should You Switch To Menstrual Cups? 7 Amazing Reasons

1# Cost

Why Should You Switch To Menstrual Cups? 7 Amazing Reasons

A menstrual cup costs much less than you would likely spend on pads and tampons every month. Even though doctors recommend changing the cup every year, this is still a long-term purchase compared to other hygiene products.

For example, a packet of menstrual pads that you’ll be able to use around 10-12 times costs Rs. 300. On the other hand, a good quality menstrual cup costs just Rs. 400-500 and lasts for a year.

2# Eco-Friendly

2# Eco-Friendly

It’s difficult to dispose of pads and tampons since they are not at all environment friendly and take a very long time to decompose, if at all.

Menstrual cups are much more eco-friendly since you’ll be needing much less in numbers. So you’ll be contributing largely to the safety of the environment by switching to cups.

3# Lasts Longer

Lasts Longer

Your usual pads and tampons last just around 4-6 hours, or even lesser if the blood flow is high. Menstrual cups can hold your blood for nearly 12 hours!

Moreover, you’ll have to buy new types of pads or tampons depending upon the flow, but in the case of menstrual cups, one single cup can hold quite a bit of blood, be it on a heavy-flow day or a regular one.

4# Infection-Free


Provided that you wash your cup with clean, warm water, you can be sure that this method of period hygiene causes fewer chances of rash, irritation, or inflammation due to the absence of toxic chemicals like bleach and dioxin.

However, these chemicals, however less in quantity, can be found in pads or tampons, which may lead to severe diseases like cancer.

5# Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Most women who use this claim that they don’t even feel they have a device inserted inside their body. When you use a pad, there’s an added hassle of it not sticking properly or giving you discomfort. With menstrual cups, you can wave these problems goodbye!

6# Odour

A lot of times, pads and tampons fail to conceal the odor that comes along with periods. A menstrual cup effectively blocks out the odor since it fits snugly against the walls of your vagina. So the next time you go outside for your office presentation, you can insert a cup and go worry-free!

7# Menstrual Cup Kits

Menstrual Cup Kits

A lot of companies that manufacture menstrual cups provide them in the form of a kit, such as the Moxie Menstrual Cup Kit.

It comes in the form of a box containing the cup, a container for the cup, intimate wipes, and a delicious bar of chocolate! Could we ever imagine getting this luxury while buying pads or tampons? I think not!

Final Words

Millions of women worldwide are switching from their regular menstrual hygiene devices to these unbelievably user-friendly menstrual cups, and with good reason. According to Allied Market Research, the global menstrual cup market size was nearly $632 million in 2018 and is expected to be a booming $963 million by 2026.

So it is pretty evident that in the near future, almost every woman will gladly throw away her pads and tampons and invest in menstrual cups for long-term comfort. In case you were in a dilemma to choose between your usual devices and a cup, here’s your chance to switch now!

You can search online or go to a store to find your right fit since this might be slightly tricky to choose, but once you do find it, there’s absolutely no going back!


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