Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai


Hey guys, winter is on its way. So how about topping the year with a yacht rental, sailing into summer, and #chillax your way to the next big adventure? The Caribbean stands first for its desirable tropical climate, romantic and whimsical beaches, delicious spices, uplifting music, and rum cocktails. 

Why not get lost in this intoxicating paradise instead of crouching under the warmth of the pillow? Consider these top 5 reasons to beat the winter blues and break free from the winter skies that weigh you down! Get, set, yacht- sailing!

5 Reasons To Shrug Off Winter By Sailing On A Charter Yacht

Winter is a new wave of living and home for many holidays with short days and long nights. It makes anyone escape the blankets and pillows to a burst of warm sunshine. Here’s an excellent opportunity to do that! 

Think about sunbathing on tropical beaches, slipping into a bar drinking chilled wine or beer, or even surfing on the glittery waves. Doesn’t it soothe your mind? 

Then why not go on a charter vacation to make your friends envy you on your return mid-winter tanned? Sail to some best inspirational destinations to have fun and create adventure away from winter! Consider these reasons to book the next yacht for you to set sail! 

You Can Seize The Day And Get Boatloads Full Of Fun!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai

Wow, found the entire year to be stressful and hectic? Then take a break with your family and friends. It relaxes your mind and builds bonding with your children effectively.

Moreover, going on a yacht trip does have effects on your body. Sitting in freezing weather makes you prone to cold. To stay healthy, baptise your body in the warm sunshine to boost your Vitamin D. Also, your stress will reduce, and your sleep pattern will improve. 

This can revolutionise your body to work better the next time you go to work. So break free from your agitations and sail smoothly in the calm sea!

Create Memorable Year-End Celebrations

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai

Go on a tour to some of the year-round hot countries in the world, especially during seasonal festivals, to make the most memorable forever! With a perfect destination, the spirit of festivity brightens the joy in all your guests. 

Try sojourning the shores of Dubai and the capital of Castries to pep up Christmas and New Year’s spirit with some brilliant fireworks amid the deep dark sky. 

Interestingly you will also get a surprise from your crew members, who will decorate your yacht to ensure that the festivity spirit remains throughout your journey.

There Is All Play But No Work For You In The Yacht

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai

Don’t worry about working in the boat, as the crew members are there to make your stay comfortable as a king! They become the secret of success in any part you hold on board.

Nevertheless, you can ask all your heart’s desires about how you’re living on the yacht like a second home. Boat rentals in Dubai are willing to cater to every single and specific need of yours!

Additionally, you get yacht rentals that offer real spa treatments. Sounds exciting! Above all, you get a personal chef on festive days like Christmas. So you can order and enjoy fresh and healthy meals of your choice cooked from the freshest local ingredients. 

You Can Create Your Adventure On The Warm Seas

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai

Being on a yacht is the perfect gateway to being one with the waves and away from busting crows on land. Age nor your experience matter in going in a boat. What matters is how to enjoy the exciting and mystical experience while stepping on board. 

In a chartered yacht, you get that feel of the beautiful body of water and enjoy the moment of relaxing and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Moreover, you get the strain of channeling your inner captain and paddle to take some nautical adventure.

Well-Maintained Private Paces For A Safe And Healthy Journey

Top 5 Reasons You Should Charter A Yacht This Winter In Dubai

This is a strong plus point in rental yachts. They are sturdy and well-maintained vessels with experienced sailors and decent staff. They have an eye for details, from arranging parties and meetings to the minute need of every guest that has boarded the yacht.  

So it’s certified that a chartered yacht gives plenty of benefits with high-quality traveling and staying experience both for you and your guests. 

However, with such exceptional qualities, the prices are competitive. Hence getting a charter yacht through an authentic broker gives you many options within your budget.

Best Charter Yacht Destinations To Sail This Winter!

  • The Bahamas
  • Fiji 
  • Seychelles
  • Maldives
  • The Society Islands

Let’s Go Sailing Now!

Sounds exciting and intriguing, right? Then what is hindering you? Get in touch with the best yacht hiring company, like Bookyacht, to Explore more yacht rental packages and plan your upcoming yacht charter immediately!

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