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To fresh our tired minds, we search for something entertaining and likable; animated series is an answer to that. There are many animated series available online, but today we will give you reasons to watch Attack on Titan.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese animated series that is a complete fiction story. Why it will lift your mood up is the genre that it offers to all its viewers. It has fulfilled the purpose of being a dark comedy show with a pinch of post-apocalyptic effects. Even if you watching it in between your office schedule, you will not lose a bit of interest as it is so infectious.

The Top best reasons to watch Attack on Titan are its animation, the genre, soundtracks, characters, unexpected storyline, and Dialogues. 

Let us dig deep into these reasons to know more about this web series.

6 Fantastic Reasons to watch – Attack on Titan

Following are the six great reasons to watch Attack on Titan:

#Animation will hang you in 

Animation will hang you in : reasons to watch Attack on Titan
Source: Den of Geek

While watching any animated series, your first thought or requirement from the show will be of its animation’s quality. If you think in the same way, Attack on Titan will not disappoint you at all.

It has the best animation curves and detailing that you will feel like drawing the characters on a drawing book. The specifications required for the animated character have been paid great attention, which is a most wanted thing.

A bad animated anime film/series will be like a lump of year-old cold meat. Yes, very unpleasant. But, you will not be disappointed while watching Attack on Titans.

#Post-apocalyptic Recipe with a flavor of Action and Dark Comedy

Yes, all these flavors will be rushing in your brain while watching Attack on Titans. These three genres are the main reason which can attract you to this show. Otherwise, it has a variety of emotions, unexpected narrative as the series move ahead.

The genres are so tangled with one another that it would have failed miserably if one would have been missing. The show’s nature depends on the main three genres mentioned before, which are action, dark comedy, dwelling well in post-apocalyptic effects.

If you are a massive fan of action and intelligent enough to understand dark humor, then this show will keep you hitched. What are you waiting for buddy, get it started?

#Rocking Vibe means Attack on Titans Soundtracks

Rocking Vibe means Attack on Titans Soundtracks
Source: HITC

If you feel like rocking the beats and vibe all alone or with friends or someone special, Attack on Titans’ soundtracks has the best list for you.

The amount of time invested in creating the music adds value to the entire series. Soundtracks are well composed, sung, and distributed that its fans can vibe over the whole week.

Its soundtracks matched exceptionally well with the story, dialogues, and narrative that you will imagine the story finding a place to fit at the back of your brain. Listen to them and vibe.

#Humans- Nahhhhh! Attack on Titans’ Characters- Yehhh!

The character sketch of each character in the series had been paid an enormous amount of attention to what you will relate to just a snap.

You will forget how humans behave because the characters of this series are more intriguing and satisfying than actual humans. You don’t believe me; thus, I dare you to watch the show so that you can relate to the show.

The characters in a supporting role and the actual characters are well written with an explanatory background story. Hence you are not left on a cliffhanger to understand the narrative.

#Storyline takes Twists and Turns

Storyline takes Twists and Turns
Source: CBR

If someone called you for baking lessons and when you arrive, they start teaching you how to grill, then you’ll feel unprepared. The same thing can happen to you while watching the series.

Yes, of course, the context will be understandable, but a sudden twist and turn can shock you for no reason.

To keep its audience drenched in the story, the story has been written in a well-planned and decided pattern. The storyline unfolds at every bit so that you are left hanging with it and take an interest to know what happenes next.

#Dialogues are Phenomenal

Dailogues are Phenomenal
Source: Reddit

I wonder why people pay a lot of attention to someone else’s speech. I think it can add taste or fire up your conversation. Yes, I am right; the use of words and vocabulary can attract many people towards you.

The dialogues of this movie had been paid a lot of attention to make the scene look desirable. Every conversation is layered with, meaning and you will feel the hard work done behind pulling every stage in the series.

Dialogues in the series are as good as hot delicious mac and cheese.

These were some of the best reasons which can influence you to watch this series, and all of them are explained well. If you still don’t want to watch this movie, we can help you find reasons to watch Death Note, another popular anime series.

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