Why Fashion Is Not Important | 6 Reasons To Stand Apart From The Crowd!


We don’t need to follow others’ ideas of beauty and fashion standards to make ourselves acceptable, and that’s why I always say fashion is not important. Sure, I understand that there are times when you want to put your best fashion foot forward, but on most occasions, it is not essential to consider being fashionable all the time. 

If you think that fashion is of utmost importance in society, you are not wrong, but you are also not correct. It is essential to fit into society and make yourself fashionable, but there are days when you chose to stand out from the crowd and make your own identity. 

We see most of the wedding guests dressed in the same apparel at weddings, and then we thank God that our dress didn’t match them. It is one perfect occasion where the statement Fashion is not important stands true. No one would like to be in a room full of people where every other person is dressed the same way as you. 

We live in a society where we are forced to follow all the fashion norms even if we don’t want to, but that’s just not acceptable. We should not feel like dressing up is a liability, but we should instead feel good about dressing up and going out. It is one of the reasons why fashion is not important to follow all the time. 

6 Reasons Why Fashion is Not Important to Follow!

We put so much focus on our dressing style due to all the social media influence that we have forgotten to express ourselves without clothes. Yes, clothing is important but you can not present yourself in whatever way you deem fit just by the way you dress. It requires more than just clothes to make others understand yourself.

The pros and cons of relying on fas...
The pros and cons of relying on fashion trends in the workplace

Here’s why fashion is not important, and why you should also focus on other things besides the way you dress.

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#1 Fashion Trends Don’t Last Forever 

Fashion is Not Important

You buy an outfit while it is a trend, and then you don’t get the time to wear it while its season lasts, but when you finally wear it, you get all the judgy eyes scanning you from top to bottom. Everyone wants to be in the spotlight, but not in this way where everyone is judging you. At that very moment, you start contemplating all the decisions you had taken in your life and the most significant decision when you decided to buy that outfit. Honesty, no one has the time to keep up with the fashion trends except for superstars who have people working for them round the clock. 

#2 Fashion Doesn’t Always Make you Comfortable

Fashion is Not Important

If you are a person who has dressed to impress someone while being uncomfortable in a dress, then you know what I mean. If you start styling your clothes as per your choice and go out wearing them, there are chances that you will make a big fool of yourself. My style is baggy oversized clothes that make me feel comfortable and give me all the warmth, but if I ever step out wearing that, I will receive a lot of criticism. In the bigger picture, there is very little consideration for your comfort when it comes to fashion. It is always about how the other person will perceive you. 

#3 Not Every One Can Pull Off the Fashion Trends

Fashion is Not Important

Fashion trends are good, and they make you look cool and up to date, but they also get on our nerves sometimes. For example, let’s talk about the trending corset tops or the time when mini shorts were in trend, or the deep plunging necklines. Honestly, can you go out wearing a deep plunging neckline dress or top and not get creepy stares? What about the corset tops that compress your lungs in a second? How do people even breathe in that and the extremely short shorts? How do you sit in them or walk in them without exposing your butt?

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#4 Everyone owns Fashion

Fashion is Not Important

You are not the only person who is after fashion trends and the latest styles and picking the best dresses. Every other person living around you wants to dress their best and keep up with all the trends. When you go out to clubbing or a restaurant, or even a wedding, you will see most people wearing outfits similar to yours. You don’t show it, but you feel a little disheartened that you could not stand out. 

#5 Dress for the Job You Want

Fashion is Not Important

Most of us have heard this saying while preparing for our job interview, and it’s true. Dressing appropriately and as per your work culture is very important if you want to thrive at your company. Imagine dressing up fashionably as a runway model for a role at a professional company. Will you get it that way? No, right. Fashion is not important to follow all the time, especially when you are preparing for a job opportunity. 

#6 Fashion is Not Always Affordable 

Fashion is Not Important

Another reason why fashion is not important all the time is that it digs a big hole in your pocket. The clothes and the trends that you see in the world of fashion can cost a lot and sometimes shake your budget very severely. It’s not your fault that you can’t buy the statement top that your friends are wearing. Always remember that not everyone is the same, and sometimes it is better to stand out from the crowd. 

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6 Ways To Stand Apart From The Crowd | Thinking Beyond Dressing Sense!

It is undeniable that dressing and fashion sense provides you with a confidence boost. If you love to experiment with your dressing style you will eventually feel that it is important to express yourself as a person. However, there are various other factors that are quite essential when it comes to standing apart from the crowd than mere fashion sense.

Here’s how to make your presence known amidst a crowd without relying solely on the way you dress, because fashion is not important.

#1 Understand What Makes You Unique

If you want to stand amidst a group of multiple people, one of the most important factors to understand is what makes you unique amongst the people present. Everyone person is unique and has qualities that make them completely unique. You must be able to recognize what sets you apart from the people around you. This recognition not only gives you an edge but also provides you with a much-needed confidence boost as well.

#2 Present Yourself In A Right Posture

The best way to feel confident in yourself and to make other people feel the same way about you is to have the correct posture. If you have a habit of slouching and not sitting or standing straight, you must work on it. This small change can heavily influence the way people look at you, as a straight posture exudes a sense of dominance and gives the idea that you know what you are doing.

#3 Stop Underestimating Yourself

It is a given that a person who knows their self-worth and has a deep understanding of their abilities is quite charming. The mere fact that you know your strengths and weaknesses gives you an appealing quality, as it instills a sense of security and confidence in you. And it need not be said that if you feel confident in yourself, the way you carry yourself changes immensely and snatches people’s attention.

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#4 Avoid Getting Arrogant

No matter how intimidating or dominant a person might look, they can not be considered appealing or charming if they are standoffish. Even though confidence is an important quality to have, you must keep in mind that it should stay that way and not turn into arrogance. The much-needed balance provides you with a charm, that will help you look more approachable. You do not want people to see you on a pedestal, but want them to admire you for your qualities and skillsets.

#5 Be Candid And Passionate

Everyone loves to talk about their aspirations and dreams. If you are a good listener and conversationalist, you will for sure capture immense admiration from the people interacting with you. It is also beneficial to you, since listening to people’s dreams and passions also provide you with a lot of knowledge. Learning new things is always amazing for your growth, so you must learn to be candid with people and make them feel comfortable in your presence.

#6 Learn To Smile And Be Kind

No matter what your personality is like, if you meet people with a smile and interact with them in a kind way they will remember you. It is not said in vain that a kind act and a beautiful smile can make someone’s day. You should always remind yourself to stay patient and calm and interact with people in an easygoing manner. Additionally, if you make someone’s day better, you will also have an amazing day for sure. Being kind is a win-win for all.

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Final Words

These are some of the reasons that justify why fashion is not important all the time. Sure, trends and the world of fashion looks very tempting, but you don’t have to end up liking a dish that looks very tempting. It’s on the inside that matters and not the outside. So always remember this thing before you begin to think of fashion as the utmost important thing in your life. 

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