Reason Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Broke Up| Why Did They End Up So Soon?


What’s the reason Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker broke up? Why couldn’t they work together to sustain their relationship? Of course, they did not have issues like Camila and Shawn Mendes, it’s just they were unable to make things work (it’s ok, today is not a day for some good news). Let’s shed light on the matter and learn more about the updates on it!

Since the announcement of Jenner & Booker’s breakup, fans are curious to know the reason (including me). Well, let’s not waste more time making rough guesses and look into the matter! 

Reason Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Broke Up | Are They A Mismatch?

Reason Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Broke Up| Why Did They End Up So Soon?

With a heavy heart, I need to share that Kendall and Devin broke up a few days back (I know your tears are uncontrollable right now). Well, such things are uncertain so it’s better to accept the fact and move on. Before, that read some more details of Kendall Jenner and David Booker’s break up!

What Happened Between Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker? 

According to a source close to Kendall, the duo called off their relationship last month. He added, “Their schedules weren’t lining up, and eventually the relationship took its course”. 

Further, he mentioned, “There’s no bad blood. It wasn’t an awful breakup”. As a result, it’s evident that Kendall and Devin ended their relationship on good terms. And the decision was not hard for Kendall. 

How Are Kendall And Devin Doing Now?

Reason Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Broke Up| Why Did They End Up So Soon?

Since the two have split, Kendall is in great spirits according to a close source “She’s been really busy and is trying to take her company to the next level, and is really focussed on work”. 

In terms of her future love life, she is not planning to date anyone soon which clearly indicates that she is not open to dating (I can hear the sound of breaking hearts). So, let’s see when Kendall plans to move on!

Coming to Devin, “Honestly, I’m enjoying life to the fullest, and that came off my tongue so easily because it wasn’t always this way, but I feel like I’m in a good place right now. I love my family, I love the people around me, and I love the impact that I get to have on this world”. 

How Did The Romance Start Between Kendall And Devin?

The romance between Kendall and Devin sparked back in April 2020 when the couple was spotted by fans in Arizona. After this, it was revealed later that the couple started dating in June 2020. 

Finally, their relationship went viral on Instagram in February 2021 when Kendall wished Devin Valentine’s day. In the same year, David also appeared on Instagram to show his admiration for Kendall on her birthday. And he did this by calling her the “Most beautiful woman”. 

Throughout their relationship, Kendal tried her best to keep her relationship away from the spotlight. But the two would share pictures of dinners and trips on social media platforms dropping hints about their relationship. On being asked about each other in public, they never uttered a single word. 

Final Words 

As you can see there was no serious reason for Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker break up. In fact, the two famous personalities are living their lives happily. So, instead of feeling bad about them, it’s time to show support for your favorite figures!

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