8 Popular Reasons Why LA is Overrated? A Positive and Negative Perspective


“Let me fly to LA before my Flight gets Delay” Yes, the oomph about LA is overrated that the other cities in the USA have become understated. Do you disagree with the statement? Please read the article to understand why we are saying so.

Los Angeles is a large town with a vast population; serving each individual becomes easy but not impossible. It is overrated and hyped because of many non-satisfactory reasons, or I would say an impressive Instagram Lifestyle.

Los Angeles possesses so many reasons which make the place an overrated douche. It is having a lavish lifestyle, less of a place for a middle-class family, though they exist and are lit with the glam and glitters of Hollywood. Los Angeles is everyone’s dream place, but to make it here and earn that much to make your life easy. You have to think twice or thrice.

Let us read in detail why people think Life in LA is Overrated, but we stand by the statement to some extent.

8 Best Reasons LA is Overrated | No Questions about It!

Following are the reasons which make it clear that Los Angeles is Overrated, and we stand by it-

1# Expensive Cafés and Food

Expensive Cafés and Food

Things are expensive in Los Angeles. You name one, and the price is touching the sky. When you talk about cafes to chill in LA, don’t even think you will be spending just a few dollars. A bag full of dollars will quench the thirst for coffee. They are expensive as hell.

There is, an only hand full of cafes and famous pizzerias which serve the best and cheap food both, to flex visit to the café, where you have to spend more than few dollars.

It is also believed that some of the food outlets’ prices are at hike if compared to the same food outlet in the other city.

2# The Glitter and Glam of Hollywood

The Glitter and Glam of Hollywood

From the tinsel town gossip to the fashion industry on roads, you will find everything in Hollywood. Walk on the streets, and you will at least spot one of the artists walking or just chilling in the countryside.

The Glam and Glitters are acceptable for the highly paid artists, but for an ordinary person, the situations become hard, and the pricing still is an issue.

Many struggling stars, who are running for the auditions daily, find it very difficult to survive; if they are not getting work, you can imagine the issue, but still, we talk about Los Angeles and give it credits for being so happening.

3# Terrific Traffic Can make you Feel Disgusted. Really?


Yes, of course, do you like sitting in a car for a long time. We are talking about exception sitting with your bae, they do, but that also becomes boring between the traffic surrounded by so many random people steering at one another. Welcome to LA Traffic.

Considering it possibly one of the most chosen residential places, the growth in the population has made the traffic increase too. Due to the traffic people have to head towards their place before time. Think of waking up at 4:30 am for a 7:30 meeting. Duh! I can’t; even you can’t, then why is it overrated.

4# Name it, You Get it! Everything is Available

Name it, You Get it! Everything is Available

The best part about Los Angeles being overrated is that everything is available at your door. One of the most progressive cities in the world can make accessibility easy for you. Los Angeles has everything from supermarkets to shopping malls; medical treatments are available on fingertips.

The entire digital world is so comforting that people end up hyping about this beautiful city. If you are arriving in Los Angeles, I think you will love how this city has provided everything on your smartphones.

This is the most compelling reason, which helps make this city the most overrated one, and I completely support it.

5# Disney Land is a Major Attraction

Disney Land

I don’t know about you guys, but I think my childhood dwelled only on Disney Shows, and when the city has a Disney land within, it becomes one of the essential tourist spots, which gave rise to the county’s economy well.

I think Disney Land stands tall amongst all the mentioned points, which boosts the city and significantly most talked city. What else do you need to know about LA when Disney Land resides here.

6# LA is Boring, Can you Imagine?

LA is Boring, Can you Imagine?

Yes, we were surprised too, because we only talk about the best things about our favorite LA, but it has become boring because the entire city looks the same. Yes, The buildings, people and cafes and even everyone’s interest.

There lies nothing which seems to be unique, and if there is something unique, the visitors and the admirers have dimmed its shine. We can also thank social media for providing a small detail about the place to its buried mystery. Nothing is new anymore. So, instead of hyping this place to a great value, we have given some logical points to claim that “LA is boring.”

7#Anxiety and Depression are Taking over the Magical LA

7#Anxiety and Depression are Taking over the Magical LA

The rate at which anxiety and depression are taking over the world raises a lot of questions. Are we doing it right? Are we communicating using the right & positive words? Are we pressurizing our self? We can have a debate over it, but things are getting worse.

The same goes for Los Angeles. Everyone there is on the run to grab great opportunities and thus, end themselves upon a battleground of comparison. They compare themselves with someone; they shouldn’t lead to anxiety and depression. That is why rates are pretty high in Los Angeles.

8# LA is not Funny

LA is not Funny

LA is a separate fast-moving world. It looks like a corporate place, where you cannot have long conversations, and if you do, it is primarily for personal benefits. When such discussions happen, there are very few chances of coming across any funny statement or satire. Hence, it becomes a straight and very corporate-like conversation, without emotions.

We are not just stating facts, but these small conversations are not funny, and you end up making sad and resting b*tch face. When there is logic, points can relax for some time.

Final Words

These were some of the positive and negative points making Los Angeles city one of the overrated places amongst other cities of California.

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
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