How to Recover Lost Data from a PC that won’t boot? 4 Easy Steps


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Troubleshooting a PC is the most frustrating task enough. But the fear of losing data is something more than that. When you don’t have any backup and want to recover lost data from a computer that won’t boot, then there are so many options waiting for you! There is always a possibility to get back the essential data and ensure safety that you don’t want to lose at any cost.

Well, there are so many reasons for which your computer won’t boot. These reasons may include a corrupted hard drive, failed power supply or a corrupted boot sector, and many more. So, here we come to share with you the best ways to recover lost data safely step by step. So, let’s scroll the page and move to the next section.

Part 1: What can cause a PC not boot?

There are different causes & conditions on which a PC won’t boot. Here we discuss some of them.

  1. Bad electrical communication

This is the most common cause that is mostly happened in older computers. Dust and the disbalance in the atmospheric condition is the major cause. It may also occur due to the bad connection between the video card or motherboard, motherboard & the memory module, or in the loose cable. To recover from this, you need to reseat the memory module, video card first. If the issue is still not resolved, then check the cable whether it is loose or fit. If you are unable to recover this, then visit a repairing center.

  1. Power supply failure

In this case, you have to check the power supply unit whether it is fixed or broken. If this is fixed, then you have to check your laptop battery. You can remove & reattach the battery one more time. If still it won’t start then take it to a repairing center.

  1. Operating system failure

Sometimes, when you open your computer then it makes noise or vibrates with or without showing any text on display. If it happens to you, then there is a chance that your operating system is failed. It occurs most probably if you have the corrupted files & malicious software on your device.

  1. Hardware failure

Not every PC has a separate video card, right? If the leader of the monitor connects in the same area where you joined all other plugs, then there is a chance that your PC doesn’t have any speared video cards. So, you should check that whether your PC has the separated videos cards or not. Sometimes PC won’t boot because of the failures in the hard drive as well as in the motherboard. There are some more reasons that cause Pc not to boot. 

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Data from a pc that won’t boot with Wondershare Recoverit

Losing data is similar to the loss of memories, but now you don’t have to fear anymore. Here we bring the best software to recover data from pc that won’t boot. With Wondershare Recoverit, you can recover 1000+ different formats of data within minutes. It recovers data from different devices easily without asking for any cost. 

Through this, you can recover data from the desktop, external devices, computer hard drive, Recycle bin as well as from the crashed computer too. Along with that, it has the Advanced video recovery & video recovery feature that helps to recover the lost videos as well as recover the corrupted videos too.

So, to recover the data from your PC, the first thing you have to do is Launch Recoverit in your windows. So, to start this software, install it and make double-click on the icon. It will look like something like this. 

After this, you have to go through the three steps process that is a selection of location, scanning location & Preview, recovery.

Step 1: Select a location

To recover the information or data from your PC, first, choose a proper location. Now select a hard disk from the section of hard disk drives and click on the start button to scan the location. 

Recover Lost Data from a PC

Step 2: Scanning the location

When you tap on the scan button, then it takes some time to finish the scanning. Sometimes it may take hours if you have big sizes of data. But it displayed the data quickly so that you can check this in real-time. At the time of scanning, you can easily stop it or pause this for your convenience. If you want to recover deleted videos, then tap on the professional video recovery feature. It performs deep scanning and gives you all the data that you have lost before.

Pinpoint files while scanning: 

At the time of scanning, it allows you to toggle, select & filter and pinpoint the data you want to recover. You can choose the file type & file path. It allows file type, including emails, files, images, videos, audios, web files, and many more. It supports different types of files, including MP3, MP4, JPG, XLSX, PNG & DOCX. Along with that, this software also allows you to filter the files based on size, type, date, etc.

files filter

Step 3: Preview & recover files

Once the scanning is completed, the user will receive all your files, and it’s time to preview them one by one. For this, you can visit the targeted files and tap on the Recover button to retrieve them. 

Recover Lost Data from a PC

Recover Files from PC

After previewing the displayed files, it’s time to recover deleted files from pc that won’t boot. Recover files that you want. If you want to recover all, then directly tap on the recover and get back your data. Choose a path and move them as recovered files. Make sure you don’t save those files to the hard disk where you have lost them.

Closing Words

Diagnosing the computer hardware is so much tricky. But getting back the lost data also means a lot. No matter what the reason for your data loss, you can get back it in the same condition and with the same quality through the above-discussed process. Recoverit is considered the best data recovery software that gives you peace of mind by retrieving all the data that you have lost earlier. Most people use this software and getting positive results. If you have lost any of your data recently from your PC and looking for ways to recover data from computer that won’t boot, then launch this software on your PC.