Getting A Red Heart On Snapchat | The Hearts And Smiles Have A Special Meaning!


In a world full of Snapchat emojis, will you be my red heart? Trust me. It will be the perfect proposal for those obsessed with red heart on Snapchat, the streaks, and other emojis. If you are an old player, you know well what these emojis mean, but if you are new to the snap world, I am happy to be your travel guide and introduce you to the world of snaps, streaks, and emojis. 

If you don’t know about Snapchat, then I suppose you have deprived yourself of all the technological advancements. Come on, in today’s times; it is hard to miss things like America’s instant multimedia messaging service Snapchat. The multimedia platform lets you share pictures and videos with your friends that disappear once the recipients have seen them. 

Snapchat has evolved gradually, from person-to-person sharing snap to now letting the users put up customized stories for 24 hours, the discover feed, adding location snippets on the map, and much more. If you ask me one thing that has remained constant on the platform, it is the Snapchat emojis. They have been around for a long time, and each one of them holds a different meaning. From everyone’s favorite red heart on Snapchat to the Smirking emoji, you will receive a different emoji depending on the social relationship you maintain with the person. 

Now, let’s read ahead to find more about the different Snapchat emojis and how you can get them. 

The Tale Of Red Heart On Snapchat | Secret Behind The Emojis Revealed! 

From what I have learned from my personal Snapchat experience, is that it is addictive. There is confusion at the beginning, but as soon as you get the hold of its process, you will find it amusing. To begin with Snapchat emojis, first, you have to make a streak with the person. Only then will you receive an emoji corresponding to their chatbox. Making a streak is simple. All you have to do is send snaps to the person for consecutive three days, and voila, it is done. However, remember that you have to send at least one picture or video snap within 24 hours of sending or receiving one to start the streak. 

What Does The Red Heart On Snapchat Signifies? I Know Emojis Tell Us A Lot! 

Once you have stepped into snap chatting, there is no turning back. Especially when you learn that all the emojis have a hidden meaning and are not random, you will try your best to get them all and increase your snap score. Here is what the different emojis tell you about your relationship with different people on Snapchat. 

red heart: red heart on snapchat

#1 The Red Heart | For The BBFs On Snapchat 

The red heart on Snapchat means that you have been #1 Best Friends with another person for two weeks straight. It means that you two have sent each other more snaps than the rest on the platform. 

#2 The Pink Hearts | You Are Super BFFs 

The pink hearts on Snapchat mean that you have been #1 Best Friends with another person for two months straight. Woah there! That’s a lot of dedication. 

pink hearts on snapchat
yellow heart on snapchat

#3 Yellow Heart | Besties Together 

The yellow heart on Snapchat means that you are #1 Best Friends with another person. Yellow heart means that you send most of the snaps to this person, and they also do the same. 

#4 The Sunglass Smiley | Sharing A Best Friend 

The sunglass smiley emoji means that you and the other person share the same #1 Best Friend. It means that your best friend has more best friends than you. Okay, I can see the fight coming!

Sunglasses emoji on snapchat
smirking emoji on snapchat

#5 The Smirking Face | Ignoring The Snaps 

You are one of the best friends of the recipient, but sadly they are not yours. It means that they send you a lot of snaps, but you keep ignoring them. I wonder why is it so?

#6 The Smiley Face | New Best Friends 

The smiling emoji on Snapchat means that you and the recipient are best friends. You both keep sending each other a lot of snaps. If you keep up the pace, you will soon receive a yellow heart and then red and pink. 

smiley face on snapchat
fire emoji on snapchat

#7 Fire Emoji | Streak Is On Its Way

Fire Snapchat emoji means that you and the recipient are on a snap streak. The more you snap each other every passing day, the more your snap streak and snap score will increase. 

#8 Hundred Emoji | Congratulations You Have A Streak  

Hundred on Snapchat means that you and your friends have snapped each other continuously for 100 days. Good job, buddy! 

hundred emoji on snapchat
hourglass emoji on snapchat

#9 Hourglass Emoji | Hurry Up The Streak Is Dying 

The hourglass emoji appears next to a person if you or they are late in sending a snap. If you don’t send or receive a snap immediately, you will lose the streak with your friend. Please don’t let that happen! 

#10 Birthday Cake | It’s Celebration Time

The cake emoji appears next to a person who is celebrating their birthday. You will only see a cake emoji if your friend has turned on the Birthday Party feature on their profile. Now, don’t be shy. Go ahead and wish them a great year ahead! 

birthday cake emoji on snapchat
pin emoji on snapchat

#11 The Pin Emoji | Important Discussions, I See 

Pin emoji on Snapchat appears next to a person that you have pinned. It can also appear with a group conversation if you have pinned them at the top of your feed. Remember that you will only see pin emoji next to the contacts you have pinned, not the other way around. 

Final Words 

Now that you have understood the meaning of different emojis on Snapchat, I hope that it will make your experience far better. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and have fun while trying to get different emojis with your friends on Snapchat. 


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