Red White And Royal Blue Movie, Release Date, Cast, And All We Know So Far!


To say people are holding their breaths for the release of the Red White And Royal Blue movie will not be an overstatement. The movie has recently announced its two main lead actors, and people absolutely cannot wait for the final product to hit their screens. Red White And Royal Blue will start filming later this month, and we have an awesome cast lineup at hand.

The gay romantic comedy has been picked up by Amazon Studios and is being directed by Tony Award winner Matthew Lopez. Matthew is also writing the script of the movie. Red White And Royal Blue movie is an adaptation of a New York Times best-seller novel written by Casey McQuiston. Casey’s book skyrocketed to the number one spot on the best-selling list right after its release in 2019. The book’s huge popularity made movie studios jump on the hype train, and Amazon came out as the eventual winner.

Like the book, Red White And Royal Blue movie will follow the lives of Alex Claremont-Diaz and Prince Henry. Alex is the son of the current president of The United States. Prince Henry, on the other hand, is the next in line for the royal throne in England. The star-crossed lovers accidentally run into each other at a diplomatic dinner, and it’s love at first sight. The two struggle with love surrounded by politics. With same-gendered relationships being looked down in political offices, the two have a lot to deal with. 

Red White And Royal Blue Movie Release Date | When Can You Watch Red White And Royal Blue?

Red White And Royal Blue Movie, Release Date, Cast, And All We Know So Far!

The Red White And Royal Blue movie release date has not been confirmed yet. We only have gotten as far as confirming the main and side cast for now. There is plenty of news about the movie starting the shoot by the end of June 2022. We need to factor in production times, post productions, etc. 

Thus we are looking at an early 2023 or a mid-2023 release of the Red White And Royal Blue movie. The movie will release on Amazon Prime Video, so if you have a subscription, you should be good. If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can easily sign up for one and enjoy priority shipping!

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Who Is In The Red White And Royal Blue Movie Cast?

Red White And Royal Blue Movie, Release Date, Cast, And All We Know So Far!

The Red White And Royal Blue movie cast has been the main talking point. The casting for the main characters is said to have taken months. Director Mathew Lopez said he wanted to make sure his cast was extraordinary and diverse. And that is why it took several months for the casting to be finalized. The main two leads of the movie have been finalized.

Taylor Zakhar Perez will play the role of Alex Diaz, and Nicholas Galitzine will be playing the role of Prince Henry. Taylor saw his breakout role in the Netflix movie series The Kissing Booth 2 and 3. His previous project before being finalized in Red White And Royal Blue movie has been an HBO Max original production called Minx. Taylor can also be seen in another Amazon Studio movie called 1Up.

The movie follows Alex, the son of the American president. He is of Mexican heritage and is often attracted back to his roots. The tabloids are a big fan of him because of his mixed heritage and the fact that his mom is the US president. Looking to follow in his mother’s footsteps, Alex balances a rigorous academic curriculum with a presence in the media. 

The Galitzine, who will be playing the role of Prince Henry, has been around Hollywood royalty for a while. He previously starred as Prince Roberts in the Amazon Studios production of Cinderella. The movie also starred Camilla Cabello. In the Red White And Royal Blue movie, Prince Henry is next after his brother in line to take the throne. 

Henry and Alex have a rocky start to their relationship, but everything changes after an incident at a state diner. The two now have to navigate a forbidden relationship of same-gendered romance. Filled with lots of comedy and romance, if the movie is half as good as the book, everyone is in for a treat.

Other actors who have been cast in the Red White And Royal Blue movie are Uma Thurman. Thurman will be seen playing the role of President of the United States. Other cast members include Rachel Hilson, Aneesh Sheth, Ahmed Elhaj, and Ellie Bamber. 

Giving the green light to the whole project and the casting is the author herself, Casey McQuiston. Speaking on the announcement of the cast, Casey said she can’t hold back her excitement to see Alex and Henry come to life. She is confident that Zakhar Perez and Galitzine can do the two leads justice.

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Red White And Royal Blue Movie Adaptation And Success

Red White And Royal Blue Movie, Release Date, Cast, And All We Know So Far!

First published in 2019, Red White And Royal Blue, the book came out with much positive reception. The story of a romance in high political office is not uncommon. But the modern twist of a same-gender romance sprinkled with some comedy made the book a super hit. The Red White and Royal Blue movie adaptation will look to emulate the same success as the book. Along with director Mathew Lopez, Casey McQuiston will join Michael McGrath in the executive producer’s chair.

Is There A Trailer For Red White And Royal Blue Movie?

Red White And Royal Blue Movie, Release Date, Cast, And All We Know So Far!

There is no trailer for Red White and Royal Blue movie yet. Since the cast has only just been finalized and the production has not started yet, a trailer hasn’t been made. As soon as things start rolling, we can expect a trailer for the movie soon!

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Final Words

We are only sure about the cast for the Red White and Royal Blue movie. The actors are talented, and the movie has been handed over to a director with a Tony Award to his name. We can barely contain our excitement. What are your thoughts on the movie? Let us know in the comments down below!

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