What is Parasyte Anime about? | Return of the Parasyte Season 2



Parasyte, if because of the phonetics but different spelling both the words means same, yes in the fiction world it does Parasyte is an anime series which brought a revolution in the anime world with its layered story and connection with real life. Now, What? Are you demanding the second season?

You should, and makers should also come up with it or are coming already with a new story but again with twists and turns. Parasyte season will be an updated version of season 1 and will be loved by you.

Are you interested in the second season? Do you want to see a new story associated with the previous season? Why fans and makers are thinking of getting themselves so much involved in it? All these poping questions are being answered, but one thing is sure to be delivered the new excitement with the second season’s release.

Let us go through the article and get all your questions answered.

Parasyte Anime’s Popularity| Why We Need Parasyte Season 2? 

Following are the pointers which will explain to you what was season 1 about and why we are heading or asking for the release of season 2-

If you are into anime series, you should know why anime is so popular and I would also recommend you to watch Death Note, one of the most liked anime series.

1# What Happened in Parasyte Season 1?

What is Parasyte Anime about? | Return of the Parasyte Season 2

It is a long story, and I might end up giving you bloopers, so I would instead try my level best to provide you with a thematic view of the following. Parasyte Season 1 is a bit of a trendsetter, I must say.

Parasyte is based on a parasite Migi and a boy, Shinichi Izumi, 17 years old. They both end up becoming an anchor on one another. Parasyte is an extraordinary concept, which is difficult to understand.

Parasyte ends up questioning your loyalty as a human being to humanity and the environment. It is an entirely wholesome experience. If you are thinking of watching it, I will give you a thumbs up because you will end up experiencing a great theme.

2# Who did what to make a series like Parasyte?

Who did what to make a series like Parasyte?

If you die heart fan of the anime show Parasyte, I feel you should know about the team working hard to make it a real success. So, here I am presenting you the Parasyte 1 and probably will be the same for season 2.

DirectorKenichi Shimizu
WriterShöji Yonemura
MusicKen Arai
ProducersToshio Nakatani, Hiroyuki Inage, Atsushi Kirimoto, Yuka Ōshima, Söta Shioiri, Daisuke Fukada

3# Popular Episodes of Parasyte Season 1?

Who did what to make a series like Parasyte?

Each episode of Parasyte Season 1 holds a significance of its own. All the episodes are curated in such a way that might help you understand the theme in much-elaborated form. So, Guess What I have prepared a list of episodes with the title, allowing you to recognize which one you are watching.

  1. The Metamorphosis
  2. The Devil in the Flesh
  3. Symposium
  4. Disheveled Hair
  5. The Stranger
  6. The Sun Also Rises
  7. A Dark Night’sNight’s Passing
  8. Freezing Point
  9. Beyond Good and Evil
  10. What Mad Universe
  11. The Blue Bird
  12. Heart
  13. Hello Sadness
  14. The Selfish Gene
  15. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  16. Happy Family
  17. The Adventure of the Dying Detective
  18. More Than Human
  19. In Cold Blood
  20. Crime and Punishment
  21. Sex and Spirit
  22. Quiescence and Awakening
  23. Life and Oath
  24. Parasyte

4# What is the need for the Parasyte Season 2?

What is Parasyte Anime about? | Return of the Parasyte Season 2

We all are sinking and losing our shi*t just like that. Still, on the contrary, series like Parasyte are so essential as we end up learning something about ourselves and people around us, thus about the human race.

Parasyte Season 1 had so much new to offer on our plate as it was a fresh twist to our souls with a new narrative.

The makers announced about the second season or the fans demanding it, making sense, one the season made so much success during its first release, and the other reason is teachings which we learn by the end of the season. The same will happen with the release of the second season.

5# How will Parasyte Season 2 will be that different from Parasyte Season 1?

Who did what to make a series like Parasyte?

There will be a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming season of Parasyte. It might have the same team, but the main difference will be the approach to the subject of the series. It will have new beginnings and a new kind of energy as it will be set in the current time.

The difference between Parasyte season 1 and season two will not be that much, as we are expecting it to be. There might be a difference in the story as it can be the continuation of the previous or altogether a new story.

Let’sLet’s pray that we end up watching the new story and like it with the same zeal and zest as we received the previous season.

Final Words 

These were some of the points that explain the previous and upcoming season clearly and better. I hope you understood the upcoming show well.